Thursday, May 10, 2012

The King of all Medicines

The castor bean appears on the walls of ancient temples in India where it is called "Wondrous Oil" in Sanskrit, recommended for almost any affliction of man.

In China it is called "The Infinite Healer" and it was regarded as the king of all medicines.

Europe called it "The Hand of Christ" for the way it could often reverse the buboles of the black plague and restore a human being who was literally on their death bed. Castor oil was rushed to the wealthy with plague by their physicians who paid for it to be brought from other cities at great expense - the poor cursed them as their own children lay dying because they could not afford it. It is no surprise - castor oil's unbelievable stimulation of the lymph glands and immune system T-cells is now a very well documented phenomenon. The secret ingredient is a very special kind of fatty acid called "Rinolineic Acid" that in the natural state before processing is a deadly poison. Once processed it is possibly the most miraculous substance on earth, essentially a powerful solvent that soaks into body tissues and kills all bad stuff without harming the good stuff. Pharmaceutical companies tamper with this molecule slightly to make it patentable and then sell it to people as toxic drugs with horrible side-effects which costs thousands of dollars and are responsible for the huge increases in medical costs over the past half-century. They are selling people something for a grand an ounce they used to buy down at the corner drug store by the quart bottle for fifty cents at the turn of the last century.
It has been suggested by some that at the start of the new century, doctors were sitting idle with no clients for years at a time and many general practitioners earned no more money than a common day laborer because of a generation raised on good nutritious food and castor oil. Nobody ever got sick and it was killing the medical profession, so the medical profession decided to start killing everybody else by giving away "free" vaccinations right after the start of the 20th century. What, nobody told you the original vaccination programs were always "free" and heavily promoted by doctors who pooled their money to pay for advertising of these "free" vaccination schedules? A short time afterwards the world caught a little bug called the Spanish Influenza and most of those who died from it had gotten "free" vaccinations the previous year 1917. Funny the parts they leave out of history. Today, the only people who enjoy the kind of health that our fathers used to take for granted are the Amish, who avoid vaccines and doctors and raise their kids on castor oil. Doctors are one of the wealthiest professions you can go into and they get paid whether their patients live or die, it doesn't matter. Doctors get paid no matter what happens in the modern era.

You will hear it said that this plant originates in tropical Africa. That's a lie. The castor bean was brought by early dutch settlers four centuries ago to the Freaka and it has simply been allowed to grow in the wild without anyone cutting it back. The evidence indicates the castor bean may have first "developed" (been engineered?) in the Caucasus Mountains a couple hundred thousand years ago. Wouldn't surprise me in the least to discover this was originally a special melonhead staple which only those with royal oblong heads could consume. (No skull deformed children need apply.)

What happened to this stuff? Turns out, modern citizens of the West have not had access to it for fifty years unless they know what to buy.

You see, as part of the improvementation process of our society, some sharp operators decided back in the 1960's that the ancient method of cold pressing the oil was not very profitable and they proposed to remove castor oil in a tenth the time at a tenth the expense, by heating it and using a solvent called Hexane to dissolve it into "oil" much quicker than our ancestors had done it for thousands and thousands of years. In doing so of course they totally destroyed all medicinal value of the plant, leaving basically a Hexane contaminated oil in it's place that you would be unwise to even use in a lawnmower.

Not long after they stopped producing real castor oil that had been a staple in medicine for at least nine thousand years, doctors began pointing out all the benefits of castor oil had clearly been exaggerated for many centuries. After all, this crap simply doesn't work, they said. Why, I've had patients take it and it has actually made them ill, which is what you would expect from what was basically an industrial waste oil that was being labeled "Castor Oil." The doctors breathed a sigh of relief. Now we can start prescribing our own medicines instead of that ultra cheap quack's cure. Their own research showed most of these medicines were no more effective than "Castor" (Hexane) oil at curing anything but taking their poisons gave you the satisfaction of thinking to yourself, "Well, at least I'm not on those old wives tales medicines like castor oil! Hah! Gosh modern people are scienmajistical to the extreme!"

If you buy castor oil, make sure it is distinctly labeled as "cold-pressed" and "hexane free."

