Wednesday, May 23, 2012

That Didn't Take Long

They are already arming them. They just recently took to the skies.

Let's see, the public was told to expect a sky filled with drones only in the last six months or so. All of a sudden, they were everywhere. The ink had barely cooled on the press releases and they announced non-lethal armaments.

How long do you think before they have lethal armaments?


The Great and Powerful Oz said...

There is no such thing as non-lethal armament, just less often lethal.

Ave said...

When you look at the history of extremination camps back in WW2, it hasn't been developped until the second year of war (in the middle of 1941, that is).

The fact that billions of people will die within our lifetime (so to speak...) is anticipated by most of the serious scientists, but the means are not clear.

Nobody knows know what drones and the rest of their gadgets will eventually lead to. What is important though is what kind of people are at the top of the system and what their technological capabilities are.

The technology of extremination camps became quickly available (mainly the research on gas chambers and gas concentration in it), it took a certain kind of people and a certain context to make it to what it became.

Drones, bioweapons, Artifical Intelligence, brainwashed people with a borken culture, all this can be refined into unbelievable things once WW3 is really underway.