Thursday, June 28, 2012

Forty Million Empty Houses

The Kwanstain has used fiat currency to build 40 million homes that nobody wants that have a median value of zero. They are built in the wrong places with the wrong taxes and the wrong neighborhoods. The "business cycle" is not a natural phenomenon - it is the sickening train wreck that follows authoritarians trying to manage the economy. Their primary mechanism for "managing" it is to print fake paper that they like to pretend represents money. Every time they create a fake boom (the housing boom) they claim victory whilst refusing to take credit for the horrible crash that follows.

That's what government intervention does - it creates shortages of the things people do want and a glut of things people don't want. The government is a bunch of people who could never secure real day jobs trying to manage the lives of millions of other people better than they can even manage their own. Obviously, this approach is predestined for failure.

The only thing that matters to the r-selected is that they get paid and retire. They create infinite problems they then leave to the next generation as their legacy. They arrange their affairs so as to avoid accountability for the harm they do. Only the K-selected solve problems. The r-selected is an animal that plays at being human while feeding off resources it has stolen from current and future generations.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Vaccines = Social Darwinism

It is a way to eliminate the genetically inferior lower classes in huge numbers without drawing undue attention to their deaths.

Former Merck employees blow the whistle on the genocidal campaign of their own company

Ignoring adverse reaction reports including deaths for decades

My own son had an adverse reaction. I know what I saw. These bastards will try to tell you that you cannot trust the evidence of your own six senses, you should trust them instead.

I was in the emergency room the other night and the moron that was on call there was trying to tell me that only unedjamafacated peeple refuse the meningococcal vaccine for their children. When I asked him to clarify how the vaccine for type B could protect against Type A, he stammered and went red as a beet ... then blurted out something about me "not having a medical background." I told him you need to shut up and worry about the reason we came in, not advocating your vaccines.

Nobody despises doctors as much as I do. It's because I understand them really well. I know what is going on inside their tiny heads. It's truly ugly. They are vain and rotten human beings playing the altruist in order to earn a good living. No real doctor would be advocating vaccination if he gave a rat's ass about his patients and their well being. Pretending to care about children is what these scum do.

Did you know that my whole life, I always feel a strong pang of guilt and shame whenever I try to use my higher native intelligence against other people? It never fails to make me feel terrible, especially if I am successful. The doctor is somebody who does not hesitate to use his higher-than-average intelligence to turn human beings into cash cows to support his lifestyle. The inner man is utterly corrupt in them. Altruism is really the last refuge of a scoundrel.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Kwanstainia : Zero Sum Empire of Abomination

Long overdue to state the obvious. The Kwa cannot use political language to frame any of their wars as anything but aggression and criminal violation of both the U.S. Constitution and the U.N. Charter. Acting as if they have the high moral ground is an affront to every warm-blooded mammal on the planet.

One has to look forward to the new owners taking possession soon. It would be impossible for them to do much worse running the country.

Monday, June 25, 2012

The Problem Solver : Massive Depopulation

When the only tool you have is a hammer, every problem looks like a nail.

The depression of 1907 led to World War One.

The depression of 1929 led to World War Two.

The depression of 2008 is leading straight to World War Three.


VAULT-OS : More CRUD Functionality

I got general searching with query, customized queries, customizable display layouts and customizable edit pages all working in the embedded server. Sounds like a little thing but it involved a lot of work. Since I am not using cookies or session data I have to operate on a pure REST architecture. (Representational State Transfer)

Wanted inventory/medical/personnel to be simple - pick query, add parameters, browse resulting data set and edit where desired. Got scheduling data to use intelligent updating for collisions (same recurrent job conflicting with another job, etc.) and also to attach work orders to recurrent jobs.

I tested the pages above on the Dillo Browser for DOS and they looked perfect, almost identical to IE and Chrome. Arachne, not so good. Poor support for styles and CSS in Arachne for DOS. In browsers without javascript, the little popup helper editors are not available. You have to type in a date, a color or other fields manually.

The reason I wanted to degrade backwards to much earlier browsers is to support nodes in the shelter/refuge that run on thin clients with IE5.5 or very old laptops that can only run lightweight browsers. If the facility is there, the javascript snippets improve everything dramatically.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Instant CANBUS for Microcontrollers

$12.90 from Futurlec, connects to anything with simple RX/TX/POWER for monitoring of a CANBUS 2.0 line. Simple commands to get and put values to the CAN line.

I recently discovered extensive research proving what I already guessed a while back - CANBUS started as a DOD standard for creating EMP resistant networks and gradually filtered down to the civilian industry starting with the car manufacturers. CANBus was designed to survive nuclear war and solar flares! The design of CANBus makes it possible to both shield and ground network lines in a way that is impossible with ethernet and traditional power lines.

Implications : Once you reduce any monitoring to a TTL interface you have any number of options to use it from a conventional PC, embedded controller or other device to make it available globally. The total price with a TTL converter ($3) on Ebay (USB or RS-232) comes to $15.00 or so which makes it much cheaper and simpler than the older standard ELM327 serial devices for connection to a CANBUS.

For me it also raises the possibility of a very small x86 device running a minimal OS in DOS or Linux to act as a consolidation node for transmitting/serving up CAN information over a tiny web service to make it available to the whole shelter. A TTL device like the one above doesn't require any special drivers, either DOS, Windows or Linux/FreeBSD write to it with simple COM port commands. I have had good results previously with a tiny program in PowerBASIC sending sensor information to mailslots running over LAN Manager for DOS. My biggest problem in the past running on these very small RAM devices (192K on my smallest x86 board) is not sending messages over the network through mailslots or a packet driver, but trying to fit the I2C TSR and CANBUS TSRs into memory with the TSR for the packet driver. So if the only TSR I had running was the packet driver and the I2C and CANBUS were both simple serial commands you'd have a very stable system that would fit onto a tiny machine. My main interest in this area is driven by my desire to watch my security triggers and seismic posts in real-time, no big fat Windows OS running, just sitting on the raw metal of DOS/BusyBox Linux watching these ports and waiting for interrupts to go off. In a dedicated box like this I want it to be fixed purpose, it doesn't need to run an inventory program or manage a schedule of work orders like the more ambitious Vault-OS program I am still working on. It just needs to sit there watching those security triggers and notify the rest of the system immediately if something is triggered, with an audio/visual alarm in addition to an alert message sent out to all machines watching over the network lines for these kinds of events.

So you've got a web browser running Vault-OS and it is watching for AJAX messages in real-time. It's really good if this page is up to let you know that somebody has broken the perimeter. What if you're in inventory while this occurs? This is the problem with web browser client pull monitoring architecture. I am still trying to solve this problem but the ultimate backup is to have the dedicated machine deliver it's own alert and notification you can hear, in addition to providing web services to any machine to let them know what was happening. Ideally this might be a snapshot of the particular region monitored that has just triggered, showing a guy in PIR sneaking beside the monitoring post as a thumbnail in the web service. I had this semi-working about two years ago when it was a dedicated device but right now it is still under development after I changed the nature of the TCP-IP communication by making it into an AJAX service.

The real solution is to add some javascript to every single page that polls for these events and brings up a CSS window to let the user know a severe alert has occurred with a link to the web page with extended information. I just have not got around to this yet. I still have other parts of the system I am trying to get running. I was working last night for the umpteenth night on basic query, filtering and search for any table.

When I started work on Vault-OS embedded server in OpenWatcom in 2010, these libraries were not available. Very impressive lineup for DJGPP. My long term dream of running Vault-OS as a pure DOS-32 program with it's own web browser as it's own GUI could still become a reality but first I have to get the Win-32 version out. This cross-platform serial CANBus solution could be a big part of that. The source code would look nearly identical on every single platform for monitoring the bus directly.

Kwanstainia Is A Skidmark In God's Underwear

The Kwanstainian applauds military armored vehicles on his streets, believes it will help reduce crime.

