Wednesday, May 30, 2012

You Cannot Legislate Around Low-Quality Citizens

If the general population of a nation are morons, then all they will have to offer for leadership will be morons with morons voting for them.

If a governor is so batsh*t crazy stupid he thinks anything that is effective on the battlefield is good enough to be cruising the skies overhead in America, he is not really competent to be holding that job.

The truth is that it is not just the governor who is a moron. The guy who mows lawns is a moron. The girl behind the sales counter is a moron. The priest who hears confessions is a moron. All they will be able to understand is arguments contrived by morons which are appealing to other morons. When morons attain critical mass the way they have in the Kwanstainia, that country is doomed. There is no legislation you could conceive of that would protect the country from having morons installed at every level of the instititutions from top to bottom.

Throughout recorded history, all such nations end with morons installing a dictatorship and shedding rivers of blood.

There is no cure for moron.

1 comment:

ray said...

critical morontia mass has been reached

irony is, what we define as morons and retards are among the brightest people on the planet, tho often highly specialized

w autistics it's often a comm deficit, not raw intelligence lack

smartest person i ever met is autistic (nonverbal in fact, goes "EEEE" all the time)

by appearances, folks would say he was stoopid