Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Feeling Is Improvementation

Amerikwa got improvemented but good. Now the improvementation is improvamenting hard.

Just keep believin' rube. That globalist paradise is right around the corner. I can smell the rainbow stew cooking up. Smells like cordite and burning baby meat.

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hitfan said...

I'm Gen-X. My father and uncles were active in the union and always voted Democrat, in spite of it being the party that increasingly catered to cultural Marxism.

I suppose that Northern New Hampshire is pretty far isolated from the major urban centers. Whites are only liberal when they they live far away from the brown people, and thus form their opinions based on Cosby and Hollywood.

I was a rebel conservative by default--with no economic prospects where I grew up, I moved to the big city after I had finished technical school. I became a hardcore racist as soon as I set foot there. It took me all of 15 minutes to understand that Jim Crow was a rational act of self-defense.

I saw right away that the historical images of Bull Connor spraying those righteous blaques with halos around their heads was pure propaganda. I even joked that I hope to do some not very nice things to the grave of MLK before I die.

But I was young, so I was able to adapt in my new surroundings. There were times I even chimped out with greater ferocity than the enrichers themselves. I miss those days--no mortgage, relatively cheap rent. With so many responsibilities today with a family to take care of, I don't have the luxury to eschew social status. I have kin to take care of.

We are given two false political choices in Amerikwa:

-vote for enrichmentation and your own dispossession
-vote for bean counters who will sell you out to the globalists

Parents today should make sure to prepare their children for the cruel world that is coming, or that is already here. Don't sugarcoat things.

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