Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Unconscious Irony Of Bolshevism

Obama's administration doesn't know enough about human history to know what they don't know.

They don't know the world is a retrospective museum of two centuries of failure of marxist ideas. They don't know that prior failures have chosen the exact same slogans and catchwords to describe their failed ideas and failed programs. Obama appeals to "man's better angels" without knowing what enormous irony the phrase is laden with. People who know history know that man doesn't have any better angels and those who rely on such things eventually shed rivers of blood trying to find them. All the demons who have genocided millions during the past 100 years claimed to be seeking such things.

When Karl Marx, an unemployed bum idling on a farm in 1865, wrote Das Kapital it was during a period America was fighting the Indian Wars and before widespread indoor plumbing. Trying to understand how somebody other than a psychotic could think these ideas still rate as "progressive" is hard to fathom.

The ideas are inferior, backward and only appeal to people living in third world countries who are incapable of imagining opportunities to change their living conditions that originate with themselves possessing freedom of action and the right to spend their money how they wish. There are a lot of people living in third world nations who know subconsciously they are never going to grasp the gold ring by their own steam so they find it appealing to think some system of government will do it for them. Marxism is the ugly girl at the bar who is the only one left at three in the morning when the good girls have all gone home and it looks like Obama is dating her.

One of the great features of Marxism is that really stupid people can learn to memorize the slogans and convince the simpleminded they are people of understanding. Morons get to pretend that anyone can understand how economics work if they only drill themselves in the correct responses to the questions.


Greenbean said...

It is too kind to label Marx as an unemployed bum who dabbled in intellectuality.

Truth is the man received fortunes from his sponsor(Engels) and married off a rich heiress. And he still managed to die poor and destitute, and take his family down the road of misery.

The man was failure incarnate.

hitfan said...

Taking castor oil for a few days orally now.

Psoriatic arthritis pain is almost gone. I even skipped this week's methotrexate injection.

Only drawback is the unpleasant bowel movement that follows. I'll probably reduce the dosage to half a tablespoon every 2-3 days.

I'll post another honest assessment in a few weeks--just in case if recent improvements are just a fluke or placebo effect.

Texas Arcane said...


Please be careful not to overdue it with the internal use. It is a strain on the body to purge like that. Most sources have said not to do it more than twice a month and that only at the start.

JimBob said...

Just another crazy ass Jew, with a lot of crazy White people, pledging their allegiance to his opinions, killing millions and sending everyone to the poor house.

JimBob said...

"Please be careful not to overdue it with the internal use. It is a strain on the body to purge like that. Most sources have said not to do it more than twice a month and that only at the start."

When my grandmother was forced to take it, it was once a week and only a tablespoon, or was it a teaspoon?

hitfan said...

Ok, thank you.

JimBob said...

Greenbean said...
" The man was failure incarnate."

Communist Party members were well known, for marrying wealthy women and giving their fortunes to the Communist Party. They would marry one, rip her off, then move on to the next one, and the next one, marrying and leaving a string of women destitute.

And of course Joe Stalin engaged in bank robbery, kidnapping and extortion, to raise money for violent revolution.

Leftists were a nasty piece of work back then, just as they are nasty today.