Where to start? Okay, ever worry you may be harbouring who knows what kind of parasites in your intestinal tract over the course of your entire life? Castor oil has been demonstrated to purge anything in your intestines that is not intestines. It can actually cause explosive diarrhea when overused and lab studies have documented tapeworms literally being blasted out of people's anuses which have likely been in there for decades. The blackshirts in Italy under Mussolini used to pull communists out of their houses in the 1930's and force feed them castor oil until they crapped themselves in public for the next couple of days, to prove that they really were "full of sh*t."

If you will visit the link above, you will find that castor oil is quite capable of fixing nearly anything external or internal in your body, whatever it might be. A lot of followers of Edgar Cayce have adhered to his recommendations of castor oil packs for many years and probably been much healthier than the general population because of it. Have you ever heard followers of Edgar Cayce described as "baby faced old spinsters with pink cheeks and gullible dispositions?" It is likely all that castor oil these people are taking. Lots of people have noticed that the elderly women who love Cayce as a spiritual teacher always look awfully young for their age. In this instance, it is possible that Cayce may have actually gotten something right.


hitfan said...

That's why I come here, you rant even more beautifully than the French or Dennis Miller. And that's a good thing.

I read health blogs from time to time, and I'm fully aware of the problem in regards to pathogens that lie in the intestinal tract.

I've never taken Castor oil as a supplement, but I'm open-minded enough to try it. So I'll try it and give an honest assessment of it.

Greenbean said...

I get it that you have issues with current cancer treatment and some of the practices of the so called "medical industry", specially when it comes to the lobby, sale and use of industrial pharmaceuticals. I really do. I even agree with some of it.

However, to say that all doctors, or even most doctors for that matter are scummy money taggers is really out of line.

Remember, most of us are not in the business of living off dying cancer patients and big pharma payoffs. God forbid you or one of your own ever get sick or get hurt in an accident, but if it ever were to happen you would need good doctors in vital fields such as surgery, diagnostic, traumatology, pharmacology, etc. Regardless of whatever miracle folk medicine you claim to have.

I mean, if you are really writing off medical treatment because you believe castor bean oil to be a panacea... well, that is just retarded.

Greenbean said...

Driving ferraris and dating supermodels is the stuff of plastic surgeons and big names in academia and medical research, btw. Most doctors earn just enough to live well and work 10 hours a day average.

Not to mention they have to study 8 to 10 years just to be able to practice.

Melonhead said...

Something I've recently come across...

It seems that exceptionally bright and innovative (non-Sapian?) people develop differently, even from the very earliest age.

I ran across this idea called The Einstein Syndrome (,

Exceptionally bright people as young children tend to have a cluster of traits that includes:
Delayed speech development,
Highly educated parents,
Musically gifted families, and
Puzzle solving abilities.

My 2-y.o. son is trending towards this cluster. We had him evaluated today and (in addition to all of the family traits) he has a mild speaking delay with a speech comprehension level of at least a 4-y.o., at which point the Speech Pathologist stopped testing him b/c she didn't see the point of going further.

And no, he is not even close to being autistic. He is socially savvy enough to train his nannies. We have now been through 6 of them, including a former professional chess player from the Ukraine. This past weekend, he even trained one of my old college buddies to feed him when he rang a bell.

I want to thank this blog for helping me understand him and myself better.


Ted Walther said...

Thank you. Just a few months ago I read a Wikipedia article that explained how castor oil was a fraud. It was the fault of those fascists! Wikipedia said. Mussolini endorsed it as medicine, then used it to punish dissidents. Oh, the depth of depravity and evil!

So, thanks for your post. Now I'll try out the cold-pressed castor oil. I'll test it's effect on the RBTI numbers; the RBTI numbers will say if Wikipedia is right, or if our Hero of the Arcane Vault is right.

Texas Arcane said...

Greenbean -

Doing the old "if you get sick we may not cure you" extortion routine? "Give us your money or your children get it!"

Except the statistics say that doctors are almost incapable of fixing anything other than broken bones and appendicitis.

People have been voting with their feet on this subject for 100 years now and the facts show that doctors lose more clients each day and alternative medicine gains them. So you may be clinging to this "It's not me it's you" shtick right up to the bitter end when your practice closes.

