Thursday, May 10, 2012

Sloppy Cleanup of Workshop By Melonhead Techs

They are called "ooparts" and whenever they are found, they are conveniently "unfound" shortly thereafter.

What used to be a series of anecdotes in widely scattered references has now become something completely different because of the internet. Just as the UFO field fell apart when people had a chance to compare notes on the internet without getting the information secondhand, this field of archaeology has had life breathed into it as more and more people have been able to compile the data. It is apparent that this is not just an anecdotal story here and there but rather a colossal body of evidence assembled from everywhere in the world whenever somebody has dug a hole in the planet.

The same thing has happened with panspermia and Fred Hoyle's propositions. The internet has provided an indispensable hub where discoveries of amino acids, evidence of bacterial fossils and other anomalies in extraterrestial sources finally achieved critical mass and resulted in the orthodoxy tacitly conceding there is something to it. Of course this is after they have been destroying careers for decades in others who said the same thing earlier than they did.

I realized about 2002 that the evidence for ancient civilizations as complex as ours or better was abundant everywhere you looked and literally in plain sight. You couldn't miss it. People were so close to the trees they had long since learned to ignore the woods. The evidence was not compelling, it was decisive.

The confusing thing about our declining civilization is that there is so much use of ancient technology it appears most of the population has never really moved into the modern era at all.


Ave said...

Off topic post : I just finished to watch "The Divide" and it is definitely a good survivalist movie.

It has a couple of weak plot points, though, but all in all it has a strong theme and the whole environment has been carefully elaborated, it is a somewhat realistic setting (and the survivalist guy is basically Tex, played by Michael Biehn, minus the geeky side.)

JimBob said...

"( - The Green River Formation, a largely vacant area of mostly federal land that covers the territory where Colorado, Utah and Wyoming come together, contains about as much recoverable oil as all the rest the world’s proven reserves combined, an auditor from the Government Accountability Office told Congress on Thursday."

They are finding this oil, because the technology to find it, gets better every year.

JimBob said...

The Voice - Disharmony Day

JimBob said...

Johnny Reb -- Affirmative Action

This guy is great.

Texas Arcane said...

"The Divide" was pretty grim. I didn't think Michael Biehn showed much sense after going to that trouble to prep. He let the wrong people in and didn't seek to keep the situation under control. Fell apart pretty rapidly. Definitely letting people starve to death while he sat on a hoard of food was really stupid. I can't believe the guy thought he'd just grab some vittles now and then without sharing, pretty stupid dude actually and he ended up getting shut out of his own preps.

Ave said...

(spoilers ahead)

"He let the wrong people in and didn't seek to keep the situation under control."

Well he acted in the instant, which was a pretty intense moment. It goes with his past as lifesaver (fireman).

He tried to get things in proper order, but none of the people he rescued had done any manual labor in their lives, and thus couldn't understand him. If we think a bit further, he was the others' superintendent, meaning they could see him as doing the nasty stuff he always did for them.

He has a pretty bad situation to handle. Reminds me of the officers "fragged" in Viet-Nam. On thinking it through, he could have told some people who wanted to leave to go outside via the alternative exit, to get them irradiated as much as possible.

I believe the situation provides a realistic scenario for all preppers. Problem is, you can't just shoot Brother-In-law scumbag, Aunt Controlling and Niece Braindead Teenager, because that would take away the reason to survive in the first place.

JimBob said...

Interesting comments on that German nuke that went missing.

Ted Walther said...

That iron pillar that doesn't rust is really interesting, but I wouldn't call it Melon-head tech. They made the iron with charcoal for extra phosphorus content.