Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Root of all Evil

I used to think it was overpopulation many, many years ago. No more. I recognize that overpopulation is what weakens the social immune system to permit opportunistic infections by psychopaths. The pathogen itself is human.

The psychopath is not really a human. It's a mimic. It doesn't feel any emotions normal to mammals. It is driven by the same emotions that reptiles have. All the warm blooded stuff is missing.

When I began to see this phenomenon everyday in the workplace, so many things became crystal clear to me. People I had previously thought to be aggressive, assertive or professional I now realized were no such thing. They were something else altogether.

The psychopath and sociopath wreck every single environment you put them into. After they have wrecked it, bankrupted it or destroyed it, they make you feel grateful for knowing them when they leave. It is a combination of Jason and Rasputin blended with pure asshole.

I was talking about promotion in the Army in a couple posts prior. It was only twenty years after the fact I had a good think about it and realized that the people promoted most quickly in the military were the same people with drug and alcohol problems, people who failed their aptitude tests and avocational tests, people who failed their physical tests and people who missed formation, disobeyed orders, broke the rules, got into legal trouble with civilian law enforcement, went AWOL, couldn't shoot, couldn't hike and couldn't perform even the smallest tasks without failing miserably. I knew subconsciously after a couple months in the Army these people would be rapidly promoted up through the ranks - by their fellow psychopaths running defense for them higher up.

These sorts of people always had supreme levels of confidence and esteem. I would describe it as an ongoing state of euphoric joy at their own wonderfulness. They dominated every conversation, assumed every discussion was about them and took turns celebrating their own incredibleness. Nothing about their worldview was realistic or anything but maladjusted and it had a way of infecting everyone else with the same failed misunderstandings. This eventually led to unit-wide failures in the field, failures to pass inspections, failure to perform to standards, failure at almost everything. Before you knew it, everyone else was failing and now they had that same cocky, self-assured air about them as everything got progressively worse. Sometimes a high ranking outsider would look in on the organization and be absolutely baffled at just how far it had all run off the rails. I always knew that these objective views were endangered, destined to be replaced by other pod people leaders backed by psychopaths. It was exactly like watching the entire installation be taken over by alien body snatchers. The next thing you knew, the one decent lieutenant or captain you had turned to for some anchor had vanished and in his place was one of these fingers-snapping, cool stepping bullsh*t artists in his position, discarding all existing standards.

All it takes is for one to install himself in an authority position and they will chain each other up and replace competent people there now. Before you know it, they will be running the whole show and turning all healthy standards completely upside down. This is the way they roll. This has been working for them for tens of thousands of years.

Idiots are easy to keep perpetually distracted while you rob the nation blind.

The difference is that 40,000 years ago even if you were running the tribe of spearchuckers you weren't much of anything but in charge of a bunch of muddy savages. When the Neanderthal was absorbed, this entire class of parasites was now sucking blood from a species that was on it's way to inventing nuclear weapons. It is Amud genius that really gave these monsters something to highjack. If you install yourself and your gang of thugs as king coconut over a tribe which has nuclear weapons and death star satellites in orbit, you've really pulled something off.

The psychopath-sociopath was an existing disease of large tribe Sapiens. He only acquired the potential to become a supervillain when the Neanderthal bastards were born.


Ave said...

First of all, this madness is at the very core of any human organization. Nobody in his right mind wants to rule over other people. Wherever you find a human organisation, you find these people. Sometimes in your own garden, they will still try to dominate the BBQ party.

I would like to offer a very precise view for this, using MBTI / Socionics. This system is simply the best way for brainy guys to understand humans.

If you have a look at this page you will have all the required information.

The character traits described in both the article and your post are about Extraversion (i.e. loudmouths). Now the extroverts who make the lives of others difficult are the "Sensitive" ("S") people incapable of abstract thought (which is "N").Extraverted people represent 62% of all people, but ES types represent 44% of people. Tellingly, the four most nuemrous types of all are all ES types. This is no accident.

The hardcore evil ES types are the ESxJ profiles, surprise ! Both types are the most common among humans, and both types account by themselves for one quarter of the population.

