Friday, June 22, 2012

Edjumafacated Peeple Run Kwanstainia

... into the ground.

Jeeniuses Oprah-style declare emergency because the money all went away.

Western people are morons. They're sad and they're demented and they outnumber people playing with a full deck a million to one. They do really dumb things over and over again until these dumb things destroy them. They do the dumb things despite evidence that these things are dumb and will lead to their own destruction. They won't hear sound advice or good judgement and they hate anybody that is reasonable or prudent. All of it sounds crazy to them. Consequences and long term thinking. You must be some kind of Nazi or something.

You'd think if they won't listen to reason, at least they might listen to their ancestors and respect the lessons of the past. Nope. They won't hear of it.

The first commandment, coming right out of the gate. Respect your mother and father. Failed that one, the whole civilization. Rudyard Kipling said they will sit before the gods of the copybooks and learn their lesson again. It's the repetition that gets you on this planet.


Sitara said...

Hey Cleve, remember Sandusky? Well, unsurprisingly he has been found guilty, but that's not all. One of his 6 adopted sons (yeah he adopted all male kids) has declared that Sandusky sexually assaulted him when he was a kid:

I am not surprised by this at all, nor would anyone with half a brain be. I even said here on Vault Co many months ago I think, that he must surely have fagged up with his adopted kids.

Now he is going to jail in the twilight of his life, while his victims have to live with what he did the rest of their lives.

njartist said...

Hunh, where did I see and hear something like this over a year ago, it was right there on TV; now who was it: OH! it was that idiot, "tool of the conservative but actually liberal right", rodeo clown, has-been DJ, alcoholic Glenn Beck: he did a presentation of it on his "idiotic shtick" blackboards; wherein, Beck outlined the interconnectedness of the financial systems: he referred to it as financial MAD (Mutually Assured Destruction); but, he is an idiot what the frack does he know?

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