Friday, May 25, 2012

Merrily, Merrily, Life Is But A Dream

At the same time that Obama was cruising through Harvard with his gay lovers smoking marijuana, I was digging trenches in Europe for the Army and polishing boots. Although Obama has no evidence he was ever qualified in any regard to attend Harvard, when he was admitted I had just been scored as having an IQ over 160+ by a chief warrant officer in Kansas and had repeatedly attained perfect scores on nearly every Army aptitude test in the second half of my service. With the exception of my first test, I scored perfect on every physical fitness test I ever had until I was discharged and maxed out nearly every scale the military uses to gauge performance in any requirement.

When I was carrying dead rats out of fumigated basements in Brooklyn working on an odd-job demolition crew, Obama was trying to suck in secondhand dope smoke in-between blowjobs from his fellow freshmen. When Obama was skipping classes, playing cards and charming white preppy kids in the dormitory by simple virtue of being black, I was selling paperbacks out in front of Union Station in New York and pushing a quarter-ton wagon like a rickshaw cart to and from work each morning from 54th street. I was jobless, homeless and friendless. Most people would regard me as the most abject kind of human failure. I'm not arguing. At that point, I had stopped caring about such things. Esau's sin was his terrible indifference.

There is something wrong with this picture. It looks like Obama failed every single challenge in his life and in most cases, didn't even make an effort at all. This guy ended up President of the United States and a millionaire. There is something seriously wrong in all this. I don't mind being eclipsed by my betters. I think people who are smarter and more qualified than I am, as well as more interested in the job, should be the leadership.

I don't understand how people grotesquely inferior to me in every way end up as my masters throughout life. I don't get how somebody can be the sorriest excuse for a man you could possibly imagine and end up in the highest office in the country. How can you be President if you've never had a day job and slept in late every morning for the past half-century? There is something terribly wrong with all of this. You can see how I'd be a bit jaded about all of it after a while.

It. Doesn't. Make. Any. Sense.

Every time someone was promoted before me in the military, until I was the last soldier left, they always said to me, "The system is fair, private Blakemore. You just need to apply yourself a little harder." This usually came from guys who seem to fail constantly at even the smallest tests of their competency. I noticed in fact that the more I excelled, the farther I appeared to slide down the hierarchy until my exceptional performance became an embarrassment to everyone else who outranked me.

"Without exception, we found in our study of over a thousand corporations that all meaningful work was achieved by transient people, those who came in from the outside, fixed crisis situations, solved problems and advanced the company before being encouraged to move on. Our studies indicated that permanent staff at any corporation never accomplish any useful work at all other than collecting profits and assigning positions."

- Dr. Peter Lawrence, THE PETER PRINCIPLE

Odd breed, you Sapiens. Odd breed indeed. No hard feelings but it's a curious world you have built for yourselves.


Ave said...

Two things I'd like to chime in about :

First : I remember having bought a very cheap (5 €) sewing machine made in China. All gears were plastic. When the machine jammed on thread knots, the gears bent and jumped several notches, making the whole machine asynchronous. But no gear got damaged.
If you put a single metallic gear inside, it would have destroyed the plastic gears. This is why, if given the choice, the plastic gears would have chosen to be with one of their own. Never mind the machine not working , they want to survive the process (which ended in the garbage...)

Second thing is, the bright man has become bright because he strongly dislikes having to rely on other people. This is why he's interested in anything that can set him free. The paradox is thus that the specialist you need is also the one that doesn't want to work for you. I guess it's why they invented salaries in the first place.

Because let's face, in any large organisation most people have a slave mentality and live as slaves (first to the structure, then to their banks and creditors, and lastly to whatever psycho person (wife, mother or women who lets you bang her once a month because you feed the child she had with another man) is awaiting them at home.

If you don't want to live like a slave, you have to figure it out on your own, because neither your fellow slaves nor your boss or TV is ever going to help you (or even mention the feasability of it) : that's the whole point of the "Take Shelter" movie.

Ave said...

Reflecting on my own thoughts :

"the bright man has become bright because he strongly dislikes having to rely on other people."

-> What if the explosion of knowledge was all about Neanderthals figuring out ways to survive a Sapiens-invaded world ?

Every time they figure out a way to get away from Sapiens rule, they invent something which ultimately is copied millionfold by Sapiens, making the whole world even more complex to escape from, and thus triggers even more advanced discovery and enterprise from the next Neanderthal generation ?

chauncey gardner said...

Proof that people have zero IQ, they are trained animals that perform tasks automatically, mimic normal human behavior but are unable to think and are simply keeping up the appearances:

Sure it's fun, but when you think these people have the right to vote you'll laugh less.

It seems that it is not the exception but the rule that only such people are getting elected to the highest office these days in "the West":