Thursday, June 28, 2012

Forty Million Empty Houses

The Kwanstain has used fiat currency to build 40 million homes that nobody wants that have a median value of zero. They are built in the wrong places with the wrong taxes and the wrong neighborhoods. The "business cycle" is not a natural phenomenon - it is the sickening train wreck that follows authoritarians trying to manage the economy. Their primary mechanism for "managing" it is to print fake paper that they like to pretend represents money. Every time they create a fake boom (the housing boom) they claim victory whilst refusing to take credit for the horrible crash that follows.

That's what government intervention does - it creates shortages of the things people do want and a glut of things people don't want. The government is a bunch of people who could never secure real day jobs trying to manage the lives of millions of other people better than they can even manage their own. Obviously, this approach is predestined for failure.

The only thing that matters to the r-selected is that they get paid and retire. They create infinite problems they then leave to the next generation as their legacy. They arrange their affairs so as to avoid accountability for the harm they do. Only the K-selected solve problems. The r-selected is an animal that plays at being human while feeding off resources it has stolen from current and future generations.


Ghostwriter said...

Hail de man. This has nothing to do with this post, but i just saw the Prometheus movie couple of days ago U reviewed earlier and have to say, that you we not far from the truth. I wanted to avoid it, but there was nothing else even remotely interesting, well the Dark Shadows but it was on too late :) Anyway, Prometheus was visually absolutely stunning, probly one of them coolest Sci-Fi flicks ever which is what Ridley is good at. But indeed it was pretty empty, nihilistic but ironically it cured me from my existentialistic crisis i´v been having for a while. It actually helped !! I cant say that it had any actual idea / meaningful plot though and mostly one might simply get angry at Ridley, it´s that bleak and bloody ..bloody. Ps. That woman ..Noomi Rapace stole the whole show for me, she was kinda distractingly cute, i just kept wanting to hug her or whatever. In 3D no less. Anyway that was a cute monkey female in a space suit if ever there was one ! : )
Might be one of your Neanderthal cousins.

styrac said...

Obamacare = mandatory Chip Implants

hitfan said...

You can always count on the government to subsidize stupidity. Consider the mortgage payment tax break, it looks good on paper and is quite politically popular. But it has the effect of artificially raising house prices.

I choose to drive a small, modest car that gets me 40 MPG. But yet the "cash for clunkers" gave a big fat check to those who had stupidly purchased gas guzzlers to upgrade to a more fuel efficient vehicle. Where's my $5000 subsidy for doing the right thing all along?

My favorite videos on Youtube are those of so-called economajicists calling Peter Schiff an idiot because he had the temerity to tell the truth to their face in 2006:

hitfan said...

So the US Supreme Court ruled that Obamacare is Constitutional based on the tax clause, instead of the commerce clause.

Universal health care may be a nice thing and all that, but the United States with it's trillion dollar deficit can't afford to provide it. Perhaps if the United States had been allowed to retain it's white European character it might, well, just be able to afford to have a European-style social safety net and social programs. Cultural Marxism makes socialism unaffordable because you need a white tax base to make the latter sustainable. You can't have both, libs.

And the same Supreme Court voted that state governments most affected by the invasion from foreigners aren't allowed to defend themselves from them, you'll just have an even greater stream of lampreys looking for gimmedats. And the US continues to commit national suicide with a stream of legal immigration anyway, which Romney will not even dare touch as an issue for fear of getting bad press. Does he really care about the constituency (white conservatives) who vote for him anyway?

You can legislate all good intentions, platitudes and nice thoughts all you want, you can't reverse the irreversible slide to the bottom.

Texas Arcane said...

If not for the scantily dressed Noomi I think I would have asked for my money back at the ticket booth. She was utterly awesome, pity she was cast in this film.

I thought it was good that they showed the only person on the expedition truly motivated by a curiosity and a desire to know the truth was the Neanderthal woman.

Texas Arcane said...

P.S. Is this why the creators immediately tore the head off the robot who was serving the Homo Sapiens? Maybe they were disappointed that the planet had been inherited by superchimps who had genocided the Neanderthals.

Notice Peter Weyland had only funded the expedition to see if they could extend his miserable life. The creators probably saw right through this sociopath and despised him and his gay O'Toole 'bot. Weyland would hardly have been able to con the creators with his fake friendship.

styrac said...

Ghostwriter said...

Yea, who knows why the creators did anything they did. This might be a far fetched and weird..ish thought but i guess you could see somekind of White consciousness through them creators, kinda loosely veiled white vengeance. They were pretty damn white, masculine and smart. And looked like a negation of Michelangelos David, handsome but void / dark. Maybe Ridley was saying ... or maybe im seeing things .. :)
Ps. But atleast they were NOT black. Btw that Weyland guy is kind of a personification of the powers that be, all sorts of old Commies (EU) and i guess `Merica too. Old, dying and desperately hanging on for no reason.

Koanic said...

You missed the point of the sequence where the alien meets the humans. It's the densest in the movie.

He briefly lays his hand in fond approval on O'Toole's head, but then realizes O'Toole is a robot, snarls, and decapitates him.

If he had been human, O'Toole would've been an acceptable scion of these gods - the good fruit they were looking for.

But instead, he was a synthetic.

The Prometheans were guardians and worshippers of life. They represented this perfection in themselves, sacrificed their own lives to start new planets, and stewarded a galaxy of evolving DNA. They balanced perfect anti life against perfect life.

The synthetics were a soulless abomination which they rejected.

As for the other humans present, the Promethean rejected them for the weak and flawed specimens that they were.

JimBob said...

For a movie everyone hates, people sure talk about it a lot. :)