The Kwanstainian government should set up the FEMA extermination camps as self-service. You insert cash or coins into an incinerator, turn it on and crawl inside. The ashes are dumped into one of these plastic coffins and two other Kwanstainians carry it out and stack it in the mass grave for burial. You could have a small contingent of guards at the camp to explain how to operate things, base it on the honor system. They'd check in for regular inspections to make sure things were all going smoothly, otherwise just camp in the recreation building playing air hockey while the citizens exterminated themselves outside. Imagine the savings to the government in tight fiscal times like these.

A Little Problem With Genetically Modified Grass - It Started To Produce Cyanide Gas

You see, there's a little problem there.

Right, I can see that would be a bit of a problem. Instead of oxygen, grass that produces cyanide gas. Wow, that would be a problem.

Imagine stuff like this spreading as far as toxic colon-eating GM Star Corn. Infecting all the grasslands of the planet. Step outside for a whiff of that old fresh mown hay and get a deep breath of cyanide gas.

That could be a problem.

GM is so insane, it is beyond insanity. There are insane people standing around going "Gosh, that GM stuff is crazy."

When Nazis Did It, They Were Monsters

Tell me again, I can't keep track of who is supposed to be the good cop any more.

You see, those people over there are the bad cops. We are the good cops. You can only turn to us for protection from those bad cops.

I think most of mankind is in the middle of a crush of criminals, none of whom are good cops. They basically argue amongst themselves as to who is entitled to our income while we sit between them all.

Kosher Nostra Kiddie Fiddlers

I have a hunch that most people take the money and this is why we don't hear about more cases like this.

The priests of nearly all religions are badly adjusted sexually disturbed losers. The model of Christianity where there are no priests, only ministers and men like any other man who simply provide spiritual advice and leadership is the best model for all religions.

Another Great Victory For Vaccines : Worldwide Spanish Influenza Pandemic

People with already compromised immune systems were turned into shambling flu zombies by the vaccine.

Some of you may remember my visit to the museum in Brisbane where I talked about a reprint of a letter from a soldier from the trenches in World War One writing home that anybody who was dumb enough to get the vaccine was a dead man. The old timers who had been in the field for a while chalked up their survival to refusing the vaccine when the doctors came around with their needles to "help." All the trusting newbs and recruits who unwisely took the shot were draped with a sheet and carried out to become worm farms in weeks.

Did Another Volcano Finish Off The Neanderthals?

It is during a time of chaos that wars take place. More likely starving Sapiens were once again goaded by starvation into launching an attack on the highlands where Neanderthals kept their animals.

Agriculture would be gone during this period but herders, as always, would continue to persist. You can shepherd your flock beneath the roof of a cave in almost any conditions. Neanderthals had a far stabler long term plan for survival than Sapiens ever had and as always was probably stocked with provisions years in advance. He would have presented an irresistible target during a major famine to the Sapiens horde.

Abel was a herder. Cain was an agriculturalist. Cain killed Abel because his labors were rejected (found insufficient) by God.

Wisdom Begins With The Fear Of God

Casual atheist ratbag who wrote this article twists the conclusions around to convey the exact opposite. People who fear hell are restrained in their actions by the fear of retribution.

Of course there's a hell. How else do you expect God to reach people like this?

It would take a thousand years wandering an empty plain in Dis for Jerry Sandusky to repent himself. God calls that a good start. A little time in the quiet corner for you to think about what you have done.

N.W.O. Enviro Pimps Deserted By High Priest

The Flake Flaked Out And Went Flakey, As Flakes Often Do - (All Greens Are Flakes)


If you founded your scientific fraud on the confused utterings of one of the most unstable people working in the field, you can't cry when he does a turncoat on you and tries to join the opposition.

These Marxist Scum are the enemies of any nation stupid enough to even permit them to influence policy.

They are nation wrecking, planet wrecking garbage pod people mimics on the left side of the r/K ratio. They are like boll weevil bipeds in manpants. Blowflies with lips and cell phones.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Edjumafacated Peeple Run Kwanstainia

... into the ground.

Jeeniuses Oprah-style declare emergency because the money all went away.

Western people are morons. They're sad and they're demented and they outnumber people playing with a full deck a million to one. They do really dumb things over and over again until these dumb things destroy them. They do the dumb things despite evidence that these things are dumb and will lead to their own destruction. They won't hear sound advice or good judgement and they hate anybody that is reasonable or prudent. All of it sounds crazy to them. Consequences and long term thinking. You must be some kind of Nazi or something.

You'd think if they won't listen to reason, at least they might listen to their ancestors and respect the lessons of the past. Nope. They won't hear of it.

The first commandment, coming right out of the gate. Respect your mother and father. Failed that one, the whole civilization. Rudyard Kipling said they will sit before the gods of the copybooks and learn their lesson again. It's the repetition that gets you on this planet.

Failed Failures Maintain Air Of Win By Booting Out Failures

Wait, I must be missing something here.

Wasn't the point of the European Union that if you joined you'd win more, not less? Along with the rest of gammy-eyed lunatic teachings of globalism, you'd win by losing - your sovereignty, which is driven by a need not to fail but to win. So failures promised that winners would stop losing and experience more better non-failure by failing to look after their own interests and joining the European Union instead, a non-elected institution of career failures who have failed their whole lives at everything?

So the failures have cut another failure which they claim now proves they are still winning despite all appearances they are losing. More likely Greece will have a shot now that they aren't trying to swim with the Brussels Bureaucrat Anchor tied to their legs.

In order to prove that globalism/Euro-union ideology works, it has become necessary to start cutting nations off that prove clearly it doesn't work, who were forced into joining despite the feeling that it would simply lead to all this.

Failure is winning. Lies are truth. Good is evil. Slavery is freedom. Sound familiar? Oh, right, nobody is required to read 1984 in school anymore. Failure to read about failure leads to winning.

I'm confused. But then, so are globalists and all their quislings.

For God is not the author of confusion, but of peace, as in all churches of the saints.

(1 Corinthians 14:33)

This is why the children of the Devil are perpetually confused. They change opinions the way most people change underwear. Anyone who listens to these people will end up as confused as they are.

They have a religion of their own that makes Christianity look like Rocketry Science in comparison. It's the kind of theology you would expect to come from a group collaboration in a mental asylum.

Cook With Turmeric Wherever Possible

It's an anti-inflammatory in addition to many other beneficial effects on all the tissues of your body.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Stock Market Decoupled From Business Now?

How does that work exactly?

How do companies with no profits, no employees, no products and no exports or sales continue to trade at these prices for shares?

Hint : One morning soon, we're going to wake up in a world where everybody realizes they are holding worthless paper. That's going to be an interesting day.

Adventures In Scienmajistics : If the facts don't fit the theory, the facts must have it wrong

UPDATE : You know when the mid-tier academics start to give up and throw in the towel, this battle is over. Here there are broad concessions that science has been nearly 180 degrees of the truth for over a century.

Fully formed Neanderthals at least 600,000 years old

What has these fakes sh*tting their pants is the possibility that the "red ochre" they are finding is simply rust left over from iron weapons smelted in their famous kilns.

When you hear that "Africans" used "red ochre" you should know that such use continues in Africa today. Africans see some red dust falling out of a cliff face. They rub it in the mud and make blood colored paint they smear on their bodies. This is how they were "using" red ochre 200,000 years ago and this is how they will be "using" it 200,000 years from now, I assure you.

When they find it in Neanderthal camps, they are sweating bullets and trying to come up with all kinds of wild explanations for it because they don't want to mention this "red ochre" might also be rust.

More importantly, this "red ochre" is a common find at monolithic structures all over the world, which suggests that melonheads might have either learned how to forge iron tools from the Neanderthal or vice versa. Either way, the "iron age" may have begun a million years ago (or more), not 1200 years ago. It is entirely plausible that Neanderthals may have been smelting iron without knowing exactly how to cast bronze. This happened in South and North America where people went straight from stone tools to iron with no bronze age at all.

