Thursday, May 31, 2012

Why I Think Putin Is Authentic

There are a lot of reasons I do not believe Putin is just another illuminati hand puppet. I think he is legitimately interested in the (shocking) welfare of his own people and not another stooge taking orders from Rothschilds.

Here's a good example.

You'll notice that nobody from Russia is invited, not even an intermediary for Putin's administration. The only Russian delegates to the Swindler meetup are non-starter clowns like Garry Kasparov, who specialized in getting his ass kicked by Bobby Fischer at chess. Nowadays Kasparov works for the United States setting up phony dissident opposition parties in Russia. He also performs at children's parties and bar mitzvahs.

It is refreshing to think of somebody in the world still operating outside the system. It's enough to make you want to move there. You can LARP a post-apocalyptic lifestyle without leaving home.


Joe Boy said...

Koanic further outs himself as anti-white. God I love it, when they do that.

He wrote an article on a right wing website, attacking the white genocide mantra and told lies to make his point like all anti-whites do. Pity Koanic is too stupid to get away with it.

Koanic says:
"A quick check of Google results reveals 171 results for “white neighborhoods” and 319 for “anti-white”."

For anyone that wants to see what Koanic's word is worth:

“anti-racist is a code word for anti-white”
About 219,000 results (0.64 seconds)

anti-racist is a code word for anti-white
About 2,030,000 results (0.33 seconds)


About 1,190,000 results (0.39 seconds)

About 349,000,000 results (0.28 seconds)

“white genocide”
About 191,000 results (0.37 seconds)

white genocide
About 56,900,000 results (0.48 seconds)

As you see like all anti-whites, Koanic's word isn't worth anything. :)

Now how about that test to screen out psychopaths? Do you think Koanic would pass?

JimBob said...

He most definitely is opposed to the NWO, because they want to subjugate Russia.

If he holds them off until their economy collapses, I hope he comes out as pro white. He really has no other option, with 1 billion Chinese on his border.

Rowan said...

I too think Putin is the real deal.

On another note, sapians attempt to imitate their former melonhead overlords and do a little cross breeding:

hitfan said...

I like a lot of things about Putin, but has he ever denounced Boris Yeltsin whose reign of error saw huge swaths of Russian industry get sold for pennies on the dollar as the country almost starved to death? Putin was also Yeltsin's hand-picked successor. But perhaps Yeltsin was strong-armed and coerced into endorsing him. Russians say all sorts of nice pleasantries while meaning the opposite of what they say.

Putin also waxes nostalgic about Stalin, but he could also just be expressing a nationalistic sentiment. While it's completely understandable that Ukrainians would despise Uncle Joe's reign of terror, Stalin did kill off and purge the cosmopolitan and internationalist wing of the Communist Party (most notably, Trotsky). They pushed cultural Marxism to the hilt under Lenin, and it was Stalin who revived nationalistic elements and put a full stop against free love and all sorts of other social engineering BS.

So in an about face against previous policies, the nuclear family became the central building block for the Communist state. Even the Church was revived when the Soviets were getting their butts kicked by the Nazis. The Russian version of "The Internationale" is practically a rousing endorsement of Russian imperialism when in fact, the original lyrics read like a clarion call for brotherly love and a world without borders. My impression is that the Soviets in the latter stages were hyper nationalists who used Communism to consolidate and expand their power. Of course, they could not run a lemonade stand and they were undone by their sheer corruption in the end.

I would probably have to live in Russia to fully understand how politics functions in that country today. But if the current crop of internationalists despise Putin, then he can't be all that bad.

JimBob said...

Just when you think people can sink no lower, they surprise you and sink lower, than you ever thought possible.

Similarly, this would have been unimaginable only 50 years ago:

Caribbean Project: Rent a Rasta

"This is unquestionably the single most disgusting aspect of modern Jamaica: every year as many as 80,000 Western mudsharks, mostly the fat, old, and ugly women from Europe, travel to Jamaica alone to participate in sex tourism with the local beach boys"

Koanic said...

Like I said over there, you tard, I was using Google News, because the context was MSM quotes.

HalibetLector said...

Speaking of people standing up to the US

And speaking of good reasons why more people should do it

Joe Boy said...

Koanic said...
"Like I said over there, you tard, I was using Google News, because the context was MSM quotes."

People are free to read the comments and judge your motivations for themselves.

In my opinion you are sly and untrustworthy. You behave like every hardcore anti-white, I have ever crossed swords with.

stonefruit said...

I agree Putin is outside the NWO. But he probably also came to power with false flag bombings of Moscow apartment blocks and continues to keep a hand in it. Is that too nefarious and autocratic or is it the power play you need to make to stay in power contra the NWO?

JimBob said...

hitfan said...

"I like a lot of things about Putin, but has he ever denounced Boris Yeltsin whose reign of error saw huge swaths of Russian industry get sold for pennies on the dollar as the country almost starved to death?"

Don't you remember what Putin did to the jewish oligarchs that raped Russia, during Yeltsin's rule?

Putin first got in with them so close, they trusted him enough to fund and support his campaign for president. Once in power, he used what he had on them, to throw them in jail and offered to let them leave the country, only when they handed over Russian assets they held.

Matthew Richter said...

I have a Russian Girlfriend/Penpal and yes I'm 99% sure she is not a Pro-Dater.. and she is an absolute doll who is erecifyingly romantic.

She may even turn out to be my first wife, I should get married I've been single for 17 years and almost 40 years old..

Ave said...

Matthew Richter : be very aware. I speak of personal experience.

I cannot give advice, knowing nothing of your situation, only that you should scrutinize every red flag signal you get.

Speaking of what I have seen, most russian brides are not Pro-Daters, they simply hang to the phone to Russia like on a lifeline.

On the other side of the phone are people who have no qualms and see things very pragmatically.

Another risk is being played like a fiddle. Sentences like "I am 99% sure" only means "I want it to be like that". But it isn't like that. Already the fact that you mention the thing you're sure she isn't is a HUGE RED FLAG.

Don't lie to yourself, your own feelings can and will betray you when you leave it up to others to steer them.

Last advice, perhaps the best : speak with those who experienced russian brides, and especially those who had bad experiences. They will be of good counsel.