The truth is that the majority of people just don't trust doctors at all, nothing like the way they used to. They may not be able to articulate these feelings as well as I do but increasingly people view doctors as just another layer of oppressors, much like in the Soviet Union. You can squawk all you want about how they've got it all wrong but their actions say so much more than any solipsism you can force them to consent to.

Their feet are going to alternative medicine and I predict that is not going to change until they kick about 95% of doctors out of the profession and replace them with people who have actual aptitude for medicine instead of just turning it into a cartel they can make a nice living from.

Doctors sneering at medicines in use for tens of thousands of years just - doesn't - make - any - sense when we judge them from their own research on the effectiveness of their own quackery.

Texas Arcane said...

If I had the energy I would list the highly expensive medicines that are simple derivations of castor oil so they can acquire patents but I leave it as an exercise for the reader. It is about half the highest profile drugs for cancer, HIV and other very serious conditions. They slide a molecule from the left side to the right and get a patent on it. Now it costs $4000.00 a cycle with prescription instead of $4.00 a bottle.

Dove said...

Found 32 ounces for $12.59:

You're supposed to eat it? How much?

Greenbean said...

"Doing the old "if you get sick we may not cure you" extortion routine? "Give us your money or your children get it!""

No, just pointing out that doctors aren't useless as you claim. Exactly the opposite. Any serious accident or disease and you and a yours would need them.

Besides, nobody will ever deny you treatment because you have a blog on the web.

"broken bones and appendicitis. "

Erm... I would extend that list at least a few thousand pages. Even if you have the best immune system in the world there is an infinity of trauma that requires specialized treatment.

I know you think you are some kind of superman that won't ever get sick. Thing is everyone does, and you probably already made heavy use of pharmaceuticals in your lifetime. A quick search on your blog shows it.

For instance, you wouldn't reccomend Merck's manual of diagnosis if you really thought medicine was hocus pocus, wouldn't you?

Greenbean said...

Also a very important thing I will point out to you. Call it "insider knowledge", even though it is quite obvious to any outsider and I'm suprised you didn't reach this conclusion instead of the convoluted bullshit you keep:

There is no conspiracy to keep down alternative or natural treatments.

Quite simply, since there is no way to patent such treatments, there is no financial interest in them. And therefore... nobody wants to pay for the research and testing that proves such treatments have benefits. Research for a new treatment usually runs in the millions. Just the safety proceedings and the process of getting the medicine approved by regulators as a standard medical pharmaceutical is a fortune.

Is it possible that for that we are losing miracle cures with this paradigm? Yes, off course.

As for doctors not reccomending such treatments? We are bound by a strict code of ethics and obviously a vast volume of written and unwritten norms and laws. Using unproven treatments outside of standard practice is only acceptable after what is normality has been tried and failed. Even then it might be not. You would be entering the realms of experimentation, and it is usually not acceptable to do so with a patient that has proven treatment avaiable.

For instance, even if giving castor bean oil to sick patients were to be best choice, if I do that against standard practice and my patient dies or worsen his condition, I would lose my license and be persecuted by the law. On the other hand, I know that antibiotics cure infections and I know that there is a large quantity of proven treatments for intestinal parasites. It makes sense to use the latter options.

I'm a 4th year medical student in southern Brazil, btw. I don't practice yet.

Texas Arcane said...

External is best, if you drink too much castor oil you can literally crap yourself to death. It is quite a purging experience. Don't ever take more than 2 oz. with fruit juice in any 72 hour period.

Externally, it is good for almost anything that ails you. One of the things it does is kill mold and fungi wherever it is applied. A lot of people don't know the reason for 90% of skin and hair problems starts with opportunistic colonization by various animalcules. You get rid of them with castor oil and your body can rejuvenate lots of tissues without having these freeloaders screwing up every metabolic process involved.

Read that first link in the article and some of the pages surrounding it.

Ghostwriter said...

Thank you for this info, i will try to get my hands on this stuff. I recently bought some linseed oil too, it tastes absolutely horrible, but i believe in its healing power / usefulness.

JimBob said...

Greenbean said...
"For instance, even if giving castor bean oil to sick patients were to be best choice, if I do that against standard practice and my patient dies or worsen his condition, I would lose my license and be persecuted by the law."