They are people who need others to energise ("E"), who cannot have abstract thought ("S") and thus have to learn things instead of discovering them, and who are "J", i.e. control freaks and Guardians of traditions and other bullshit. (SJ people are called the "Guardian" group).

These people are incredibly empty. Excatly the contrary of what you described about a month ago, of the "IxNx" type who have the ability to dream and daydream. Now when you network incredibly empty people together, you've got an exponential growth of emptiness (in the end, Hell is infinite emptiness). This is the feeling you can get if you ever venture in cubicle parks of large corporations.

Because they feed on other's energy, they want to tap as much of the ressource as possible (see the excellent movie "Daybreakers" as a comparison), and will excrete stress. As we have learnt from the "Baboon stress" clip (google for baboon stress robert sapolsky), primitive hierarchies are built up on this "stress/excrement rolls downhill" system.

The tiny "IxNx" community at the other end of the spectrum (6% for the four types, all the most rare, and again this is no coincidence) account for all human progress.

Introvert groups are democratic and laid back. No Alpha bully type, just exchange of dreams and information. Most introverts are of the frugal type per nature, because stuff is junk, yet they live the most excellent lives in contemplating the universe (the Creation) and being nice to people.

Koanic said...

From the time they are young, every psychopath learns to don the mask of humanity.

And what happens when we strip it away... forever.

Ave said...

ISxJ state : (BTW, it seems the music is really played out on microphones on the streets) = THX 1138 nightmare, human anthill.

ESxJ state = Miami, drugs, prostitution, silicone, lots of "losers" and "winnarz", who both crave violence and humilitating the other.

INxx world = all the worlds you dreamt to be (Dune, Lord of the Rings, Star Wars), read in a Bilbo Baggins - style place.

Blackwell said...

Psychopaths have a huge biological advantage, unburdened by civilized behavior or conscience. This mutation has created a new sub-species of humans. Most have gravitated toward politics and finance where their advantage provides the greatest payback.

JimBob said...

"BTW, it seems the music is really played out on microphones on the streets) = THX 1138 nightmare, human anthill."

"human anthill"

lol Oh, that's just Asian countries.

Speaking for myself, I've got nothing against Commies that mind their own business and let people leave if they want to. Not that any Red country has ever let people leave...

However, what we should be doing instead of threatening them, is getting friendly with them and then ask them to take our Reds, so they can "live the dream".

JimBob said...

"I would like to offer a very precise view for this, using MBTI / Socionics. This system is simply the best way for brainy guys to understand humans."

It would be nice if they could correlate those personality types with DNA.

I also wonder which group would be most likely to be anti-white? Being against your own race, is a problem only whites seem to suffer from, in large numbers.

stonefruit said...

I think I am really starting to buy your Neanderthal thesis. In all seriousness, what is your take on Cro-mags?

Texas Arcane said...

Cro-Magnons are a violent offshoot of Sapiens-Neanderthal hybridization. They were taller, had bigger jaws and foreheads and were essentially a stab at combining the raw maniacal violence of Sapiens with a higher IQ.

Amongst Cro-Magnons their inferior tools, inferior artwork and inferior tribal customs portray them as a swing back to Sapiens with the brains of Neanderthals. It didn't work out too well and the biological pendulum swung back again to settle on modern men, a doomed species which nevertheless was the most successful at the time.

Appreciate that being the most successful 20,000 years ago in terms of overall organization in no way implies that species will survive weapons of mass destruction. It means the hybrid was best for large city-states under kings who maintained rule by sword and shield. Increasing the complexity level to the conditions of our current civilization is like trying to refit a Yugo as a Formula 500 race car. It was never made for that.

Modern man has gone as far as he was going to go and the end of his trajectory is most strongly demarcated by his ever-shrinking brain size. Most of the gains from interbreeding with Neanderthal women have already been lost.

Koanic said...

Tex, I've been misclassifying all white non neanderthal non melonheads as cro magnons.

What is the correct designation for the basic sapiens model? What was his original type?

Texas Arcane said...

Sent you an email.

Melonhead said...

Koanic, here some of my thoughts on the matter.

Read the Heimskringla,

It is the chronicle of the origins of Kings of Norway.

