Monday, June 11, 2012

God Bless America

Portions of it are still reminders that it was once the greatest nation in the history of mankind and perhaps someday might be once again. There are still people worth a damn living in that country but they are mighty scarce.

Next up, kill all the lawyers and forbid any money not backed by gold and you'll be well on your way to getting things straightened out.

Unfortunately none of that is ever going to happen. Ron Paul's nerve failed him and he has agreed to deepthroat Romney. Ron Paul, better you had never thrown your hat in the ring if you didn't have the guts to follow through. You could have brokered the convention and come away with the nomination but it would have taken a tough sonofabitch who was not afraid of a fight.

Some of you in seeing Ron Paul may understand my support for Alan Keyes. Keyes is like Paul but a mad dog on the subject of freedom. I can assure you if Alan Keyes had gotten this far and had the financial support he would have fought to the bitter end. He's a little bit crazy and this is what is necessary at this stage of the decline of the United States.This is why I thought Keyes was the better candidate than Paul. In an identical situation, Keyes would have been screaming election fraud on every channel and these people would have capitulated due to overwhelming support by the people.

Watch this - Keyes talks straight and he is the only who does. I could care less about his skin color, it ceases to matter when you're this intelligent and this honest. If you want to see what real fear looks like see some of the debate videos where they cut between media and debaters. When they cut away while Ron Paul is talking they always have this bemused expression - they think he's a batty old man. When Keyes is talking you can see the fear in their faces. He's black so their brains completely short out when trying to cope with a black man who is smarter than they are. They normally don't want to be seen as opposing any black person politically and it throws their brain into some kind of infinite phased lock loop. One debate I saw it looked like this media woman was about to cry when Keyes shot her commie question down.


JimBob said...

I was never comfortable with Ron Paul being a Libertarian.

Libertarians say people can do as they like and that includes crossing borders into countries, that do not belong to them.

America was created by whites for whites and the preamble to the Constitution is clearly addressed by white men, to white men. So if Ron Paul denies that part of the Constitution and he has, then he is not a Constitutionalist.

In the end it will all come down to race anyway and if you aren't telling the truth about race, you aren't telling the truth, period.

hitfan said...

It's great that North Dakota is enjoying the benefits of an economic boom. BUT, the boom won't last forever. As technology improves to extract oil in other shale and bitumen deposits, then supply and demand forces kick in and prices will come down. As well, much of the construction boom will abate as the oil extraction infrastructure gets built and then less labor will be required.

Getting rid of property taxes might seem viable in the short term, but once you cut them and then oil revenues decrease, it will be politically impossible to re-implement them. Because nobody likes to pay higher taxes.

But I'm a big fan of North Dakota's banking system.

I've not followed much of the going-ons of the Ron Paul campaign in recent months. I suspected that he'd quietly endorse Romney in order to not hurt his son Rand's future in the Republican party as he is a sitting senator. Perhaps they horse traded a spot for him (Rand), on the ticket?

But Ron Paul is not what's important here. It's the fact that millions resonated around his message. If I express disdain for the country by saying "vote for the Kenyan", it's just because I don't see how the nation can be saved, and is it really worth saving at all? Better to have the ultimate symbol of liberalism at the helm when the whole country burns down.

When a country is so far gone that there are cries for a savior to come and fix everything, then it's already too late.

I'm not a fan of Alan Keyes, he supported the invasion of Iraq and is a neoconservative.

Rowan said...

Just wanted to share this with vault-co readers. Explains the difference between Neanderthals and Sapians. Ketosis being fat burning mode (meat eaters) and Glycolysis being sugar burning mode (carbs).

People with high IQs, assburgers, autism, etc come pre-optimized for fat burning and can't handle excess glucose.

Texas Arcane said...

Hitfan -

I guarantee you if either Paul or Keyes got near the Presidency they would have had a ten year moratorium on all immigration of any kind.

The Lab Manager said...

You are wrong about Alan Keyes. He still supports the asinine drug laws that imprison thousands and waste millions and is used an excuse to rape more of our property and civil liberties.

Joe Boy said...

"If I express disdain for the country by saying "vote for the Kenyan", it's just because I don't see how the nation can be saved, and is it really worth saving at all? Better to have the ultimate symbol of liberalism at the helm when the whole country burns down."

You are telling people to vote for Joe Stalin, because "worse is better".

You don't think Joe Stalin won't declare martial law and murder 10s of millions, when you hand him power?

The Reds butchered far more than the Nazis, in several countries and they have gotten away with it, every time.

So at worst you should be encouraging people not to vote at all. "Don't encourage the Federal beast by voting for him!"

Or better, help stir secessionist sentiments.

Here is Hunter Wallace inciting rebellion and session in the South:

Texas also has a secessionist movement that is growing. Texas doesn't need the Yankee Union, it is the Yankee Union that needs Texas.

Texas Arcane said...

... but everything is relative. Given the field, who would you posit a better person to begin to solve these massive, intractable problems?

I can see Keyes getting stuck into a lot of this without any hindrance from special interests.

I assure you under a Keyes presidency there would be lots and lots of people doing hard time in prison. People who thought they got away with it years ago would be in the docks. Keyes would have these people breaking rocks in legirons. Would Ron Paul have the nerve to do this? I don't think he would.

They call me Moe! said...


I like your straight talking way.

hitfan said...

Joe Boy: The only way Romney gets in is if the ZOG press manipulate public perception enough to make him electable. And once he gets in, he will manage the decline at best and the sycophants and lampreys will point to conservative governance as the root cause of the collapse and even more cultural Marxism is implemented as a result.

The second dip of the great recession is upon us. I don't believe worse is better, I think it's inevitable that things will get worse. After the dotcom and housing busts, there are no more bubbles to inflate anymore.

Think it was an accident that the Great Depression happened during Hoover's presidency? The result was freezing out the only countervailing opposition to Big Government for several political generations. Terms like Hoovervilles and isolationist were used to smear political opponents.

I dreaded the Jorge Boosh presidency because I was called a traitor for speaking out against him and his asinine policies.

And Texas is on its way to becoming a bloc vote for the democrats as whites are outbred by enrichers. Romney will need to look for other swing states to make up for the difference. When big states like CA and NY are frozen out of the conservative column, then it gets pretty hard to elect Republican presidents. Boosh barely won in 2000 and 2004. Secession is a non starter.

Tex: I understand you're sincere about your support of Keyes. I found he had some interesting things to say in 2000. An interesting bit of trivia: he was roommates with Bill Kristol.

JimBob said...

@They call me Moe!

Thanks Moe.

I said as much to Oath Keepers and they understood what I was talking about.

Oath Keepers are more terrified of being called a "racist", than being wounded or killed on the battlefield.

Texas Arcane said...

... oh and just to let you know, I don't really consider Keyes a serious candidate for the White House. Like many other people, I just can't help but notice that nobody overall irritates the powers that be than Keyes. I advocate Keyes because I think Ron Paul can't even come close for the sheer unease that Keyes causes in the elites. Notice how Keyes has been shut down in a way that Ron Paul never has, actually being barred from entering debates by the police. The enemy of my enemy is a-okay by me in every way.