Monday, June 4, 2012

ITZ Dispatches

Luckily the government paid off trillions to the crooks to keep this from happening.

5000 years of economic fundamentals in the West were never going to impact on us because we are edjumafacated. History holds still for us. We were special. We don't need no thinking because we have moxie. It is all a matter of being positive, that is what is important. Reality does not constrain us because we have a certain attitude that preserves us from all things.

Fundamentally, modern people are all insane. Every one of them.

The reason that Mike Judge's IDIOCRACY was a science fantasy is that a population like you saw in the movie could never go 500 years maintaining even the trappings of civilization. It is impossible. In real life, that same kind of people would have begun to experience wholesale degrading of their conditions around ten years into the first generation. Exactly the way we are now. It would require autonomous self-repairing machines to run everything as originally designed without any help from humans and of course there is no way a race of men like those who are alive now could possibly create and maintain that kind of technology.


Ave said...

"because we are edjumafacated. History holds still for us. We were special."

You've should have quoted "Apocalypto", it's actually closer to the situation, with hordes of emaciated city dwellers listening to their media star, the king behind looking down with fear at those who could (and eventually will) feed on him in a chaotic rapage :

01:14:43 Destined to be the masters of time.

01:14:51 Destined to be nearest to the gods.

01:15:10 Mighty Kukulkan!

01:15:15 Whose fury could scorch this earth to oblivion...

01:15:22 Let us appease you with this sacrifice.

Ave said...,-86.264648&spn=23.65709,39.594727&t=m&source=embed

Google maps : zombies !

chauncey gardner said...

The so-called "economic crisis" is an engineered event by the elites to put their anti-life doctrine in practice:

It is planned to start up the depopulation of the planet until the coming nuclear war speeds up the whole process: