Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Left Wing Reporters Waste Time Calling 911

Hopes that the poh-leesh will protect them from the diversity wonderland, gets severely beaten. Notice how thousands of people can be beaten in "retribution" attacks nationwide and the only one that makes the paper is when the media themselves is beaten. Even then, only as an opinion piece! The only call that is effective in these conditions is a local collect call to Smith & Wesson. Embrace your destroyers and you will be destroyed. The universal multicultural definition of insanity is to keep trying the same failed approach and hoping the results will be different next time. The Kwanstain is not going to give up on the multikult simply because it doesn't work. That would make sense.

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JimBob said...

Even then, they sat on the story for two weeks.

"Even then, only as an opinion piece!"

A White life means nothing, in Black Run Ameria (BRA).

In BRA, a Black life only has value when a White man takes it.