Friday, May 4, 2012

Kwanzanian Girls Forced To Double Task "Jobs"

Hard times produce innovative new opportunities for Kwanstain females. Makes it more important than ever to be specific about what you want on your dog. If Obama had a son he would probably look like Catherine Scalia.

The future looks brighter every day. Kwanzanians know how to make do. We can start to see the light at the end of the tunnel now. It's an approaching train.

Also, new resourcing on the horizon for Kwanstainian youth who might otherwise go underutilized.


Rowan said...

Never been to New York city myself, but Jim Rogers thinks it's a third world city, so I expect it's like Sydney, am I close to the money?

JimBob said...

Rowan, weren't you saying Sydney was the bee's knees a couple of weeks ago, because you got Chinese food? lol

Sydney is brown country now. All brown countries are poor, unless White people find oil under their feet.

Rowan said...

JimBob: I was just comparing it to London. Like how a 2 star Motel with cockroaches seems like a palace compared being homeless in the slums of New Delhi.

Also I've given up on Chinese food and moved on to soy-free Japanese, served by Chinese, there are few Japanese people here, if there were, it'd be much nicer.