Sunday, June 10, 2012

Epic Rant By Journalist On Globowarmthinkery

See transcript and video here.

It is not that the guy has said anything special. It is simply that he has said anything at all about it. Normally the media deals with the detractors by simply forbidding them any airtime or consideration of any kind.


Djanar said...

Those who have engineered this scheme knew that the monkeys-in-manpants of all kinds and shapes would be utterly incapable of objectively questioning the flaws in the "theory" but would take their stances based on whoever head chimpanzee they might be following as a leader in politics or science or even popular culture by recruiting idiotic hollywwod celebrities to the "cause". I'm not even counting in the utterly failed "the planet is in danger!" hysteria with the appeals to dumb estrogen-fueled emotions with the whole hilarious polar bear propaganda which turned out to be utter baloney.

The reporter makes it sound like it's only the leftists who are in the globowarmthinkery bandwagon. That is not the case. The Goldman-Sachs/Bilderberg/WallStreet/CityOfLondon favorite candidate, the asset-stripper hedge-fund hyena Mormon moron Israeli-firster business partner buddy of Count Chocula Netanyahu commonly known as Mitt "Mittens" Romney supports this crap because his masters tell him to and carbon taxes can be potentially more profitable than derivatives trading scams and guess what? Millions of "rightist" idiots will be voting for this guy.

Sure there are innumerable leftist idiots in the globowarmthinkery camp but I've seen left-oriented people (non-Marxist) smart enough to understand that not only the "theory" is worthless, but also the whole carbon-trading scheme is more of the same civilization-wrecking crap from the global finance-capitalist oligarchs. I've also seen right-oriented people who believe this is "saving the planet" or "the right thing to do" or "tackling the problem" and repeating other control-words from their social-engineer herders.

The greatest scam ever was made possible by the comically retarded state of humanity of our time. It's a trick, a cult, a shadow in the wall which is sustainable by virtue of the masses of believers. I can't believe they've failed on this project so badly that even the majority of the man-bots who do not "research", "think" or "question" are not currently buying into this crap anymore.


Tex, I'm curious about your take on Ron Paul's "treacherous" boy officially endorsing Mitt Romney now? What do you also think was the reason the Ron Paul attacked Mitt Romney so weakly in the debates and always seemed to go after his competition at crucial times when Mitt needed to have them defeated in some states? Help me understand Kwanzanian politics which I'm not very familiar with.


I also don't get this whole infatuation with the weirdo econ theory of the Austrian jews like von "Hayek". The State running everything is stupid but a civilization not yet infiltrated by foreign power cartels and has a quality stock of high IQ N-hybrid people needs something like the Dirigisme of de Gaulle to reach the stars. A great nation can use its State as a tool to utilize for huge national development projects like the Nuclear/Space/Infrastucture/CivilDefence programs which are too unprofitable for the market forces to fund because of their ambitious scale but are necessary for the NATION and are necessary for true wealth-creation. De Gaulle's slogan "We might not have oil but we have ideas" basically translates as "we're one huge tribe of Neanderthals and our tech-creating brain power will make us more wealthy than a bunch of lazy monkeys sitting on their natural resources". The nuclear power development of the post-WWII France was awesome. A shame that DeGaulle's France got destabilized by the 68 leftist-anarchist colour revolution created by the CIA and Lincoln and Kennedy got assassinated by the enforcers of the same shadowy powers. The USA of the Fallout universe probably funded the massive civil defence project and all the other high-tech projects with interest-free credit.

Texas Arcane said...

I can't believe what Ron Paul did. It is so shocking it makes Paul look like a Pied Piper who has wasted the time of countless millions of people. Luckily I never thought Ron Paul stood a chance. He could not have been a bigger disappointment. Come to think of it I think he did this in the last election as well.

Better he should have been a spoiler as an independent and split the vote. Obama getting in again would have still been a good outcome because chickensh*t batsh*t crazy people would have realized what a fractured, unrepairable entity the U.S. had become in the last 20 years. There can be no "democracy" where there is no common context and no shared culture.

I see the State as being the great common rallying point of a nation that is homogeneous. The whole point of the State is defeated by multikult. You are removing the reasons people sacrifice to central authority to get things done at all.

Djanar, all I can say is that the State is worse than useless when it is multikult. It is nothing but a tool of oppression in these circumstances. At the best of times it enforces contracts, helps consolidate resources towards common goals and organizes self-interest.

The State right now is just a monster standing on the necks of the descendants of the people who built it. It is completely taken over by parasites and leeches. No State at all would be a much needed improvement for some time, allowing people to organize their own needs and leadership.