Sunday, May 13, 2012

Last Days of Rome Redux

President Gay of Kwanstainia has been crowned.

You knew it was coming. The down low brother is out of the closet. Remember we have been telling you for years about this on Vault-Co. His heterosexuality is no more real than his American citizenship. This is a foreign national born in Kenya who does not support the nuclear family.

My pet political peeve is marriage between people and farm animals just like in the last days of Rome. If a man and his goat love each other, where is the harm in legalizing their union so they have the same rights as any other couple? If a two women and a swan want to tie the knot, who are we to say that is ridiculous or insane? It's still love, people. The haters need to surrender because the end is coming and nothing is going to stop it.

1 comment:

Greenbean said...

It is so obvious that Romney doesn't have a change, this nigga will get more and more outrageous.

He can already celebrate his new presidential term anyway.

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