The evidence says that Neanderthals liked to do things with kilns. They liked to stick different stuff in there, cook it and compress it at different temperatures and then see what they could make out of it. If you imagine all the kinds of things you can discover playing around with sealed ovens you will realize that iron casting is only one of several things you might stumble onto. The Neanderthals were different in that they had a powerful curiosity and enthusiasm for the world that is largely lacking in Homo Sapiens. They would have discovered many things out of simple playfulness and pure nerd inquisitiveness. It appears they did a lot of things for no other reason than a burning desire to find out what would happen. This is probably what drove the Solutreans to North America. Each year when seal hunting it is possible they just ached to see what was beyond the previous point they had attained, wandering along the edge of the ice pack. What they did with a bunch of guys on a regular basis by the seat of their pants, took a huge infrastructure project funded by the Spanish government backing Columbus and an armada of three gigantic ships in 1492. That may or may not explain why the entire continent is covered with mounds of indeterminate origin.

Illustrates the great difference between the two races. Neanderthals were full of courage both as a group and as individuals. They had a certain happy-go-lucky quality driven by a deep need to understand. We call them "rodeo clowns" to paint them as reckless because human vanity is insufficient to concede these guys were gutsy in a way Homo Sapiens will never be.

P.S. If Neanderthals were descended from Homo Heidelbergensis then why did they specialize in kicking the crap out of these ape-like creatures? Why would Neanderthals do Grandpa like that? Whenever the two species ran into each other, the Neanderthals folded them up like accordions for easy storage, in some cases shoving their heads into their own ribcages. Anthropologists who have found these battle sites have always pointed out that Neanderthals hated Bigfoot and treated them with less respect than animals they hunted. The great irony is that Heidelbergensis would turn out to be the superior race and beat all the others 400,000 years later, when immigration would provide them with free housing, medical care and jobs all at taxpayer expense after importing them into their own living space as a new and specially protected social class. That means Heidelbergensis is the true, final winnarz over Neanderthal and Homo Sapiens. Hahahahaha! Bruddas be gettin' over like a muttafudda! Even melonheads never be livin' dis large'n shheeeeeeiiiiitttttttttt! Hahahaha! Pass de crack pipe! Whatnot and what-have-you! Yassum.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Five Personalities You Meet In A Declining Civilization

See here.

What if the "Protectors" retire to tend their own private gardens? That leaves nobody.

I gather this is what happens at the end of every civilization, more or less.

Bio-Terrorists Destroy Old Woman's Garden

Trying to eat at anyplace but McDonalds. Right up there with displaying a toy gun in a public place or owning more than 20 books not required by your trade. Up against the wall, lawless scum.

Will the Kwanstain see street executions for growing your own stevia? Not until Barry Soetoro signs off on another executive order. Getting around pesky nuisances like the Constitution and the Congress.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Civil Defense MedKit From 1963

The year I was born, before Amerikwa had the hostile takeover.

Back then, the government at least made an effort to look like it was preparing for the future.

At some point, it was widely recognized that keeping sheeple alive in the post-nuclear environment was not a policy goal. For that reason these artifacts are very much pre-improvementation anomalies.

It's Almost Time To Panic

This article does not even mention the looming prospect of world war or the tectonic activity all over the planet.

The Feeling Is Improvementation

Amerikwa got improvemented but good. Now the improvementation is improvamenting hard.

Just keep believin' rube. That globalist paradise is right around the corner. I can smell the rainbow stew cooking up. Smells like cordite and burning baby meat.

An Unquenchable Atomic Fire

If Unit 4 collapses onto the pool of spent fuel rods (none of which should have even been there when the accident occurred) then North America is going to get more enrichment than at any previous time. Cesium, the supposed choice of dirty bombers and terrorists everywhere, will be dumped all over the northern hemisphere without much relief until the early 2100's when the fuel will likely be expended sufficiently that cleanup teams can move in.

Unfortunately, the civilization that might send those cleanup crews in to decontaminate the site will in all likelihood be long gone.

Paul Craig Roberts On The Manufacture of Crisis

Really good essay by Roberts on the real threat to the environment, not the media inflated one

That crap you hear on televitz is just a smokescreen to distract you from the actual hazards at hand.

Today the Robber Barons are better than they have ever been at sleight-of-hand to slip any regulatory controls the weak government might try to apply to them. Some believe that the reason that declining civilizations turn to oppression of their own people is that they completely lose the ability to interfere with the wealthy elites. They overcompensate by crushing the law abiding in their frustration to contain ever more rampant corruption and the circus-like atmosphere that looting cultivates in those who profit by it.

Sometimes You Pine For Islamic Law

If ever somebody deserved to lose both hands for a criminal act, this is it.

I have trouble understanding what kind of assh*le would be capable of spray painting over top of a Picasso and posting it on YouTube. It is the equivalent of the Taliban blowing up the Bamiyans in Afghanistan. Is your faith so weak you can't tolerate some ancient relics in a cliff face? These things belong to mankind collectively and they should be here thousands of years from now for others to look at. Picasso represented a truly unique approach to art and his works deserve to be preserved so others have a right to view them.

This is the madness of the End Times. Tagging a Picasso. That's disgusting. What kind of animal does something like that? They should strip him naked and stake him in the middle of the desert with some buzzard dressing. After he is dead they should remove his name from the pages of history like the jerk who burned the Lighthouse at Rhodes for the infamy.

When you encourage vandals by telling them graffiti is art and exhibitionism is a virtue, this is kind of the end of that road in terms of where these topsy-turvy value systems finish up. Graffiti "artists" are vandals who make everything ugly. They were never cool.

We are seeing the Vandals and Visigoths return to sack Rome.

Monday, June 18, 2012

What Is Easiest To Defend?

Good article on Survival Blog about the problems in defending a large property

My thinking on this has always been : a large property is a large target.

I have always believed that the ideal situation would be a very small entrance to a belowground refuge behind the house off a dead-end street. Especially the sort of refuge that a couple hours of work could conceal so effectively it would appear to be an overgrown rubbish tip.

If you then burned the house down (or an event did it for you), you have what looks like an abandoned burned out shell with an overgrown rubbish pile in the back. You liberally dress the site with broken glass, sharp edges and barbed wire and before you know it the property is so discouraging and of so little apparent value that nobody bothers. A couple months of weed growth and you got a garbage tip with ivy on it. A self-sufficient refuge underground that only produces mild amounts of intermittent heat signature from a generator and otherwise has no sign of inhabitation whatsoever. A man who is hungry is not going to be shuffling through garbage piles covered with broken glass and barbed wire. There are a million more interesting targets of obvious opportunity.

Compare this with a large farm bounded by a fence. Everybody can see this is a target. It is like putting out a white flag for people who are starving. The very nature of the place makes it a subject of seige. If it has a road going to it then people will aim to drive their vehicles onto it.

I have heard people on DOOMSDAY PREPPERS talking about taking on people to work their farms who show up to raid it. Speaking for myself, this doesn't seem realistic. They are imagining a couple folks showing up. What about ten thousand people cruising around looking for easy targets of opportunity? Do they imagine they will remain in charge of the distribution of resources on their farms?

I foresee the only real safety lies in making yourself so small that nobody reliably can even be sure you exist.

Then you are dealing with a tiny minority of people who might accidentally stumble onto your shelter. They can be dealt with at that time in numbers you can cope with. Hopefully silently and with as little risk as possible.

It seems to me that running a conventional farm over an acre is just putting out a buglight for starving, desperate people. If it can be seen it is going to draw looters. If it cannot be identified until you're a meter away from the door or hatch, that's a very different kind of place to hide yourself.

One Standard For Thee, Another For Me

Duke on a double standard that formerly would be regarded as clinical insanity

With some people, the golden rule does not apply unless it is you applying it to them. Which means of course, it isn't the golden rule.

People who believe this is a political question do not understand what is happening in the world. They don't understand anything. They fail at grasping how serious this subject is.

The worst thing that could happen is that this country would be forced to learn how to get along with other people if the United States cut them loose. That's about it. For them, it's a nightmarish scenario because of what they have done to their neighbours since they moved in 70 years ago. This is part of being a sane, mature adult. Learning that others can hurt you back if you hurt them. I'm positive that with God's help, if he really is with them, they will come out of it just fine. Otherwise, bit of a hair-raiser coming for this crowd.

The question is, will they take everybody else with them when they go?

