Tuesday, May 1, 2012

'Stain Sheeple Stripped Of All Constitutional Rights

There's a reason they made it the Second Amendment. It's the resort when the First Amendment is banned.

The Founding Fathers knew perfectly well what goes on in the human heart and they also knew perfectly well what kind of degraded scum flock to politics. That's the reason they made it the Second Amendment. It guarantees the first by proximity.

What sort of person wants to ban speech? Criminals, thugs and villains, that's who.

Nobody has banned Freedom of Speech. President Obama has committed an impeachable crime, that's all. He has placed himself higher than the Constitution. A man can always go a little higher with the help of some rope and a stout tree. Now that's a moonwalk that I would like to watch.

This guy's administration is somewhere between Stalin and Caligula.

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hitfan said...

Judge Napolitano is one of the few reasons why I maintain Faux News as part of my cable subscription. He can argue for civil liberties quite brilliantly and succinctly.

I admit that I first thought the whole brouhaha regarding the Kenyan's birth certificate was much ado about nothing. But when he released his birth certificate, that it was such a bad forgery has put me on the side of the so-called birthers.