Note in the first chapter it says:

"The northern part of Swithiod [ed. - present day Russia] lies uninhabited on account of frost and cold, as likewise the southern parts of Blueland [ed. - Africa] are waste from the burning of the sun. In Swithiod are many great domains, and many races of men, and many kinds of languages. There are giants [ed. - probably means random Cro-Magnon monstrosities here], and there are dwarfs [ed. - likely Neanderthal remnants], and there are also blue men [ed. - unmixed Sapian battle camps?], and there are any kinds of stranger creatures [ed. - other breeding experiments like Denisovans and the Red Deer Cave man?]."

The chronicle probably starts sometime after the Fall of Troy and before the Roman conquest of Greece and Asia Minor

Also note that Odin was not only the King of Asaland, but the chief god of the Asa (the ancestors of the Norse). How very melonheady of him, no?

Note that the Ynglinga family is still alive and well today. Yuengling is the oldest brewery in the United States.

Melonhead said...


I've thought some about the literalness of the Exodus story from the Bible when seen through the lens of your Three Hominids theory.

In summary, a small band of people from the Amud-inhabited region of the Levant were taken down into slavery in Egypt sometime in Antiquity. The descendants of this band (through controlled breeding and hybridization) grew into a nation-sized population. Later, led by a rebel Melonhead prince, these people escaped their Egpytian slavery. During their long march back to the Levant, some of the group split off and became the Lacedaemonians (see Maccabees). Others settled and became the Hebrews. But some others continued on and founded Troy under Darda, descendant of the patriarch Judah (see Josephus Flavius, the Windsor Castle manuscripts, and the Icelandic Langfedgatal). Later the Spartans, under Agememnon, defeated their cousins the Trojans. The refugees from Troy later founded both Rome and became Odin's Asa. The Asa fled the Romans and settled in Scandinavia. The original Romans and Spartans were mixed out of existence as distinct peoples.

This explains why the very similar Haplogroups I and J are found in such geographically separate areas (Jewish Diaspora/Holy Land vs. Scandinavia).

It also explains why several different peoples (the Sephardim, early Romans, early Spartans, and Vikings) displayed the Amud traits of strength and intelligence.

Texas Arcane said...

That is pretty incredible conjecture, Melonhead. I find that amazing to consider. That seems to be correct because it is reflected in the character of these people who appeared in different places at roughly the same time. Like many other people I have noticed how much these groups share in common despite supposedly being distinctly separate societies.

Ave said...

JimBob, sorry for the late answer :

"I also wonder which group would be most likely to be anti-white? Being against your own race, is a problem only whites seem to suffer from, in large numbers."

The SJ "guardians" will defend any value promoted by society. The extraverted SJ types will do so because that's what everybody else does. Any ridiculous notion embedded in mass religion or any mass ideology will be imposed by them on their own children, on their neighbours etc.

The quintessential ESTJ (or "pussy-in-disguise-bully) is the colonel in "Bridge of the River Kwai", who values order so much he ends up working for the smarter enemy.

The ones who fight against crackpot religion and "values" are the marginal types, who are dismissed as crackpots just because the mainstream ideology is so skewed. INxx types (the rarest types) are those who are more or less impenetrable to endoctrination (even if they wanted to be indoctrinated, they get it wrong because they take it at face value first !)

Melonhead said...


I finally read your links about MBTI.

My beef with Myers-Briggs is that it only produces caricatures of people and completely breaks-down with people, like me, whose "personality" is only a flexible simulation.

Back in the day, when I was a lowly intern at Super-Industrial-Conglomerate, they gave me one of these tests, and I literally couldn't complete it because my answers to all of the questions was "both".

Koanic said...

Thanks Melonhead, I filed away your intriguing hypothesis.

This was intriguing:

"like me, whose "personality" is only a flexible simulation."

Do you mean the traditional affectless psychopath's mask of humanity, or, as I suspect, something deeper?

I am extremely interested in this area, as anyone could tell by spending two seconds on my site.

Ave said...

Melonhead, indeed I often have witnessed such cases where the differences between either choice were minimal and in fact not relevant.