The Ultimate Manchurian Candidate

If it walks like a duck, talks like a duck, is a card carrying member of Duck Pride Worldwide, loves to sing the Waterfowl Internationale, flies a flag with a duck on it above it's house, has feathers, webbed feet and a bill and it sounds like Daffy whenever it talks then it is a duck. The White House says it is a chicken but don't you believe it. A chickenhawk maybe.

Socialists don't like to fight fair. They like to fight from the inside where it is safe and they can use camouflage to conceal themselves. They shy away from real struggle and instead prefer to stab from the shadows in surprise. They are the definition of fifth column, the notion of the fifth column comes from the habits of marxists who always pretend to be one thing while secretly implementing a completely different agenda.

The reason that so many conspiracies seem to center on communists is that they are some conspiratorial bastards who like to conspire. Like vampires, nothing scares them more than sunlight and fresh air. To be exposed these wretched creatures will burst into flame. Honesty is a silver bullet to them and plain speaking is worse than garlic. According to them these are the characteristics of the good guys. They dress in black, cling to the walls and creep around whispering under their breath. These people are not Gary Cooper. The reason the honest man walks down the street with an open face is that he has nothing to hide. These sonovabitches go everywhere like Count Chocula with their capes draped over their faces.

My father told me, never trust a man who needs to wear a cape in the daytime. It doesn't matter if it is Superman. A man who goes about cloaked in daylight (either literally or metaphorically) is one screwed up human being. The good man has no need for these histrionics.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

U.S. Military Says The Next Front Is Internal

Of course, all of this is a violation of Posse Comitatus and essentially 99% of the proscriptions in the Constitution but nowadays who cares what the law says anyhow?

There's nobody left who can read it. Maybe they should convert it to Twitter-scratch and see if that helps. They'd likely lose all the semantic content in the translation.


Japan Prediction From Vault-Co

Vault-Co predicts that the big quake has not occurred yet off the coast of Japan. Itz coming. The tsunami was an appetizer like bread rolls and garlic butter. The really big quake is just warming up.

Fukushima is in prelude to a complete meltdown and then things will get really interesting. The kind of times that wise Chinese philosopher spoke of.

Maybe The Brother Will Stay Down Now

Rodney King shuffled off this mortal coil into the great crack house in the sky today.

Notice every single article in the press about King always shifts the focus to the shortcomings of white Europeans and their evil racist society and always fails to mention Rodney King had a cocktail of six different drugs in his system when he was pulled over going upwards of  200 mph. Cops repeatedly told him to lie flat until they could cuff him and he refused to obey instructions. Doing what police ask is necessary to maintain the rule of law. If you can't cope, you need to move to a society without the rule of law, you'll fit in better there.

If Rodney King had plowed into one of the elites on their way from a party in the Hollywood Hills and killed their entire family, then they'd be calling for new police powers. Otherwise, any disintegration in general order and standards of conduct is a good thing and a riot that can be seen from outer space is an especially good thing. Treating Rodney King like a martyred saint instead of a dangerous, violent drug addict is what passes for ethics in the sewer called the Kwanstain.

King's hefty payout and damages from the city gave him more than enough money to live like a celebrity the rest of his life. He went through it in a few short years and was back to appearing in lineups in no time. His entire life, he was a net loss as a human being, on top of the billion dollars that the L.A. Riots cost Los Angeles, which historians will say never fully recovered. Los Angeles has been a third world country which does a booming business in rental U-Hauls ever since. It's just another place that decent people want to get away from.

If you didn't live through the riots, you will never fully understand what happened in them if you get your information from the mass media. Never. You cannot imagine what kind of chaos we are talking about here. Absolute savagery from absolute savages. When they put their wax human masks back on, some people like me never bought it again. I had been present at the stroke of midnight at the human masquerade ball. I know what I saw.

The Most Insightful Thing I've Read All Day

Every single thing in this article is spot-on, except for those instances where they try to explain what causes these behaviours.

If you're a regular reader of Vault-Co you should be able to correct them on the fly using your incredible insight into evolutionary biology as it applies to Neanderthals which you have acquired by absorbing my drivel here. You will be able to solve problems that continue to baffle the Sapiens masses out there with ease.

Now here's the good news : high native intelligence is a sickness in the right settings but Christianity is almost certainly a panacea if not an outright cure. With enough faith you can even straighten a pathetic asshole like me out and that's a fact. You will find that sufficient Christian faith can counteract the nihilism and depression that is associated with every single increase on the Bell Curve.

The Demon Humbaba was right : The game is forever rigged against the sons of Enkidu. You can get depressed about that or you can ask the King of Kings to send you peace so that whether you're winning or losing in life you accept that your own real worth to the universe is a treasure stored elsewhere. Don't get upset about what you can't change, rodeo clown, if nothing else you're clearly the star of your own heroic tragic epic. Don't worry so much about the outcome. Jesus has such low standards they'll even let people like you into heaven.

The biggest problem nowadays is that the highest IQ people are simply not passing on their genes. The statistics say that the best way to improve your chances of reproducing yourself is to adopt Christian faith.

So far, God has not been able to get me to go to bed on time but I'm not blaming him. I blame all of you for reading this stupid blog.

It's 1:55 AM at night and I'm reviewing the entire internet from end to end to see if there is anything worth reporting on. My arteries are hardening because of it and I am slowly killing myself with insulin resistance. So I think for a change I'll just go to sleep.

Wow, went over 600,000 hits today, added to rough estimate I would say more than a million people have visited this blog. In classic high-IQ tradition, I have never made a dime from this blog. Why is it having high native intelligence is so remarkably close to being severely retarded? Wait, don't tell Peter Singer I said that or he will want pharmaceutical labs to use me in medical experiments instead of chimpanzees.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

NWO Conference : We Know The Beasts Are Going To Revolt Soon

Climate Transitions Are Catastrophic

The facts prove it again and again. These transitional periods are very violent events at the surface.

The universe is driven by electrical phenomenon and the magnetic reversal is an intimate part of the relationship between the Sun and the Earth. It is possible that our magnetic field itself is only recharged by these events and without it we'd experience cosmic radiation directly on the planet's surface.

The evidence is that the Neanderthals used to cruise through these events, probably because of their fondness for the underground refuges that they are intimately associated with. This is a big hint to other species that just because you killed the Neanderthals doesn't mean your ideas and evolutionary strategies were superior to theirs. All it means is that you killed the Neanderthals.

When in doubt at how to survive long term as a race people should always ask themselves WWAND? ("What Would A Neanderthal Do?") These people had mastered survival in all conditions for over a million years before Sapiens was even a definable type. They were big on caves and were never far away from the subterrene.

Obamination Tells Hollyweird Sickos They Rule The Wreckage Called Kwanstainia

Remember, research has proven beyond a doubt that more than 80% of all Hollywood people are hardened sociopaths and psychopaths, compared to just 12% of the rest of the population.

Hollyweirders are like assholes on legs running around waving a note from the doctor that they claim proves they don't stink. They don't believe that and neither do you.

Ruling Kwanstainia is like being king of a flaming garbage tip. They had to destroy the country in order to get on top of it, leaving nothing worth ruling over. It's yet another place that people simply want to get away from. Will you follow them wherever they go and ruin that place as well, Hollyweirders?

Friday, June 15, 2012

U.N. Hates Babies and Would Like To Kill'em All

Read this blowhard piece about the evils of setting foundlings on doorsteps.

One of the highest expressions of human love and charity is to provide for foundlings. It is an ancient Christian practice. It vanished for a while with improvementation in Europe but has recently made a comeback which is annoying the hell out of the genocidal psychopaths at the United Nations.

Basically, when a young mother has a child she simply can't care for or feed, for whatever reason, a baby hatch is the last resort of opportunity. The idea of abandoning children to hospitals and orphanages is tragic, heart-rending and sad. Grownups understand that life itself produces these tragic circumstances often and the humane way to cope with them is to provide some avenue for the mother to surrender custody to an institution that can at least feed them.

The homicidal dribbling morons at the United Nations would like to see these babies aborted, the sensible thing to do according to their lunatic lights. If you discover raising a baby is hard, just smash it's head with a mallet the way they do in India and be done with it. After the crying stops it's back to the disco club scene for a wild night of post-infanticide recovery!!! This is the actual way the people at the United Nations plan to improve our world. They see it as the highest good.

