Monday, May 21, 2012

Paul Craig Roberts On The Empire Of Fail

It is easy to gin up a war in a nation where the average IQ is 96. In the 1960's, 95 was considered the legal definition of a cretin. Many southern states required supporting documentation and a court appearance to issue a driver's license to such people and they had to approach the police to request a permit to acquire a gun, which could be refused based on their mental deficiency - it would stand up in court. A judge would think twice before allowing such people to carry weapons.

"Underwear bombs." Can you believe that crap? You gotta drink a lot of high fructose corn syrup before that sounds credible.

The Kwa is no place for decent human beings to live.

Bet on collapse for the 'stain.

The democratic system is just as legitimate in the U.S. as it is in Israel. It should be, after all ballots are counted by the same corporate groups in both countries in secret on proprietary systems. You have to count yourself lucky to live in Australia where it is easy to tell the elections are legitimate - they always vote for idiots here and that's who they get.


Lev Sinestra said...

Not accurate. Perhaps stated as hyperbole but a 95 IQ was never the definition of cretin even when that term was used. A cretin was 75-85.
The average IQ in the USA is considered to be 98, this is the same as Australia, France, Norway and it has not deteriorated from the 1960s. Indeed the average IQ is several points above where it was in the 1920s

JimBob said...

MORE than half of Australians want our borders closed and immigration ended.

And look at their poll, they ask if ALL immigration should be banned.

Only non-white immigration to white countries, should be banned. Where is that option?

Texas Arcane said...

Lev -

Thanks for that, you know that no thread is complete without the voice of Mossad correcting us back to the only opinion permitted by the orthodoxy. You forgot to close with "and IQ is a universal constant that is uniform throughout mankind and beside is meaningless in all regards. Please move along people, we don't even need to listen to such ideas. Back to your tax revenue earning activities."

Lev, you would have a passport valid for a heavily marxist country in the Middle East that would have long implemented all your brilliant ideas ... yet you choose to vote with your feet and live in Canada instead. Odd that. Odd in every way.