Tuesday, May 8, 2012

"Modern" Medicine Inferior To Dark Ages

Doctors will kill your babies and then they will kill you.

When you are lying on a gurney getting "gamma radiation" for your malignant cancer (did they get this idea from reading comic books, that radiation will cure cancer?) they will tell you that you should have gotten more exercise and eaten more carbohydrates.

Doctors get everything wrong about everything. Whatever the subject, they always have it 180 degrees ass-backwards.

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hitfan said...

That's the paradox of vaccines, they inoculate people against a various number of potential diseases, but require mercury to act as a preservative in order to make said vaccines economical to administer to the population at large.

I absolutely refuse to take a flu shot. Maybe flu shots work, but I'm absolutely averse to take a chance that one year, the flu shot will do more harm than good. I'm willing to go through a yearly cold or flu in order to let my immune system renew itself naturally. And with some modest changes in diet, the frequency of getting the cold or flu has diminished considerably anyhow in my case.

One of the real medical scams is the food pyramid that encourages people to consume vast amounts of unhealthy carbohydrates. Consider that insulin manufacturers showcase double digit growth in profits every year. In the old days, doctors used to advise diabetics that they eat less bread. Big Pharma and Big Aggra are in collusion to monetize an ailing population, thanks to the government sanctioning this scam.