Saturday, May 5, 2012

Who is expecting ITZ?

Your lips are saying no but your eyes are saying yes. Plus you bought 450 million rounds of ammunition.

This is like that thing your old friend Tex was talking about ten years or so ago. Nobody likes an "I told you so," but of course I did tell you so.

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Dave, RN said...

So let me get this straight... they're going to quell the rebellion with .40 size pistols?

I spoke with a relative who actually works for DHS. He said they do use .40 hollow point for practice, and always have. And that they burn through huge amounts of it in practice.

The order is for 5 years. They won't have all this ammo at once.

That being said, he did confirm that FEMA camps are real, and that they are told they are for segregating parts of the population from the other, for example in case of disease. He was concerned that the barbed wire at the top points inward though...