Sane people see baby-killing as the monstrous crime against nature and God that it is. That's why they provide for mothers to surrender them instead of doing something crazy the way the United Nations would like - have it aborted or just give it a quick top up with cyanide the way Peter Singer, a nazi-style eugenicist beloved of improvers and enrichers worldwide recommends. Singer was recently explaining how it isn't a crime if you off the baby in it's first year of birth - it is like taking goods back in retail because you decide you don't like them and want a refund. The New World Order loves this Aussie, who has also recommended we use retarded people in medical experiments because they will give better results in trials. It's true - I use retards in all my perimeter security tests and I give my highest seal of approval. They are much better for training turrets to autotarget moving objects than those gorillas I used in the past. I just give'em a box of crackers and set them loose in the exclusion field. You should see'em smile.

Remember kids, the difference between the Nazis and these people is that when the Nazis advocated it, it was evil. When they do it, they're the "good guys" trying to "help us." John Holdren-style in boxcars most of the way I imagine.

By honoring Peter Singer with Australia's highest civilian award the Gilliard government has again demonstrated their loss of the right to any leadership over the electorate and must immediately step down. They do not have the consent of the governed and the U.N. themselves would point out they cannot govern our country, it violates international law. Maybe we Australians should ask the U.N. to intervene on our behalf to protect us from our genocidal government who were never elected as our leadership. Honoring Peter Singer is identical to pinning a merit badge on Adolph Hitler for introducing the principles of utilitarian philosophy into German governance.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Is North America Safe?

Prepper expresses doubts that redoubt will be deep enough to evade friendly enrichment.

It's not proper enrichment until it hurts. This is probably going to hurt even if you live in a cave in North Dakota. The Kwanzanian government has just enough money to provide enrichment to every square inch before it falls apart.

Kwanstain working overtime to make anybody who prepares look like a clown.

Chances are your neighbors will be the ones who rat you out.

Good cattle push their fellow cattle up the ramp into the slaughterhouse and moo when they try to escape.

In the end, people get the enrichment they deserve.

Doom Looms For Europe

Spanish deal will almost certainly unravel as it did for Greece. Both at the brink of total collapse.

This Tower of Babel will fall as have all such human enterprises since the beginning of time.

However bad it gets it is nothing compared to what is going to happen to Kwanstainia.

Homo Sapiens Continues To Be A Person Of Interest In Murder-Rape Investigation

Hey man, she came on to me first.

Fellow travelers continue to cover for their ancestors in what is clearly one of the worst crimes in all of known history. They continue to malign this race and it's women despite overwhelming evidence that contradicts what they are saying. Every couple of months they do a total reset and it's back to no language and no tools for the Neanderthals, they claim once again they were like gorillas. Every couple of months they try to go back and reclaim all the cave paintings from Neanderthal when the evidence says that Homo Sapiens was never much for artistic expression of any kind. Every couple of months, we hear confusing testimony again that continues to cling to mixed up notions that have themselves been debunked previously multiple times.

When Homo Sapiens came from southern climates he was a black man with no artwork, no music, no particularly impressive tools or implements of any kind and absolutely no evidence of higher order thinking. His only strategy in combat was to hang back and chuck spears. He bred like flies eating carbohydrates. Neanderthals were white men from a cold climate who had impressive artifacts over 250,000+ years old that dwarfed anything ever associated with Homo Sapiens and they ate mostly protein.

In a telephone press conference, Zilhao said Neanderthals recently have gotten "bad press" over their abilities. They decorated their tools and bodies. So, he said, they could have painted caves. 
But there's a debate in the scientific community about Neanderthals. Other anthropologists say Zilhao is in a minority of researchers who believe in more complex abilities of Neanderthals.

Eric Delson, a paleoanthropologist at the American Museum of Natural History in New York, and John Shea at Long Island's Stony Brook University said the dating work in the Science paper is compelling and important, but they didn't quite buy the theory that Neanderthals could have been the artists.

"There is no clear evidence of paintings associated with Neanderthal tools or fossils, so any such evidence would be surprising," Delson said. He said around 41,000 years ago Neanderthals were already moving south in Europe, away from modern man and these caves.
Again. Again with the lies. I don't understand how with the internet available these academics are always talking over each other, with some expressing viewpoints that were current in the 1970's followed by another one who is speaking circa 1990's and the rare person who actually understands what the hell is going on. They lie. Sapiens is a liar. It defines him. They decided Chauvet and Lascaux were all Neanderthal work over 30+ years ago. Then somebody new stumbles in drunk and announces he is conducting his own investigation. It's an idiot free-for-all.

Wait, listen to this scienmajistics :

Seriously, can you believe the arrogance of this species? No evidence of any kind but the fact we have none doesn't change the fact that "our stuff was better?" Really? Got any surviving traces of any of that artwork? I'm sure in over 200,000 years you can at least find one chicken-scratch in the dirt somewhere between Europe and Africa. I'm not picky. A single instance with any credibility would do.
Shea said it is more likely that modern humans were making such paintings in Africa even earlier, but the works didn't survive because of the different geology on the continent.
They didn't have head start programs in the Freaka or school buses that could get kids to their vocational training! Otherwise they would have all been Michelangelo, I tell you! Once again, the man is hogging all the good resources for himself! Typical Neanderthals sucking up all the proper pigments and taking the best cave walls for himself while meanwhile in the Freaka they had to make do with cowpie perms! If only Neanderthals had paid taxes into a central government that would provide assistance to Afreakans with government provided pigments and centrally issued caves, they wooda been some artisticking muthaf*ckas!!! Yassum, what have you and what-not!!!
Shea said it is more likely that modern humans were making such paintings in Africa even earlier, but the works didn't survive because of the different geology on the continent.

America Heavily Colonized By Europeans More Than 6000 Years Ago

Apparently this has been a State secret for the past 25 years or more. Only recently has the genie escaped the bottle and the word gotten out.

Snippets & Ruminations In The New Anthropology #2

How I got Lost In Space At The Age of Four Years Old

Wernher Von Braun in A Publicity Release Photo
(Shoulders-to-waist ratio much different from Homo Sapiens)
The Denisovian/Amud Neanderthals From "Lost In Space"

The morning of May 2010 when I got off the subway train in the city I was holding the newspaper in my hand with the headline story that Paabo-Stoneking had been overturned and analysis of European genetics showed we had Neanderthal ancestry. My mind was swimming with a thousand recollections and conclusions. One of the biggest images running through my mind with countless others was the family of the Jupiter-2, the ship that was "Lost In Space" on a television show created by Irwin Allen.

When I was four years old, shortly before the medical exam that had the doctor taking my father aside to tell him the good news was that I seemed to have recovered miraculously from the worst chemical internal burns he had ever seen and the bad news was that I appeared to be a different child from the one he had examined before the accident, Irwin Allen brought out a television show that had an uncanny impact on me as a young boy.

The critics savaged the show early on, concentrating particularly on the one dimensional, saccharine sweetness of the Robinson Family. Many critics pointed out that no human beings in real life behaved like the Robinsons. They were completely guileless, loving, totally devoted to one another and never found cause for conflict with each other. They had no ulterior motives, no conflict inside the family and no divided or ambiguous feelings for one another. The mother loved the children. The children loved their mother. The father loved the mother and she loved him. The father was assisted by his good friend in keeping the family unit alive. The father intended to see his fellow male marry his daughter and treated him like he was a kin relationship. The two of them never contested with one another for leadership and the two of them always seemed to be on the same wavelength with a common purpose - looking out for the women and children at all costs and generally adopting a stoic indifference to their own personal needs. As the critics pointed out, the only realistic character on the show was Dr. Smith, whose neverending sinister agenda provided the dramatic conflict that otherwise would not have existed on the show. The critics pointed out that without Dr. Smith, the show would not have lasted a single season. The viewers would not have been able to identify with the goody two-shoes simpletons in the Robinson Family. The critics spoke of the "solid, beefy caricatured Robinson men with their thick torsos and stalwart chins as a sort of suburban ideal of masculinity." Apparently the critics found something offensive in all this.

