Monday, June 4, 2012

Chinese Engineers Demonstrate Singular, Exceptional Genius In New Bridge Span

This is an incredible achievement. It is something outside the capacity of the U.S. to accomplish even if they had the money.

I am no longer claiming that the Chinese are now the equals of the American engineer in the 1950's. It is not true. From what I have seen lately I can say unequivocally that American engineers were never as good as this, not even at the nadir of their culture in 1955.

Some of the structures I have seen photographs of in recent years indicate to me that the Chinese have pioneered a new understanding of load bearing megalithic structures that is unprecedented in recorded history. The Kwanstain cannot even look back to former glories to compare with these.

Wait, don't jump to conclusions. The West continues to innovate as well, in the kinds of ways that used to be novelty silly-season anecdotes that first world people read about to amuse themselves while enjoying the blessings of real civilization.


hitfan said...

Perhaps the Han Chinese have higher IQs on average, but I feel totally out of place to live in a world that is dominated by them. Whitey is flawed to be sure, but I prefer to be among my own kind.

White europeans have much to be proud of--putting a man on the moon, solid state electronics and all that. But it is technology and it's amenities have caused them to become weak, flabby and decadent. Yes, there are parasites, but these can only thrive if the host becomes weak.

Life and civilization are a constant struggle to stave off one's pain and pleasure principles. One gains the ability to hold down a job by the constant fear of getting fired if they aren't productive. So I recognize that in order to enjoy the good things in life from time to time, I have to put in an honest day's work in order to afford it once in a while.

I think that if America were allowed to have preserved it's white european character, then it could also achieve what the Chinese are doing now today.

The Chinese do whatever works best and just call it socialism. Even the Soviets abandoned "free love" in the 1920 and declared that the nuclear family to be the backbone of the Communist state.

The Chinese do whatever works best and calls it socialism. The Soviets in the 1920s abandoned free love and coopted the concept of the nuclear family as the backbone of the Communist state

Meanwhile the West continues down a path of cultural Marxism in the name of freedom, even if such policies are suicidal.

Liberals denigrate the 1950s as a racist and patriarchal era, but yet they want the taxation levels of that era in order to fund science and research (or so they say, they just want to continue the patronage gravy train).

So when a a liberal asks me why I don't support higher taxes I tell them that I would be willing to support a 91% top marginal tax rate that Eisenhower implemented if I got to live in a country that had the demographics of 1950s America.

The tea party was a white conservative revolt--a large swath of the electorate does not want higher taxes because they feel alienated from the society that constantly tells them they're racist and homophobic.

JimBob said...

Wait till the Chinese announce they want to go to the Moon or to Mars. Only then will the Kwanstainians understand how second rate they have become.

Texas Arcane said...

Hitfan -

We could have been the gloriously advanced superstate that you see the ruins of in FALLOUT 3, but it was not destined to be.

It is not the other who tipped the scales into the failure we see today. It was the in-group itself that betrayed the larger society. All the voices of the agitators in the media and papers were only effective because there are a lot of people who may be white but that doesn't mean they are quality human beings. The fact is that by the end of the second World War we had acquired lots and lots of camp followers. They may have been white but they were just a handicap.

Today, in my humble opinion, such people run the show. America is exactly like a mental institution taken over by the inmates. None of these idiots can solve any of these problems - they are not the sort of people who can make anything better. All they can do is fight over the last remaining scraps. They refuse to surrender leadership over the institutions despite it being obvious they are simply not qualified to have any authority over anyone. They want to be leaders but lack any leadership qualities.

You will find that in the r/K balance, the r's that wrecked the United States were not from other ethic groups. It was the botched and bungled whites who crapped where they slept and brought the nation to utter ruin.

Some people curled up to be smaller targets. Others promoted ideologies that fed their own vanity. Many were just spiteful and damaged goods from birth who wanted to see it all burn. All of them were on the wrong side of the sanity fence, some were better at hiding it than others. What they all had in common was they were part of the Darwinian equation that wasn't supposed to make it to breeding age. They were maladapted for the business of life. If all you do is pursue gratification of your impulses and watch sports, you're not really human and anything you touch is going to sour.

John Dee said...

You may find this interesting:

Lugh said...

You meant zenith not nadir, I presume?

Ghostwriter said...

That is indeed a good looking bridge ! And not small either, but i still view the chink´s as inferior and especially in the field of engineering / structural Engineering. I would hesitate to climb higher than 3 floors in a Chinese skyscraper, no offense Chinks. What comes to building houses or any meaningful structures i mostly / only trust white ppl and even amongst us not all, at all.
Too many "Cowboy Builders" in the modern world.

Sitara said...

The dragon has only begun to stir since the beginning of this century. Just wait until their poor become middle class, and the goods that they mass produce start becoming greater in quality than stuff even Japan produces. And then just wait until they start applying it to their military to create some real bizzare shit that puts all scifi visions to shame.

I am talking about shit like space carriers (aircraft carriers that are in space), sonar absorbing submarine carriers that can emerge from the waters undetected and launch a gajillion planes, etc etc.

Russia too is going to dominate in this century. I predict a return of the Russian Empire, and hopefully a return of the Tsarate.