Saturday, June 23, 2012

Another Great Victory For Vaccines : Worldwide Spanish Influenza Pandemic

People with already compromised immune systems were turned into shambling flu zombies by the vaccine.

Some of you may remember my visit to the museum in Brisbane where I talked about a reprint of a letter from a soldier from the trenches in World War One writing home that anybody who was dumb enough to get the vaccine was a dead man. The old timers who had been in the field for a while chalked up their survival to refusing the vaccine when the doctors came around with their needles to "help." All the trusting newbs and recruits who unwisely took the shot were draped with a sheet and carried out to become worm farms in weeks.

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FrankNorman said...

The linked article dates from the Carter era?
And it looks like its author doesn't believe that the 'flu virus can infect people except by injections. That's taking things too far. A healthy person is more resistant to infection, but not invulnerable.