From the first time I saw the show as a toddler, it exerted an eerie grip on me that precluded everything else. I was so rapt watching the show it was difficult for my parents to even speak to me when it was on. I still had a dummy in my mouth and took it out frequently to point to the screen when it was on during some part of the show that resonated so strongly in me I had to highlight it. My fascination was with the Robinsons. Not Dr. Smith. Even at this young age I felt Dr. Smith was like the people I saw around me in real life. He was nefarious. He had a forked tongue. It was impossible for him to say anything without actually working on another angle at the same time. The man was so crooked he must have had to screw on his pants in the morning. Dr. Smith I recognized as being similar to the adults I knew in the world around me. The Robinsons were something else altogether to me.

Something in the curves of their faces and their builds and their self-expression triggered a powerful response in me. This is how proper people talked. This is the way proper people communicated. This is how real men and women should comport themselves if they were healthy and normal. Everything about the Robinsons struck a chord in me. I saw them clearly as being of my own kind. Dr. Smith was part of The Others. Even at four years old, I saw this as clearly as you see the sun rise in the morning. When adults were speaking to me and attempting to charm me I could see several different ambiguous emotions in their faces at the same time just as Dr. Smith's face looked when he talked.

I began to tell my mother that the Robinsons were "my real family" and that Penny and Will were my real "brother and sister." I began to speak to Penny and Will as my imaginary friends. I told my mother that the Robinsons were going to come get me in the Jupiter-2 and take me back to their home planet so I "could be with my own real family," a frequent delusion seen with "Asperger's Syndrome" about being separated from one's "real race." My mother and father tried hard to laugh at my strange notions and obsession with this television show, certain it must be some kind of stage that is normal for a child to go through. It isn't. It is distinctly bizarre and outlandish. These kinds of feelings of alienation as a child that young is a truly odd expression of development.

My parents never knew what kind of sadness came over me as I got older and began to understand more of the mechanics of my situation. The Robinsons were never coming to get me in the Jupiter-2. I was never going back to be with my own kind. I was to be left here, forever, amongst the Dr. Smiths. The Others had taken me from my people and I would never, ever be returning to my true home. I knew, even before I started school, that all of these people were Dr. Smiths. Their ways and the ways of my people, the Robinsons, were as far apart and incompatible as a bird in the air and a fish in the water. The Others were going to raise me as one of their own and they would make me compete against a society of Dr. Smiths. There was something about this that even at a very young age I knew was wrong.

Look at Guy Williams and then look at Wernher Von Braun above him. June Lockhart was the right key emotionally and she had a kind face but she did not strike me the way that Guy Williams did. Guy Williams would have seemed perfectly matched with Madeleine Stowe or Rachel Adams beside him. Where did I know this person from at the age of four? Hadn't I seen him before? Sure, he was ... he was ... something about him seemed like an uncle or a grandfather I saw regularly. Already, epigenetic changes had heavily altered my limbic cortex and the part of the brain that recognizes one's own kind. The RNA messengers had grafted new genes in that trained me to look for different facial geometries before I could even ride a bike.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Here Comes Another Front In Syria

Sapiens loves his wars. Killin' and bombin', any excuse will do. The civilians are not collateral damage, they're the target of these neocon driven massacres.

As the great intuitive Friedrich Nietzche wrote, the good war hallows any cause. Nietzche did not glorify in war, he said these things in sarcasm with euphoria because he had penetrated to the heart of what humans do, not what they say they do. He was happy to finally figure it out, the way all Neanderthals are. The most important thing to a Neanderthal is to understand. Herein lies the key to all survival, the Neanderthal believes. You have to recognize what the problem really is to solve it. Just going to war every time you have a problem is what insects, monkeys and Sapiens do. True humans pick the right solution, not the same approach over and over again. If the only tool hanging on the wall of your garage was a hammer, you'd have no choice but to insist every home repair problem could be solved by pounding something with it. Of course, a real human would have all the tools they needed to solve problems and would pick the one that fits the situation. That's why I can't help but wonder if Homo Sapiens is a real human, or a crazy chromosome blender with rhesus monkey genes and a handful of bat guano set to puree. He seems to be a horse put together by a committee. Where you would expect the brains and judgement to go there's just this vaccuum filled with spectator sports, porn and beer. It doesn't seem natural any animal could turn out this way if it was the result of a process of trial and error in a harsh climate over a million years the way the Neanderthals were. When exactly did the refinement take place? Sapiens never had his weird factory corners shaved off and appears to have come out of a badly shaped, defective mold on the assembly line.

The empty space where the brains go on Homo Sapiens points to the existence of a class of people who are tailored to tell this critter what to do, since his volition and internal guidance are missing. This is where my notion of the origin of the Melonheads came from. If one creature looks tailor made to be a slave ... where is the matching master of this drone?

Michigan Mystery Explosions/Radioactivity

Read this link and take a guess about what has happened there. Something's going on and the media won't say a word.

Monday, June 11, 2012

God Bless America

Portions of it are still reminders that it was once the greatest nation in the history of mankind and perhaps someday might be once again. There are still people worth a damn living in that country but they are mighty scarce.

Next up, kill all the lawyers and forbid any money not backed by gold and you'll be well on your way to getting things straightened out.

Unfortunately none of that is ever going to happen. Ron Paul's nerve failed him and he has agreed to deepthroat Romney. Ron Paul, better you had never thrown your hat in the ring if you didn't have the guts to follow through. You could have brokered the convention and come away with the nomination but it would have taken a tough sonofabitch who was not afraid of a fight.

Some of you in seeing Ron Paul may understand my support for Alan Keyes. Keyes is like Paul but a mad dog on the subject of freedom. I can assure you if Alan Keyes had gotten this far and had the financial support he would have fought to the bitter end. He's a little bit crazy and this is what is necessary at this stage of the decline of the United States.This is why I thought Keyes was the better candidate than Paul. In an identical situation, Keyes would have been screaming election fraud on every channel and these people would have capitulated due to overwhelming support by the people.

Watch this - Keyes talks straight and he is the only who does. I could care less about his skin color, it ceases to matter when you're this intelligent and this honest. If you want to see what real fear looks like see some of the debate videos where they cut between media and debaters. When they cut away while Ron Paul is talking they always have this bemused expression - they think he's a batty old man. When Keyes is talking you can see the fear in their faces. He's black so their brains completely short out when trying to cope with a black man who is smarter than they are. They normally don't want to be seen as opposing any black person politically and it throws their brain into some kind of infinite phased lock loop. One debate I saw it looked like this media woman was about to cry when Keyes shot her commie question down.

VAULT-OS : CRUD Working With Search

I stopped thinking of my project in ANSI C as the ultimate end-all, be-all and started to think of it as a stopgap measure to just finish while I work on the multiplatform version running on MicroApache and PHP. As soon as it stopped needing to be "perfect," I began to make progress on it again. I was working on a generic flavored all-purpose HTML/CGI search query page which I scrapped and just made custom search pages for inventory and personnel. After seeing how easy that was to get working I made a custom page which waits for a barcode to be entered through a CueCat interface and then looks up the matching inventory item. Right there, three primary functions of Vault-OS working. Create-Replace-Update-Delete on any table with editing form plus search. (CRUD)

Tonight I plan to work on the web form that calculates totals required for basic storage food essentials based on the people in the personnel file, then does the sums of what is in inventory and produces the effective shortfall as a wishlist for shopping. The web form allows you to simply enter the number of years you would like to provide for the group and it does everything else. This is very simple since I already built a huge table of factors to multiply for all the vitamins, grains, oils, dairy and proteins for approximate calorie requirements.

I got this going since last Thursday. The entire embedded web server is one standalone executable in 734K, more than small enough to fit on a floppy disk. No other files required except optional JSON configuration file. The executable creates the entire database for all tables with all foreign keys and triggers when it first boots up if it does not find it on the file system.

Must keep thinking of this as just a casual, fun program I am finishing off as a stopgap measure. I seem to make good progress on it when I do that.

