Sunday, May 6, 2012

Who Is The Original Man?

Many of you are curious to know why I believe Homo Saps is a chimera, a golem engineered for a purpose. It is merely because all the evidence indicates that is the case. Homo Saps seems to be the product of several different gene combinations to produce a new, crazy critter which was customized to exterminate the Neanderthal. They got spear chuckers from Africa, social skills from Asians and put it into a blender with Rhesus monkey genes to produce Homo Saps. Homo Sapiens was a monster, Neanderthals were the "normal ones.The evidence says that there was Homo Sapiens in the African but no Neanderthal in anybody but Sapiens. There is no evidence of any kind of gene exchange with Africa from Neanderthal to the natives there at that time.

Notice that fraud Paabo is still working in the field. Incredible you could stage a hoax bigger than Piltdown Man and in a few years be up standing with the authorities coolly discussing the complete collapse of the hoax you perpetrated.

I quote ...
"Rozzi believes the jawbone provides crucial evidence that humans attacked Neanderthals, and sometimes killed them, bringing back their bodies to caves to eat or to use their skulls or teeth as trophies. 'For years, people have tried to hide away from the evidence of cannibalism, but I think we have to accept it took place,' he added."
In all fairness, Homo Sapiens is the end result of the exterminator going back to breed with the females of those he was supposed to exterminate. They couldn't even do one thing right. They took the females instead of killing them as they were commanded to do. I can see their melonhead masters rolling their eyes now.

A lot of work has gone into concealing the truth for centuries and covering up what Homo Sapiens and the Neanderthals really were. It pales beside the massive coverup of the origins of the melonheads ... or the other name they were known as .... "the serpent people." It is a very politically sensitive subject. Although almost everyone from Europe has some ancestry both Neanderthal and Melonhead, there is one particular group that has not interbred. It has kept the original strain nearly intact. I think that the modern day "serpent people" do not want the peasants knowing that ancient civilizations run by both Neanderthals and Sapiens later on were far more egalitarian, "democratic" and prosperous than any of the current toilets we live in trying to pass themselves off as societies. They don't want you to know it wasn't always like this.

How hard has the media and orthodoxy endeavoured to ignore the melonheads? Consider this - halfway down the page here - there are parts of South America where the corpses of seven foot tall redhaired melonheads stick up out of graveyards and are exposed to the rain where anyone can photograph them, anytime of the day, unrestricted!


Koanic said...

If the Sephardim aren't the descendants of Jacob, and the Ashkenazi aren't either... then where are the descendants of Jacob?

I don't believe they were black like that guy says.

Koanic said...

If the Sephardim aren't the descendants of Jacob, and the Ashkenazi aren't either... then where are the descendants of Jacob?

I don't believe they were black like that guy says.

Rowan said...

Tracking the decline through architecture.

njartist said...

Interesting: I did an image search for "Denovians" and got mixed composites: some were black Neanderthals and others were more modern white with blue eyes. Seems to me that there is an unscientific attempt to impose a "black is older and hence first" paradigm: it is almost as if these "paleontologists" have there own version of Louie Farrakans' "the white race was created by an evil black scientist."

njartist said...

Anthropologists have done the migration studies: the migrations of the ancient Hebrews - particularly the "Lost" tribes - bring them up into north-western Europe to form the Nordic nations; the Babylonians - and their religion - went into Italy; the Assyrians went into Eastern Europe. Note who was predominantly Protestant and who was - and still does - persecute them; and note to where the Protestants fled: the Wilderness as stated - in Revelations - when the Woman who bore the man child fled from the dragon into the Wilderness: the formation of the Jesuits was to exterminate Protestants [read Vatican Assassins].

God said he would filter the ten tribes through the nations; yet, at the same time, he will fulfill the blessings/prophecies spoken by Jacob to his sons. First, it is the ten tribes who are known by Isaac's name: we know the most recent variant on that to be Saxon - research reveals others as the tribes move: the Scytheans were sons of Isaac - "Isaac's sons" becomes Saxons. Second - to shorten the telling - Joseph is the Anglo-Sphere - including the U.S.; England and its Commonwealth is Ephraim; and the United States is Manasseh.

So, to ask: is the main thrust of the anti-white movement aimed at a specific target within the "White" population the ten tribes-; why is the main thrust of the 1965 immigration bill to increase non-white immigration to almost 90% -and why is Rome - Babylon (Israel's and Protestantism's enemy - backing the flood of Mexicans: both non-white and non-Protestant-; is Affirmative Action in fact a move to disenfranchise the sons of Isaac; and finally, why is the same swamping of whites being done in Europe?

Texas Arcane said...

Of course I believe there were only two white races originally. Melonheads and Neanderthals. I believe Homo Sapiens was black when he started his northern campaign march through Europe.

J.M. said...


I think that before you make such idiotic claims you should check the facts. First genetic markers show Jewish populations around Europe and everywhere else differ significantly from their hosts, it wouldn`t be the case if White European people where descendants of ancient Jews (read we would all have their characteristic horseface and hooked noses). Second of all Hebrew is NOT related to any of the European ancient and modern Languages, NEITHER romance, slavic or German language families are related to the Semitic ones (Arab, Aramaic, Babylonian, Arab, Hebrew).

And to put things into perspective Protestantism for sure is an abomination that has no claim to be even be called Christianity, from Protestant nations the Feminism, multiculturalism and decadence the West has endured have arise, Note these maladies didn`t arise in Catholic or Orthodox nations...Whether you like or not Protestantism is NOT biblical at all, a bunch of man-made religions that cannot get along or agree on vital things in their respective ministries except for their hatred to tradition.

