Thursday, June 14, 2012

America Heavily Colonized By Europeans More Than 6000 Years Ago

Apparently this has been a State secret for the past 25 years or more. Only recently has the genie escaped the bottle and the word gotten out.


njartist said...

Yes. The Kenniwick man was found, examined and found to be Caucasoid in origin, the Red Injuns protested fearing their loss of first people status, the site -iirc - was cemented over.

One of the anthropologists declared the remains not Caucasoid but more in line with the Ainu who are "not Caucasoid"; yet I recall from decades ago the Aniu were considered in fact to be Caucasoid.

deadman said...

Esoteric Egyptologist, John Anthony West talks to Joe Rogan re: alternate ancient history :

Origins of the Sphinx,
Gobekli Tepe,
The Baltic Sea anomaly,
The Turkish Obsidian Bracelet, plus more -

Bracelet reveals amazing craftsman's skill from 7500BC (so good it couldn't be bettered today)