I discovered that if I make a security exception for SQL injection, (SELECT only) that I can do some pretty sophisticated things throughout the application. You're not supposed to ever do this on the World Wide Web because of security problems but I do not foresee this program being used in that context without SSL.

GMOs : War On Human Existence

GMOs are like something out of a horror movie except these things are real and our leadership is forcing us to eat them whether we like it or not.

The worst scenario is that they wipe out mankind. So, like ... bummer. Because it appears that is exactly what they are doing.

Codex Alimentarium is a plank in the John Holdren genocide platform. It is all about getting rid of the useless eaters through humane euthanasia where possible, otherwise by any means possible.

Doctors break ranks to tell their patients the truth. AVOID THIS SH*T AT ALL COSTS. I'm shocked. It was only yesterday they were telling me to feed my babies soy milk. Even animals know instinctively not to eat this toxic rubbish posing as food.

7 Flashpoints with Russia Alone For WW3

We are now on the verge of direct geopolitical conflict with Russia which is destined to go nuclear in no less than seven locations worldwide.

This is the reason Russia is hurriedly making strategic pacts with China, knowing that it is only going to survive a first strike by the U.S. if it can bring the Chinese military into the sphere with a mutual defense agreement.

Saw it all coming ten years ago on Vault-Co and documented it word-for-word. Pity me, a poor deluded petty ranteur with no grip on reality.

I specifically saw the future with the inevitable pact between Russia and China in 1998. I can remember the day I explained to my wife that barring a totally unforeseen development unlike anything previously in history, the Russians and Chinese were going to be forced to team up on America and destroy it in a third World War. This always happened previously in the last stages of any waning empire - it's former colonies rise up against it after it has bankrupted the treasury. The only difference this time was that the barbarians would be packing nuclear weapons. Just like Rome when it fell, a lot of people on the sidelines regarded it as the mercy killing of a mad dog.

Vladimir Putin is not a team player. Instead, he's got courage.

Colin Powell, Step'N'Fetchit For Pax Americana

Killing unarmed civilians in foreign lands and cashing in.

If he'd done it in the streets at home himself to our own citizens, he'd be a greater monster than Hitler and Stalin put together. Delegate it to troops overseas to massacre women and children, you've got a best selling book deal. We all got to hear about what a brave and principled man this butcher was for killing on command in foreign shores. With children raised to think criminals like this are role models, what chance does the future have? Might as well have Ted Bundy conduct career day for grade schoolers.

But they always have their reasons, you see. Same outcome, different explanations. None of them ever make any sense when examined.

Barack Brings Bolshevism To The Kwanstain

You couldn't make this stuff up.

Funny how the Kwanzanians can be reduced to debating the legality of all of this. Gives you an idea of just how debased they are as a people. The talking part finished a long time ago for any free man worth piss in a boot. If you don't know when you're getting played by now, you were never going to know. You'd be on the boxcars eating out of a bucket headed for a FEMA camp still tied up in solipsist knots. "Does the Constitution authorize this?" you'd be asking.

America was created for a moral, religious people sufficiently well educated to have a reference point. Kwanzanians have failed to meet all three criteria and thus technically do not even have right of ownership any longer. They gave it up when they started to make fun of anyone suggesting ulterior motives.

His cabinet is a circus clown collection of freaks, fruits and frauds. Exactly like the rogue's gallery of original gammy-eyed dribbling lunatics behind the bolshevist revolution in Russia.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Epic Rant By Journalist On Globowarmthinkery

See transcript and video here.

It is not that the guy has said anything special. It is simply that he has said anything at all about it. Normally the media deals with the detractors by simply forbidding them any airtime or consideration of any kind.

RAND Think-Tank Says Kwanstainian Logic Is Atomic Level Fail

You know when this barrel organ says it is a bad idea it is really stepping on the wrong toes.

Europe has to choose soon between survival and the EU and everybody knows what decision will be made by the nations involved when push comes to shove. Another reason global governance has always been dreamed of and always fails - it cannot meet human needs and solve human problems. Once TSHTF throughout human history, you have to return to the self-interests of nation-states. Globalism was never anything but a mangoo-smoothie-guzzling marxist fantasy.

All foreseen on Vault-Co long ago. Now if I only I could come up with the lotto numbers.

Kenyan Politics

Being in government means you are a special person above all laws, just like back home in Kenya.

It also highlights incredible shortcomings in Obama's leadership skills that he doesn't sacrifice this guy during an election year. Any wise executive would toss this guy to the wolves and insist on his immediate resignation. Barry simply can't do anything right. Anything.

Coca-Cola Targets Minorities With Their Poison

Knowing full well they suffer from a diabetes rate nearly twice that everybody else and they are probably sentencing many of them to death at a young age, Coca-Cola decides that blacks and hispanics are likely dumb enough to keep buying their toxic crap long after the former demographics have begun to peel off in huge numbers.

This is very similar to the tobacco companies targeting minorities with cigarettes when the mainstream began to wise up. Some people will do literally anything to turn a buck. They'd probably pimp their own mothers out if they thought it would improve sales.

The terrible irony about many of these shifts in marketing is that I have personally seen Yank companies that have lost all credibility on their native soil pick up stakes and move to Australia. This gives you a pretty good idea what the Americans think of Australia that they always know they can unload their worst junk on the people here. This happened with the thimerosal in vaccines when many Americans refused to give it to their kids - they sent all their stocks to the land of corkhats, knowing the locals down here are usually too drunk to worry about anything. They were right.

Arbeit Macht Frei

How do you tell the difference between right and wrong? Easy, it's right when Israel does it. Wrong if Nazis do it.

Swastika bad, Magen David good. That's all you need to know. Whatever it is, it only becomes bad when a non-kosher person does it. All things are permitted and the only law is do what thou wilt. Maybe they should just adopt Aleister Crowley's book as their constitution and be done with it.

After a hundred years of promoting multiculturalism in every country excepting Israel they can't really expect any sympathy on this issue. Stinks to have so many strangers moving onto your territory and draining your resources without paying any taxes, right Moshe? Now you know how it feels. Welcome to the perfect world you told the rest of us was inevitable. Get used to it because any opposition means you are a dirty evil person who would probably like to kill six million.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Prometheus = Garbage

Saw it yesterday. Was very disappointed by the halfway point. It was just more talentless junk from Hollyweird dressed up in a phony cape of "art." I can't believe the reviews I read prior to seeing it, I thought I was going to see a half decent sci-fi flick. You'd think the critics were writing about some other version that was not released to the public.

Hollywood can introduce childlike interpretations of ideas written in detail by H.P. Lovecraft in the 1920's and describe the movie as "profound." Yes, it's profound for people with an average IQ of 92, just like the movie ASS in IDIOCRACY.

Listen, trust me ... see it on cable if you want but don't waste $15 a ticket to see this tripe.

Ridley Scott = Hack, come to think of it. Now that I think back, the guy has never really made a decent film in his life. Blade Runner left a lot to be desired, like a coherent story and plot for example. Once you get past the visuals there's nothing there in most cases. The best ALIENS film was made by James Cameron, not Ridley Scott.

A lot of this stuff was cut from the first Alien movie for budgetary reasons. Basically the studio required Scott to streamline his wandering script to something concise and coherent. You can see without fiscal discipline what kind of guy this really is. He's a hack. You could throw a brick into the park and the first person it hit could make a better film than this guy.

I could sum the movie up by saying it is just a typical attack on Christianity using atheist fictions to debunk what they assail as fiction, using fiction. It is not even well done, it's just depressing and offensive. If Ridley Scott really believes there is "nothing," as he concludes at the end (what a disappointing denouement) then he should kill himself, not project his own startling lack of core principles onto the minds of millions of other people. We have a two hour build-up to what most stoned dope fields can blurt out when they get all weepy over their ganja. No insights here.

By the way, since Lovecraft died broke and virtually unemployable, it is time these plagiarists began to pay royalties on his ideas. He was here first and a million times better. It is like watching Jerry Siegel deliver courier messages on his bike while Hollyweird makes millions off the Superman franchise.