I`m gentile and real Christian and I`m proud of it. No need to try to claim the dubious honor to be a Jew.

Texas Arcane said...

njartist -

I believe that anti-white is not directed against the 80% of drones in the European population who do not express the DRD4-R7 genetic cluster. They were never any threat to anybody achieving complete control. They were never any threat, period. These could be considered the Homo Sapiens who did not successfully intermix with the Neanderthal.

Anti-white racism is directed at the living ghosts. It is aimed at them, because they have shown themselves to be incorrigibly devoted to independent thought and the notion of inviolate rights of man.

They don't want to exterminate the other 80% of whites. They just want to completely dominate them. After all, somebody will have to make their cappuccinos. It is not hard work to crush 80% of the whites beneath your boot heel. Most of them like it down there and will lick the sole of the boot on their throat.

It's the Neanderthals they want to get and as always, they are hard to kill.

Texas Arcane said...

I got stopped last weekend for random breath testing. These primates kept telling me to open my mouth and suck on their surrogate penis through my car window. I kept asking them if they had a warrant or a reasonable suspicion I might be intoxicated. Unlikely since the last alcohol I had was a glass of wine back in 2010.

I would have been happy to refuse and go to jail but my children were in the car with me so I gave them their surprise head job and they were happy with the result.

Everybody hates the Neanderthal. I mean, everybody. The Neanderthal is universally despised by everyone. He is, after all, a true human, not a replicant.

njartist said...

J.M. "I think that before you make such idiotic claims you should check the facts"

I suggest you do your reading. the migration information has been researched since the 19th century. And there has been genetic research.

A Jew is of the tribe of Judah. The ten lost tribes bear the name Israel as their birthright. Open your bible to Genesis 48. There really is no point to being a Christian unless you hold the bible to be true.

And to put things into perspective Protestantism for sure is an abomination that has no claim to be even be called Christianity In other words, you belong to apostate Rome - the Great Whore of Babylon - you are of the dragon: you take upon your head the blood of the saints you have persecuted from 538 AD to now.

J.M. said...


Check genetic European maps. If you are indeed a white European, YOU ARE NOT A JEW. By the way the migration studies can only indicate a limited influence, but the peoples of Europe are in no way linked to the Middle East, at least in recent times (>5000 years). Whether you want to accept it or not our languages (european languages) are not related to Hebrew or any semitic tongue. That by itself is proof of a lack of relation in tens of thousands of years. By the way you would do good to read the bible before declaring Protestantism is the way to go: Galatians chapter 1: 6 I wonder that you are so soon removed from him that called you into the grace of Christ, unto another gospel.

7 Which is not another, only there are some that trouble you, and would pervert the gospel of Christ.

8 But though we, or an angel from heaven, preach a gospel to you besides that which we have preached to you, let him be anathema.

9 As we said before, so now I say again: If any one preach to you a gospel, besides that which you have received, let him be anathema.

Or should I guess this conversation never took place and was added by the evil Constantine: John Chapter 21: "16 He saith to him again: Simon, son of John, lovest thou me? He saith to him: Yea, Lord, thou knowest that I love thee. He saith to him: Feed my lambs.

17 He said to him the third time: Simon, son of John, lovest thou me? Peter was grieved, because he had said to him the third time: Lovest thou me? And he said to him: Lord, thou knowest all things: thou knowest that I love thee. He said to him: Feed my sheep.

18 Amen, amen I say to thee, when thou wast younger, thou didst gird thyself, and didst walk where thou wouldst. But when thou shalt be old, thou shalt stretch forth thy hands, and another shall gird thee, and lead thee whither thou wouldst not.

19 And this he said, signifying by what death he should glorify God. And when he had said this, he saith to him: Follow me.

If you really wish to know I would recommend you to check this link in good faith should you decide to more about the Catholic church By the way the current "Vatican" in my opinion is not the whore but the False Prophet-.

Genetic tests have been made but aside from influences due to their migration the people of Judah is not current German and English men, that is a ploy devised by the clever Jews so the Westerners can do their bidding and feel part of the tribe.

Texas Arcane said...

Askenaz are converted Khazars. Attempts have been made to claim they are the house of Rachel but their own DNA betrays them. New Scientist magazine was purchased by a consortium for daring to print this truth and a recall enacted for the previous issue.

Sephardics have Hebrew genes and are closely related to the Palestinians. Ashkenaz have no genes connecting them to the Middle East. You will hear some people telling you that they have common genes going back more than a thousand years. That part is true. Unfortunately their haplogroups show they did not originate in the Middle East and could not possibly be the seed of Abraham.

Khazars are turkish mongolian people and their conversion is of no avail since your ruler cannot declare you jewish by deciding that's the best religion for you to be.

In terms of genetic distance from Hebrews, the Ashkenaz are some of the furthest removed on the planet according to their own cells.

Texas Arcane said...

It is common for Sephardics to be remarkably gifted as engineers and tinkerers. They often demonstrate great skill at fixing and making things. My father-in-law was one of these kinds of people. He started his own generator company that he built up from scratch. Once it was profitable his half-brother cheated him out of it.

In Israel, most Sephardics are regarded as Kooshim, one step above the hated Arab. The Ashkenaz turn over all the unpleasant hands-on meaningful work to these jews. They consider it beneath them. Sephardics go against every jewish stereotype you can imagine. They have a startling ability to make stuff work and solve problems. For this reason the Ashkenaz despise them as an underclass.

You couldn't make this stuff up and I didn't.

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