As for myself I have very high values in one direction and few in the opposite, and then it's something like a caricature, but on the other hand MBTI really helps those "extreme" individuals what exactly is going on. If it weren't for MBTI I wouldn't have known where to smooth the edges.

Melonhead said...

It is definitely not the pyschopath's affectless mask of humanity. I do indeed have empathy and care about some things and people very very deeply. And, it is not quite that I disregard society's laws and conventions; it is more that I follow the laws of Nature, and Nature's God.

The way I think about it is like this: the evolutionary process forces there to only be a few, very concrete "ends" (i.e., resource monopolization, mates, and offspring). This holds true for humans as well as for the animal kingdom.

Everything else, is a "means" - including things like extroversion and introversion.

For an example, look at Tex. Why does he want to build vaults? He wants to keep his mate and offspring alive and survive to defend (and possibly expand) his territory of resources when ITZ occurs.

For another example, look at yourself, Koanic. Why have you spent so much time developing a philosophical set of mantras? So that you have your head right to keep your mate interested in you, produce a pack of Chinese-Ashkenazi-somethingelseIcan'tremember offspring, and capture revenue from others who are interested in the same topic.

For example, look at myself. Why do I spend so much time being so melony? So that I can learn enough to capture a gigantic resource base in order to immerse my mate in comfort and produce even more offspring.

Why does Ave care about Myers-Briggs? Maybe so that she (I'm assuming gender based on the name) can better identify mates who will be good at both capturing resources and providing comfort to her and her offspring and/or better present herself to reproductively interest those potential mates.

As an aside, when viewed through this scheme, modern death-centric liberalism is a very low-cost/high-reward strategy for its promoters whereby they convince other people to willingly stop competing for mates and resources.

Also when viewed through this scheme, taxation without representation is a horrible horrible horrible evil that the Founding Fathers were right and justified for fighting (never mind that if transported to 2012, Washington's land holdings and agricultural operations would make him one of the richest men in the USA).

Evolution doesn't care if Rudy gets to play in the big game. Evolution only cares that the most reproductively fit pass on their genes. Luckily, if we grasp how the process works, we can game it to increase our odds of winning.

So, what is the best strategy for a very smart person? Find another very smart mate, get rich, fund the development of artificial wombs, and raise a large brood of babies in an area where they will have enough access to the levers of power that they will be able to accomplish the same thing. I only half-jokingly wonder if this is Zuckerberg's secret strategy.

Texas Arcane said...

I agree.

What sort of animal allows itself to be talked into :

1. Surrending it's territory and living space
2. Surrendering it's eligible females to external exploitation
3. Surrendering it's revenues and standard of living to use to raise the young of an out-group
4. Surrendering it's culture and religion to appease outsiders and guests.

Are these supposed to be the "good guys?" I don't think so.

When I was younger I assumed they were being preyed on from the outside.

As I have gotten older I have realized that they are being preyed on because they are seriously damaged individuals. I don't blame outsiders anymore. I blame them.

I felt a lot of hate from other whites growing up because of my blue eyes. Who hates people because they have blue eyes? That's just sick. That's perversely inverted.

Koanic said...

Thanks Melonhead for the intriguing reply.

I have a melonhead in my forum, and would appreciate knowing more about the springs and levers of melonhead emotion. He's young and I'm not sure he knows. Since clearly melonheads aren't affectless psychopaths, a koanic core design must take into account these emotional centers, but I don't know what they are.

I think you are underestimating the altruistic drive of Neanderthals, which compels us to benefit our group as much as ourselves. I'm as much interested in that as using Koanic Soul for my own benefit; I don't actually need to write the site to get the benefits for myself. I suspect at some level Tex has similar motivations. At a fundamental level, we do this because we derive intense emotional fulfillment from it. The most significant reward I find is a sense of community.

What you are saying then is that you find your emotional personality to be fabric flexible to your will. I find that very interesting. How deep does your control go? What are the limits on the resulting performance?

When I try to emulate it, I imagine a spacious inner world of logos, a landscape punctuated by only a few wells of the emotional humors, embedded in artful fonts. And a real-time social interaction involving a high degree of calculated effect, yet with genuine pleasure.

