Sunday, June 17, 2012

Japan Prediction From Vault-Co

Vault-Co predicts that the big quake has not occurred yet off the coast of Japan. Itz coming. The tsunami was an appetizer like bread rolls and garlic butter. The really big quake is just warming up.

Fukushima is in prelude to a complete meltdown and then things will get really interesting. The kind of times that wise Chinese philosopher spoke of.


Melonhead said...

I just found this interesting tid-bit...

There has already been a small nuclear war, but the general public didn't notice, and you carry isotopes from it in your bone marrow.

The public didn't notice because the displays of martial strength didn't target civilian cities. Instead the nuclear "tests" occurred in remote locales and were publicized conventionally and/or clandestinely to the other great powers.

Given the amount of "testing" that was performed, I think that the Cold War should be considered a nuclear war. Intimidation is definitely a traditional war weapon. Heck, the Mongol hordes got some cities to surrender just by beating their war drums to a steady beat. I think nuclear "testing" should be considered as the same class of weaponry.

Ghostwriter said...

Yea, what is this thing with Japan ?! Why do TPTB want to wreak havoc over there ? Poor bloody Nihon anyway, the only non-pale somewhat intelligent race and interesting if nothing else. I hate to see something as cool as Tokyo in ruins, but ...cant be helped i guess. Cleve / Tex might be right, Japan is not going to be well. ..but then again who will !? : /

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