Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Bio-Terrorists Destroy Old Woman's Garden

Trying to eat at anyplace but McDonalds. Right up there with displaying a toy gun in a public place or owning more than 20 books not required by your trade. Up against the wall, lawless scum.

Will the Kwanstain see street executions for growing your own stevia? Not until Barry Soetoro signs off on another executive order. Getting around pesky nuisances like the Constitution and the Congress.


tether said...

Crude scienmajists foaming at the mouth refusing to accept unearthed 600,000 old Neanderthal remains because they "do not fit well with our theory of evolution - we have to change the dates or pretend they're not Neanderthal so that they fit":

“Yet the bones in La Sima, which bear Neanderthal features, are supposed to be 600,000 years old,” he said. “This cannot be true.”

Bringing Neanderthals out from the cold:

Texas Arcane said...

You know they've been dating bones to fit their timeline for over 150 years, right?

First they created the timeline in the 1850's. Then they dated bones to fit on it.

Real peer review (accidental release onto the internet) has damaged these charlatans more than any other factor. Used to be the case you'd put in a request to date the bones yourself then wait a couple decades before you got turned down. Then you retired and died. Still no peer review.

confident and paranoid said...

Wow, I've met similar pocket tyrants in my local council, making your life hellish just beause they have low self-esteem or not getting enough love at home etc, but they were not as terrible as that!