Friday, June 1, 2012

Indonesia Attempts To Improve Gene Pool

They would have succeeded if not for those damn po-leeshmens. Why you got to harass me, lawman? I dint do nuttin!  If you've ever seen an episode of COPS you know exactly what the scene was.

I love orangutans. But not in the way that Indonesians do.

Reminds you why God put Indonesia on a faultline.

Strange horrors appear in lands where there is no rule of law. There is a way that seems best to a man and what have you. Sapiens gonna sape.

When some anthropologists suggested early on that Denisovians might have been an interbreed between Neanderthals and Homo Habilis I knew that theory would collapse later on. Trust me, there is no way that any Neanderthal has ever had sex with any primate for any reason in the past one million years. Not a chance. They'd rather die on the long walk. A much more merciful fate.

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