Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Jim Cramer Predicts Massive Panic For Europe In Next Couple Of Weeks

He says his sources are telling him there is going to be blood in the streets before the end of June.

I don't understand, what with the central socialist European Union paying off the losses of all the failed banks, isn't this exactly what all that commie cash was supposed to avoid? We have a de facto nationalization on three Western continents of all financiers that was never voted on or put to a referendum, spending up the gross national product for the next decade and all reputedly to prevent a collapse exactly like this one.

Somebody got paid, of that you can be sure. The other 99% can just suck it down.

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Ave said...

This is how the US emasculated Japan back in the early Nineties. In the late Eighties, it was all about those terrible Japs and their superefficiency, next thing you know they're just mocked as weird Otakus and terrible, drunk, weeping Karaoke singers.

This period of time we're living through is the end of the Believability of money. They are just going to make clear that the US alone will be able to determine what something is worth (hint : if they have to buy it, not much)