Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Solar Shotgun Pointed At Earth

I assure you there is an X-Class flare coming in the next year that is going to break all records. Be underground when that thing hits the magnetic field.

Everyone accepts it, talks about it, concedes it is coming. Preparing for it means you are crazy. I just don't get that.


ray said...

I just don't get that

like most folk, youre too bought-in to your own Theories, TA, and not sufficiently open to real learning and change

(MAN do people hate hearing that!)

digging vaults stocked with imperishables isnt "crazy" so much as "faithless"

clearly youve got a LOT to offer; why waste yr talents on interminable disaster fretting?

God provides . . . not Vault Co


Tom Fahy said...

X1.1 Solar Flare captured in H-Alpha (7/6/2012)