Monday, June 11, 2012

Barack Brings Bolshevism To The Kwanstain

You couldn't make this stuff up.

Funny how the Kwanzanians can be reduced to debating the legality of all of this. Gives you an idea of just how debased they are as a people. The talking part finished a long time ago for any free man worth piss in a boot. If you don't know when you're getting played by now, you were never going to know. You'd be on the boxcars eating out of a bucket headed for a FEMA camp still tied up in solipsist knots. "Does the Constitution authorize this?" you'd be asking.

America was created for a moral, religious people sufficiently well educated to have a reference point. Kwanzanians have failed to meet all three criteria and thus technically do not even have right of ownership any longer. They gave it up when they started to make fun of anyone suggesting ulterior motives.

His cabinet is a circus clown collection of freaks, fruits and frauds. Exactly like the rogue's gallery of original gammy-eyed dribbling lunatics behind the bolshevist revolution in Russia.

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