I do not get, at least from you, a sense that overpowering animal charisma results from this capableness, however. Perhaps due to a certain paucity of passion.

Koanic said...

I know, right? They should really be watching out for us green-eyed devils, with our hypnotically occult soul-eating grins.

Koanic said...

When I think of melonhead emotion, I think of Napoleon opening his breast to the French soldiers at his return from Elba, who subsequently carried him to the capital instead of arresting him.

And I think of Caesar, saying he would rather be first among an obscure barbarian band they encountered, than second in Rome.

But surely there is more... and what is it?

FrankNorman said...

I recently found this website. Interesting classification of humanity - essentially the rulers, the sheeple, and the rebels, just with paleo-racial labels.
Since you guys occasionally touch on Biblical themes, I'd like to put a question to "Tex Arcane" there:
Which type of human do you regard Jesus as being?

Texas Arcane said...

"Which type of human do you regard Jesus as being?"

There is only one type of human being who can make others that angry that they rise up to kill him solely for what he has said. Nothing has changed in 2000 years.

Melonhead said...


You seem earnest, so here goes...

[Part 1]

There are no emotional buttons or levers or metaphorical dreamscapes.

The biological imperative (BI), as I stated above, is the individual's drive for resources, mates, and offspring. Some people ignore their BI, others pursue it without thinking, and others consciously pursue it.

When you realize that everything else is just following it's own BI, it is hard to get mad at even a mosquito for biting you. Of course your BI says to install mosquito magnets so that your kids don't catch West Nile. But, both you and the mosquito are right and justified for following your BIs.

After you let all of that which does not matter to truly not matter, what you are left with is the default state of happiness that everything is born with. I've always been happy; it just took a while to figure out why. When I finally understood the BI as the root motivating factor for actions, I was no longer confused about what to do next.

Then, you are also left with lots of tactics and strategies for pursuing your BI. These are things like extroversion, introversion, dominance, cooperation, and pity. Note that cooperation is often a very successfully strategy and both altruism and reverse-altruism (see the "Benjamin Franklin Effect") are both good ways to induce cooperation.

Some people like the "emotional rush" from stupid and unsafe activities like base-jumping. But, what they really like are the hormones and neurochemicals which that activity unleashes. Eating certain foods (like bananas, chili peppers, and coffee) causes the same chemical release (and is thus functionally equivalent from the body's perspective), but is much safer and easier for the individual to regulate. One of the most personally amusing pieces of advice I ever gave someone was that instead of going out and buying fetish gear, he should first feed his gal some Sriraca sauce - it has the same neurochemical affects as BDSM and is a lot cheaper and safer.

Melonhead said...

[Part 2]

As far as I can tell, my control over my emotions is complete and I have found no limits. Once while playing sports in school, I literally broke one of my legs in half. So, I got up and tried to "walk it off". One of my teammates saw the bones bulge-out from under my skin and heard them make an unnatural grinding sound. He choked back vomit. At that, I sat down and cooly said, "Okay. I think I need some help." Since then, I have been less cavalier about activities, not because I was in pain or angry or anything like that, but because sitting at the doctor's office wastes a lot of time.

I do not think I have a paucity of passion, but how do you measure that? I used to be an award winning artist and have been a published author and poet. Those are all things for which you conventionally require "passion". And, I love very deeply, but what is love other than a rules-based cooperation in which both parties aids the other in pursuing the other's BI? Note that pursuing your BI isn't even conventionally satisfying because other people and creatures pursuing their BIs constantly create new situations for you to react to in order to maintain your current BI's state; and there are always other things you can be doing to improve the state of your BI. The BI is merely a guide for what to do whenever it is that you want to do something rather than not do anything.

