Thursday, May 17, 2012

The Real Manchurian Candidate

Barack Obama is not qualified for the office of President. He cannot run on the ballot in November. If he were a decent man he would tender his resignation immediately.

His literary agency used this biography right up until 2007 when Obama prepared his run for Presidency. Around the time a lot of gay men he knew died mysteriously. His own campaign for Senate described him as "Kenyan born." Was never qualified to run for President and the job he has done is about what you would expect from a Kenyan. His "digital copy" birth certificate is a joke, a terrible fraud.

This is the reason Andrew Breitbart was killed. I can only imagine what sort of proof they are sitting on.

This guy is worse than Pol Pot, Stalin and Caligula put together.

Notice how until the bitter end, the counter argument is that "the consensus says he wasn't born in Kenya." That's good enough for Sapiens.


Ave said...

Just imagine senior personalities going around campuses and asking "Would you like to become President of the United States ?"

If we discount the "Are you kidding me ?" answers, all that remains is "Hell yeah !" and "No".

Those who answered "no" have one or the other quality that is required from a president.

Those who answered "Hell yeah !" have none of these qualities. This is why they are being picked up.

JimBob said...

The preamble to the constitution says, "to ourselves and our posterity".

The White men that carefully chose those words, did not mean Blacks from Africa, or Chinese and Indians from Asia were to be Americans.

They meant White men like themselves. Only White men, owning property, were allowed to vote at that time.

So while the respectable conservative cowards, fuss over little details like, "Is Obama eligible?", they pretend not to notice the elephant in the room:

Obama is not White, he is not American.

AussieGal said...

You're assuming anyone under 35 has given a fleeting thought on the requirements are for being the presidents of the USA!! Most haven't!!!

AussieGal said...

Unfortunately most people haven't given a fleeting thought on what is required in regards to citizationship in the USA to be the president......

Willdogz said...

Then, mysteriously, the doc that did the autopsy "died".
barry is not a decent man... hell, I don't think he even is a man.

Willdogz said...

And now, the most important thing they bring to the table are discussions about fagots.
Between the black bull shit and the fags, this country is going straight to hell.

JimBob said...

Willdogz said...
"And now, the most important thing they bring to the table are discussions about fagots."

It is divide and conquer strategy, a specialty of the Communists.

This is why Russia is so good right now. Former KGB Putin, knows all their tricks and upsets their plans, before they can get started.

ray said...

This guy is worse than Pol Pot, Stalin and Caligula put together.

no Chief those chumps cant run with pharaobama

obie put a Happy Face on ruin! changey derangey

the Veneer of Pleasantness that females over 30 overhwhelmingly adopt, like the willendorf venus, a collective Face, happy hive hegomony

this guy and his vice-emasculate work the hive like a beekeeper uh... well

not only is b.o. manchuriated (for real!) he's been groomed for pres at least since his twenties, probly all his life