Sunday, May 20, 2012

Is World War III Necessary?

Probably not, any more than WW2 or WW1. That never stopped the human race in the past.

The real tragedy of human nature is that fools only lose their thirst for war once they have lost everything else that matters to them. They realize then how utterly meaningless it is, when it is too late to make a difference. They sit in the rubble and weep at their own stupidity.

Wait, we're not done yet. This isn't the real tragedy.

The real tragedy is that mankind forgets whatever it supposedly "learned" from all this carnage every two generations. Forgets it altogether.

The difference now is nuclear weapons and other technology. That makes this generation's cyclic "lesson" a particularly bitter pill to swallow. Envy the survivors of the two previous world wars because they had a cakewalk compared to what this generation of men will be facing. They are ill prepared to face anything, much less global thermonuclear war.


Ave said...

A war is also the culling of men, which is a great weakening of any society.

A more matriarchal society is a weak society, open to consumption and rule of the mob. In a matriarchal society, there is less room for the loner and more intrusion into his business.

Boys growing up without a father and surrounded by too many women are also prone to reject women altogether or suffer from (society) "the mob".

There were no real alternative lifestyles between 1945 and let's say the Nineties (hippies and such were a bad joke, and most of them embraced Reaganomics once they reached their thirties).

Now that real political and social alternatives are gaining momentum (MRA, open source programming etc.) the time is ripe for another cull.

Also makes you ponder "all heroes died during the war", this means that men of worth die in higher proportion than the others.

JimBob said...

Ave said...
"this means that men of worth die in higher proportion than the others."

I'll tell you now, they can declare war on who ever they like, but I will go to jail, before I fight for Zion.

Screw them and all the traitors that prop them up.

Texas Arcane said...

I agree wholeheartedly with both the comments above.

Many people have written of the tragedy of the female dominated society left behind when a war has run it's course. The males without fathers that grow up in the wake of a war are ripe for discordant philosophies that seem to explain the meaningless of what has happened, contributing to their own sense of purposelessness.

Women are not good at endowing their male sons with a direction in life and it leaves that generation receptive to even more destructive ideologies.

Koanic said...

Wars breed chaos, and chaos is an opening. Singapore is ruled by a neanderthal introvert because of war. America was briefly ruled by introverts because of war.

We need to get better at prolonging our rule. But the inherent self-destructiveness of melonhead-slave empires is to our advantage. If they were stable, we'd be screwed. In fact, we'd probably all have been dead long ago.

Ave said...

Koanic, I don't know who you are, but let's say you remind me of myself at a younger age (my twenties).

Sentences such as "We need to get better at prolonging our rule." are quite telling in that respect.

As an advice I would recommend to post arguments and/or references in every post of yours. This is also to your personal benefit.

Koanic said...

Well, then it's a good thing I have Tex's more mature, sane, calming influence.

(Tex, I hope you find this funny too)