And, I am not 100% sure what you mean by "animal charisma" because it can have a few definitions. As a baby, strangers would go up to my parents and give them money for me. Wildlife congregate wherever I happen to be living at the time. Songbirds land on my hands and butterflies alight on my clothes. Birds of prey keep my yard and woods free of vermin (it weirds out my parents that hawks, falcons, ravens, and eagles flock to me). Cats and dogs leave their owners to come sit by me. Other people's children run over and give me hugs (this one weirded out my wife for a while). Gay men have hit on me. Lesbians have tried to seduce me. Straight women have unblinkingly asked me to father their children in front of my wife. My wife's friends nag their husbands with the phrase, "What Would Melonhead Do?" Priests have asked me to teach them about the Bible. Professors have asked me to teach them about science. Several owners have asked me to run their businesses. Homeless people give me advice. I even had a potential mugger end up offering me money. For a long time it was confusing to be treated as some kind of saint or genius or stud, but then I realized that it was because I was naturally good at pursuing my BI. All of those animals and people seem to pick-up on that and try to get my help as a result.

So, I just work on my BI and let everything else go. It is simple and elegant and effective.

Koanic said...

Thanks Melonhead. I will suggest that he implement your Koanic framework.

He already found something very similar to be compelling - my koan "Why: True Need". I imagine his heart identity would then be something like, "Adamic (BI)", with Adamic being identity and (BI) being core desire. I am not sure many other koans are needed; I suppose that's up to him.

I can tell that there is a great deal of peace and sound adjustment in your psyche. What you've described fits well with the emulation engine I've developed for melonhead consciousness - it elaborates the space tremendously.

I think there is a clear difference in lived experience, in that for us, certain drives like altruism are primary, whereas for you, the logo-space is primary, and the personality fabric is a malleable secondary sphere. While this does not diminish the reality of the fabric, it is nonetheless a significant difference in kind.

For a Neanderthal, the commitments to home, altruism and honesty are not chosen, but merely discovered via self knowledge and affirmed to achieve happiness. They are primary psychic features.

Thus I think a melonhead has far more flexibility in how he chooses to be.

Here are my four emulation modes:

melonhead upper back of head, calculating/logos space
neanderthal lower back of head, mad dreamer
cro mag close set eyes, frontal region, feeling of "stupid", gregarious extroverted emoting
psychopath - heartless spider

heart test - draw heart shape from chin to eyes, if feels like a plane, may be a psychopath. Partly microexpression based, partly physiognomy.

Texas Arcane said...

I think that melonheads were so intelligent they were capable of running virtual machines in their heads the way we do today inside of another operating system, being able to guess at exactly what the other person was thinking and respond in the perfect way to persuade them to do something.

The people who run the modern mass media do this albeit in a much cruder fashion today, lacking 2200 CC brains.

It may be just fancy but I always imagine melonhead talking to their servants without actually giving them orders, simply guiding them to draw the conclusions they desired like they were talking to a child. "How is today with you, Nephil? Are we finished with our work on the northern gate of the city yet? We must be quick if we are to finish before the coming of winter." ... and the Nephilim answering him back like a Jedi mind slave ... "Your excellence, we must be quick if we are to finish before winter. I am certain I can guarantee you this at the present rate of progress."

I just finished reading FARNHAM's FREEHOLD by Robert Heinlein for the third time. The ruling class depicted in that book is exactly what I am thinking of.

Koanic said...

The interesting thing is that the mad dreamer lobe (lower back of head, visual) is also capable of emulation.

Not of an individual person, perhaps, but certainly of the different species' thoughtmodes.

FrankNorman said...

Assuming that "Melonhead" there is telling the truth about his natural giftings (I don't automatically believe everything people post online!) the degree of moral responsiblity it places on him is not to be envied. "to whom much has been given, much will be required".
Especially if you have other people hanging on your words, taking your advice as gospel!

HalibetLector said...

"It may be just fancy but I always imagine melonhead talking to their servants without actually giving them orders, simply guiding them to draw the conclusions they desired like they were talking to a child."


"Your excellence, we must be quick if we are to finish before winter. I am certain I can guarantee you this at the present rate of progress."

This is more or less how companies are run, whether they're corporations or startup companies. My co-workers (all computer programmers) work themselves until they get literally sick with worry that they won't make the latest unreasonable deadline. Then the bar gets moved and they repeat the process again and again.

The funny bit is that nobody's going to get fired if we miss a deadline. There are a shortage of talented programmers right now, it took us an entire year to fill all of our open positions.