Saturday, June 2, 2012

Klaus Dona: Hidden History of the Human Race

This is a lot of fun to watch. Sort of a grab bag of interesting archaeology from all over the world.

The internet is helping people to consolidate all this information in a way that all of our highly paid academics have failed miserably to do.


JimBob said...

Has the real Zombie Apocalypse begun? Or is it The Black Awakening?

Are people are seeing zombies, because The Walking Dead TV show is so popular?

They saw lots of UFOs in the 1950s, when they made movies about UFOs...

Its an interesting read though.

Ave said...

Regarding both the original post and the first reply, I have to point to Carl Gustav Jung's last book published in his lifetime : Flying Saucers: A Modern Myth of Things Seen in the Skies (1959)

It is a very important book for those interesting in fringe subjects. To put it in a nutshell, our subconscious adapts to its environment and translates the general mood into dreams and beacons for our mind.

UFOs are definitely dated, and are linked with the 50's. When « Encounters of the Third Kind » came out, the theme was already obsolete. UFOs where the part of the X-Files that sucked (and was rooted in the 50's).

Regarding zombies, it is interesting to note the seminal « Night of the Living Dead » was made when US might was crumbling, and foreshadowed the Seventies.

My belief is that the first stage of such memes (in the original meaning) is genuine. The second stage is « let's use this to make money ». There is little doubt in my mind that Ridley Scott has read about the Neanderthal and subsequent theories, and used it as inspirational material to make the Prometheus movie.

The third stage is the weaponization of the previous two stages. « They » take what is genuinelt interesting you (first stage) and has been widespread to those who didn't feel the first stage (second stage). In the third stage, the cultural element is translated into political action or real-world aspects.

I first noticed this when encountering the term « zombies » on survivalist forums refering to refugees and looters. This is absolutely the same deshumanization as Germans had during WW2 regarding Jews and other groups.

The success of « torture porn » movies, and advanced depravity in « crime » series watched by the whole family (CSI etc.) is also something that is both an echo of a current pyschological state. Already JG Ballard in the 60's wrote about the inherent sadism of urban populations – and now half of mankind is living in cities.

In this regard, conspiracies such as « Project Blue Beam » is also a reaction to present times. Anybody interested in fringe subjects knows 9/11 was an inside job, and a bad one at that. The fact that this bad job worked, and not the job itself, is what is really frightening.

The press attributes a rise in survivalism after 9/11 to a fear about further terrorist attacks, but in reality the survivalist prepares for the gullible masses who live around him. This is why the survivalist is always, always pictured as a « bad guy ». If we were living in the 50's, he would be pictured as the hero, preparing shelters for his loved ones and raising danger awareness.

The survivalist is, indeed, the only one who has the ability to detect and sabotage the weaponization of cultural elements, the third stage.

My recent pet theory is that of « controlled  demolition » of our civilisation. We have arrived at the moment where there are too many humans for the carrying capacity as it exists nowadays (i.e. The mechanized agriculture controlled by the financial elite). But reducing the number of humans cannot be done too brutally, as with an epidemic, as too many vital components of the system might be destroyed in the process. A real weaponized bird flu would have created a hundred Fukushimas, and that would have mooted the purpose of wanting the planet for oneself.

(BTW, about Fukushima, it illustrates that most elements of TPTB are just greedy bastards with absolute contempt for technical aspects, and thus do a lot of things wrong. Again , when you think of it, 9/11 really was a shoddy job. The only might of TPTB is the mass media, coupled with a deficient school system.)

So to reduce the number of humans, you need to have a « controlled descent » that will not jeopardize the elements of power of TPTB and not allow a competing structure to emerge.

Texas Arcane said...

I only discovered J.G. Ballard about two years ago and proceeded to read everything he ever wrote. I was able to get all of his books at a flea market.

I find his images of urban people amidst modern settings who act like the most primitive savages to be very current in our civilization right now. I think Ballard has a fundamental insight into these things that is profound.

I agree with you 100% about the controlled demolition. It was going to fall apart but the elites are channeling it into a fashion that they can control. I believe when enough of them have confirmed they are ready to rock with appropriate shelter systems they will finish the era with World War III and cobalt salted weapons.