P.S. Watched another atheist-driven sci-fi flick this evening, Danny Boyle's SUNSHINE that tanked so badly at the box office it didn't even make it's own budget back. Awful flick. Based on popular fallacies about the heat-death of the universe. Everything is always a resource shortage with these morons. Imagine being one of these atheists. Bad enough the universe is a bleak meaningless abyss, but to be a pretentious hack with no talent only adds insult to injury. Definitely atheism is for r-types in the r/K ratio. These people would even cheat God out of resources if they thought they could pull it off. One of the biggest factors in my reconsideration of sixteen years of atheism was realizing what complete losers all atheists are. Even when they are billionaires they are absolute point-blank losers, every single one of them. They know it, too. This is where they get that perpetual resentment from they try to put into their films. Keep your faith in God and you will never be a loser. Never. Of course it's hard. If anybody could do it, where would the challenge come from? People like Scott and Boyle would like to make it a lot harder for you, which should make you suspect their motives, no matter how "pure" and "selfless" these sorts always claim to be. Christ said they were like old tombs painted white with nothing but bones and corruption inside. Don't believe anything these people say to you or they try to put in front of your eyes, it's all lies. Lucifer himself appears as an angel of light. Do you want to know the real reason these idiots hate religion so much? The same reason they hate the family. (Riddly Scott suggests to females that all babies are foreign malignant cancers growing inside of them) It's because it is the last bulwark against the State. When it fails, the State will pour in and take God's place as the Alpha and the Omega to human beings. Atheists are some deeply religious people. It's just that they don't worship that God. They worship the antithesis of God. Believe me, I'm an atheist traitor. I know what is going on inside these people and it isn't pretty.

Madness of the End Times #2347589

An anonymous tip led to an international manhunt for the criminals responsible for the deaths of children buried on a remote property.

Except none of that ever happened. It's hard to believe that warrants can be issued nowadays on an anonymous tip and mass hysteria.

I called the police once when I saw a car hit a stop sign down the block and tried to report it anonymously. I knew the police would probably give my home address out to the mob of criminal drunken hoons who were driving recklessly in the street if they asked for it. They were not very interested in the incident, instead they tried to convict me of the crime over the phone and threatened me that they knew what number I was calling from and could easily trace me, a "particular individual." Of course, I will never call again in the future, knowing this is how they respond to reports by citizens of things they have witnessed.


'Stainians Lose Ability To Spell Their Own Name

Romney's mobile app premiered to guffaws.

What worries me is the day coming when this sort of thing happens and nobody notices.

This country is in the sluice for ITZ.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Ray Bradbury 1920-2012

The greatest of the dreamers passed away today.

I'm pretty shellshocked. I knew it had to happen someday but it was unexpected.

Less than an hour before I found out I was telling my son how important it was for him to read The Martian Chronicles.

Too important a person for me to say anything right now. It will take a long time to sink in. I don't want to write a eulogy for him, he is too significant in the ascent and decline of the United States.

For me, he had captured everything good about America in his writing.

His short story There Will Come Soft Rains, about a world run by dying machines after a nuclear war, had such a powerful effect on me at a young age it affected my world view permanently. It seemed so prophetic to me it was as if Bradbury had looked into the future with some kind of clairvoyant vision.

UPDATE : I recently read his FROM THE DUST RETURNED, a novelization that encapsulated the house of the family described in THE HOMECOMING. It was great and the ending was cosmic. It was wonderful that he wrote every day right up to the day of his death. Publish or perish, Ray had the right idea.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

What Made The Dark Ages So Dark?

Was it this? It seems to fit the perfect timeframe for the mysterious era which has always left historians baffled.

Mankind has always wondered how Byzantine Rome mysteriously vanished and this sea of the unknown descended on mankind. The written record just largely skipped over 200 years of what apparently was a huge collapse of society worldwide. The Chinese call this period "The Tail of the Black Dragon" according to their records. It was recorded as a miserable epoch of famine and darkness.

This is where all the disputes arise as people puzzle over this basic question ... why were people forced to fill in the gaps of this period with mythology and monsters? How could the inhabitants of Europe have gone from 8 story monolithic temples with columns 30 meters in diameter to living in stone huts and barely being able to eke out a subsistence diet? This is the era when the legends of Camelot arose and a huge epistemology was created of fantastic conjecture. Why did the survivors of this era even lack a solid oral tradition for two centuries? Luckily we have fragments but organized society seems to have taken a holiday for well over a hundred years during this period.

Then again, maybe instead of a violent catastrophic event that destroyed civilization, it may have just been an ancestor of George Soros doing what they do best. George knows how to collaborate with anybody, including the Nationalist Socialist Party of Germany.

Melonhead Bioweapon Deployed Circa 100K ?

Funny how today so many bioweapons place a strategic emphasis on E. Coli for the delivery.

So if I just conjecture wildly (really wildly) ...

1. Neanderthals kill the local magistrate "Humbaba" for the Melonheads in 110,000 B.C. after he encroaches on Amud forestry lands (cedar groves). This triggers off many local skirmishes including the killing of a ritual bull by Neanderthals who have broken their ancient habits of keeping to themselves. The Melonheads take their first ever planet wide referendum and the decision is made to finally end the longstanding truce with the wildly independent Neanderthals. They respond with aerial spraying of the Caucasus and surrounding regions with a deadly pathogen.

2. Much later, after surviving Neanderthals begin to bounce back, a powerful nuke is used to detonate the Toba supervolcano at 80,000 B.C. and trigger it's eruption. Melonheads retreat into their underground megalithic structures and dolmens while the world experiences a winter that lasts upwards of twenty years. They think this should finish off the drastically reduced rodeo clown population.

3. Realizing that both of these extreme measures have failed to get the job done, the Melonheads around 60,000 B.C. deploy their most dangerous genetically engineered organism at the southern tip of Europe - Homo Sapiens. Where germs and bombs failed, Sapiens gets the job done. Melonhead genius prides on itself on always winning, no matter what circumstances. It's not just that their final solution has finally worked but Sapiens himself is deliberately designed so that he will never present a threat similar to the Neanderthals - he has had his soul, volition, sentience completely snipped out of his genetic code.

4. The only catch is that as Sapiens conducts his campaign north he takes female war captives from the Neanderthals. His inadvertent interbreeding program has the effect of introducing Neanderthal genes into his own population permanently as a subspecies. Some humans retain some limited capacity for independent thought and self-awareness as a result.

5. The great irony is that over the ensuing 40,000 years, the Melonheads wane in a process of attrition to diseases from inbreeding and lose substantial social power in the aftermath to the new Sapiens-Neanderthal hybrids, an aggressive species which is never as easy to manage as their slave classes in former days. Where the Neanderthals failed, natural forces conspire to reduce the "pure" Melonhead stock to a few lonely pharoahs in the last days of Egypt, tragically trying to restore the old caste system of their death cults and monolithic building societies. It turns out, the bell tolls for thee, oh egg-domey one.

... now you have to admit, deranged and as far-out as this explanation sounds, it would answer so many questions if it were true. It is not that I believe it exactly, it is that I permit myself the luxury of speculating on this subject. The orthodoxy has shown itself to be incapable of offering any coherency to it's narratives so I have tried to fill in the vaccuum, that's all. The real "truth," of course, is probably something we can never know. We can only guess at these things at best. The only thing we can say with genuine certainty is that the story they teach us in school is absolute hogwash.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Chinese Engineers Demonstrate Singular, Exceptional Genius In New Bridge Span

This is an incredible achievement. It is something outside the capacity of the U.S. to accomplish even if they had the money.

I am no longer claiming that the Chinese are now the equals of the American engineer in the 1950's. It is not true. From what I have seen lately I can say unequivocally that American engineers were never as good as this, not even at the nadir of their culture in 1955.

Some of the structures I have seen photographs of in recent years indicate to me that the Chinese have pioneered a new understanding of load bearing megalithic structures that is unprecedented in recorded history. The Kwanstain cannot even look back to former glories to compare with these.

Wait, don't jump to conclusions. The West continues to innovate as well, in the kinds of ways that used to be novelty silly-season anecdotes that first world people read about to amuse themselves while enjoying the blessings of real civilization.