Friday, May 25, 2012

U.S. Army General Says Publicly That The Northern Hemisphere May Become Uninhabitable From Fukushima

Remember, Fukushima itself was never supposed to happen.

Yet it did.

Now, if the reactor explodes from heat and accumulated pressure underground, it looks to throw enough Cesium and other dirty salts into the atmosphere above the equator to pose a lethal hazard to people living there. We're talking six billion people without any proper air to breathe.

Where do you go?

At Vault-Co we foresaw a lot of things. This, we didn't foresee. Amongst the many ills we were aware of this constitutes something completely out of left field. We knew there would be many complications from tectonic events but this one did not occur to us.

Notice how no matter what is happening in life, you can't go wrong if you've got a vault.

Besides, I doubt if lethal gamma radiation contamination could make the country any worse.
"The bottom line is, unless you’ve got a fully stocked nuclear bunker and radiation suits, there’s not much you can do to prevent exposure – other than to get the heck out of Dodge."
In case you think it is a hoax, here's the link to the original press release.

On the other hand, this might keep the Chinese from attempting to seize Taiwan.


Rowan said...

Do you think Psychopaths are better adapted to grain eating? Maybe it's just selection bias and I'm meeting only the most successful psychopaths, but they all seem mostly well formed and suffer less from the diseases of Civilisation.

not long now said...

if that happens expect australia will get awful crowded in a rush and i can think of one country to the north of here that has a huge army

Sitara said...

Some more love + lies being spread by
zionists. BE WANRED: This video shows the corpses of 50+ Syrian children, many bearing the wounds that killed them.

Yes, I am sure Assad, a Syrian, is doing this to his own people, and this is not the work of some crazed, insane and lunatic foreign power(s) who hate Assad for his anti Israeli stance....

chauncey gardner said...

Amazing discovery

C60 fullerene doubles lifespan without toxicity, French study shows (so far on mice)

Scientists believe these results can be explained by the antioxidant effects of the molecule

"Jeanne Calment was known to eat 2 lbs of chocolate (antioxidant) a week and dump olive oil on everything she ate -- lived to 122."

Take advantage, it's the last time you hear about it.

Ghostwriter said...

This would be a nightmare to us Finns. Jeeeeesus Fak, it really sucks´s when you have to pay for other ppl´s mistakes. But i still cant hate the nips, they are simply too Monkeys still but a+ quality class monkeys, almost nearing us pale people : )
Ps. Is Texas Arcane aware of Brien Foerster and he´s work on the conehead skull´s and he´s endless YouTube videos ??! If not now you are.