Monday, June 11, 2012

7 Flashpoints with Russia Alone For WW3

We are now on the verge of direct geopolitical conflict with Russia which is destined to go nuclear in no less than seven locations worldwide.

This is the reason Russia is hurriedly making strategic pacts with China, knowing that it is only going to survive a first strike by the U.S. if it can bring the Chinese military into the sphere with a mutual defense agreement.

Saw it all coming ten years ago on Vault-Co and documented it word-for-word. Pity me, a poor deluded petty ranteur with no grip on reality.

I specifically saw the future with the inevitable pact between Russia and China in 1998. I can remember the day I explained to my wife that barring a totally unforeseen development unlike anything previously in history, the Russians and Chinese were going to be forced to team up on America and destroy it in a third World War. This always happened previously in the last stages of any waning empire - it's former colonies rise up against it after it has bankrupted the treasury. The only difference this time was that the barbarians would be packing nuclear weapons. Just like Rome when it fell, a lot of people on the sidelines regarded it as the mercy killing of a mad dog.

Vladimir Putin is not a team player. Instead, he's got courage.

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