Friday, June 22, 2012

Cook With Turmeric Wherever Possible

It's an anti-inflammatory in addition to many other beneficial effects on all the tissues of your body.

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Melonhead said...

+1 for tumeric!

Pair it with Pippali/Indian long pepper for greater results.

The piperine in Pippali increases the bio-availability of Turmeric, and the piperlongumine selectively kills cancer cells (

Or, pair it with coconut oil. Suspending turmeric in oil increases its bio-availability, plus the coconut oil might fight Alzheimers (given that you have the correct genes for that one), lower your LDL cholesterol, cause fat loss, and fight acne.

Or, pair it with both.

I use both when making cheesy scrambled eggs for breakfast and also season with some iodized salt (higher salt intake correlates with a longer lifespan [] and the iodine is necessary for healthy thyroid function).