Ha! Straight from the horse's mouth!

When you talk to your doctor, you are talking to his lawyer!

JimBob said...

Greenbean said...
"For instance, even if giving castor bean oil to sick patients were to be best choice, if I do that against standard practice and my patient dies or worsen his condition, I would lose my license and be persecuted by the law."

Ha! Straight from the horse's mouth!

When you talk to your doctor, you are talking to his lawyer!

Greenbean said...

Smooth. I suppose experimenting on patients with unproven treatments is alright. Specially when that means you will go to jail if anything goes wrong and will forever lose the license to practice your profession.

Miracle natural remedies are all over the place. Most of them are phony snake oils, some of them might have actual benefit. No doctor should use them over medicine that has been field proven and extensively studied.

Greenbean said...

Bloodletting and urine therapy were also used for centuries in many civilizations. It must be good treatment too. You guys ought to try them too.

Fucking modern medicine man. How does it work?

Texas Arcane said...

You mean untested and unproven medicines like the majority of modern panaceas. The whole lot of them could be thrown out the window except then the birds might eat them.

President Gay has formed a new task force with taxpaper money to figure out how to market medicines that are useless. Imagine that. Because they cost a lot of money to produce and were then found to be harmful or pointless, they don't want to abandon them so they seek to market them as something, whatever, to recoup.

Greenbean said...

You lost me there. I know Obongo is a gay socialist craptard but never heard of such thing mentioned in this blog or elsewhere.

JimBob said...

Greenbean said...

"Bloodletting and urine therapy were also used for centuries in many civilizations. It must be good treatment too. You guys ought to try them too."

By respectable doctors, that worshiped establishment accepted authorities, like Galen.

So you are no different to those you mock.

You said it, not us, so stop whining:

"When you talk to your doctor, you are talking to his lawyer".

Greenbean said...

Jimbob:It is curious then, that these practices were still common a century after they were abandoned by modern medical practice. Bloodletting, for instance, was practiced in barbershops throughout england by people distrustful of modern medical practice.

It is still done in rural India and similar places to this day.
Pioneers and scientists such as Galen were responsible for slowly progressing out of such ignorance.

p.s: Bloodletting curiously works as a makeshift treatment for a number of disorders, such as fever and high blood pressure. Although the loss of blood is dangerous, this treatment became commonplace by actually giving good results at the time.

JimBob said...

In the heyday of bloodletting, the dissenters did it for the same reasons you gave above.

They didn't want to get into trouble with the authorities, it was easier not to rock the boat and just cash in.

So way to miss the point, yet again GB.

Here is the point again:

"When you talk to your doctor, you are talking to his lawyer".

goy polloi said...

castor oil you mean fish oil

Texas Arcane said...

Goi Polloi :

Did you even bother to read the article before you posted?

Read the article. Then comment so you will know what it is you are commenting on.

Nobody ever called fish oil "The Hand of Christ" (Europe) or "The Bean of Heaven" (China) at any point.

I'm sure fish oil is good for you. If nothing else it is rich in vitamin D which your body can't get too much of.

We're talking about castor oil. Either it is a miracle or else our ancestors were just confused the past 10,000 years. Be sure you get the real stuff, not the stuff sold at the drug store as "Castor Oil."

JimBob said...

My grandmother was forced to take it once a week, when she was in the orphanage. She absolutely hated it. They said it was to prevent constipation.

Tom Fahy said...

Oh, the things that come out of the Caucasus!

I have entertained similar notions, that biologicals of "unknown origin" have been engineered ... perhaps by 'Melonheads,' or Ancient Astronauts -- equivocal? Either way, I have been raising and eating Kefir (is it Manna?) grains, as well as drinking fermented Kefir beverages for a handful of years. I swear by it, as well as by Nigella Sativa oil (cold-pressed, naturally), with healing properties similar or complementary to Castor Oil. I believe if one is of a certain peculiar disposition, one cannot help but trip eventually on the half-buried medicine cabinet of the Melonheads.

Thank you for the great post, Mr. Arcane.

***Spelt, perhaps, is another early Melonhead advent -- a terrifically odd hybridized species of wheat...