Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Is "Carrie" A Metaphor For Speciation?

I was just watching the remake of Stephen King's "Carrie" with Angela Bettis and saw it in a completely different light than the original thirty years ago. I thought about how both the casting of Bettis and Sissy Spacek unconsciously chose Amud looking females for the roles.

Basically, this is a story about a mob of Homo Sapiens who torment a Neanderthal Amud girl until she blows her lid and opens some kind of ancient Nephilim can of whupass on all of them, thrashing them all to death with firehoses and flying silverware.

It is never explained exactly from whence this ferocious hatred of Carrie White originates in the book or the movie other than her "difference." I think it is because the subtext is that the humans who watch the movie know perfectly well what is different about Ms.White. She has a soul and can think and the reader/viewer implicitly understands that the rest in opposition to her are sophisticated people emulators.

I see a lot of this subtext all the time nowadays. I think I can see the woods in spite of the trees after decades of being unable to consciously recognize any of it. We accept the reality we are presented with when we are growing up and we adopt the paradigms we are taught by convention to understand it. Unfortunately, all these received ideas are grossly inadequate to explain anything we see, hear or feel. Hence much of the frustration my kind of people have all their life, sensing the elusive truth to always be right outside the limits of their scope and unable to grasp it firmly. The brain seeks to sort the Tetris cubes of reality but nowadays there is a guy standing there with a megaphone telling us not to bother because none of them go together no matter what you do. I was nearly 47 years old when I realized, this guy is lying. We can understand many of these things, at least far better than we have in the past.


Ave said...

Regarding your rate of discovery, I believe it's a "learning curve" effect.

For those interested, I like to illustrate the learning curve with the figure 6 (p.35) of following document :

(Quite impressive how at first it cost them up to 100,000 man-hours to build a plane, and only about 18,000 two years later.)

At first you have to go through a lot of "chaff" before you find enough "wheat" to reach critical mass. After that, you have more efficient search & analysis procedures, and the chaff gets sorted out in a single glimpse.

The procedure is complicated by
- the fact that you weren't supposed to search for it (society, school etc. said so)
- the fact that you had to divert your energy to other things (as everybody, and even more so as a polymath kind of person)
- the fact that all data available is laced with errors, outright deception and also contaminated by morons (low-brow racists etc.)

In the end, it's the individual data that counts the most, even at the risk of personal bias, because this is not about publishing a research paper, it's about surviving. It can be imperfect in a strict sense, but if it helps you avoid 90% of all dangerous situations (and helps avoid wasting your time, as well) then it's already a huge benefit.

Another fact is also that you're pioneering. I wouldn't have asked myself all these questions, I'm just a goose in a wing of the V-formation, while you're in the center, creating the turbulence the others ride on.

Ave said...

Regarding the "Carrie" story (I haven't seen the new movie), you're absolutely right, it is typically what gifted children experience through school. I hadn't considered it that way.

As having been one of those nerdy guy who did built himself muscles and started hitting back, I consider the "hitting back" thing the only positive outcome in these situations. It helped me until this day to get where I wanted to go. it was also true in many similar cases I saw as a teacher.

Once the "Amud", as you say, reacts, he understands why Sapiens gather in groups : individually, they're weak, and they're terrorized. At first I thought it was just to get to their form of communication, but just as in the "Monkeys and Stress" documentary, it's simply interpersonal. The Neanderthal doesn't act that way, because Neanderhal intertribe communication doesn't function with stressors. This, when Neanderthal hits, he rips the opponents' thoracic cage apart and hurls the spine as a club. Hint at a "Neanderthal" superhero : the incredible Hulk, both mild-mannered scientist and unstoppable war monster in the same person. (I'll have to ponder on Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde though, to see if it fits the same logic).

Another illustration of the school's "Baboons and stress" organization is why they invent these social rules and codes who do not rest on sense or experience. Sapiens will ostracize you because you don't wear the fashionable clothes or don't say what "everybody" knows.

BTW, about movies, the "Dark Shadows" movie is not about Neos at all and just plain sucks greasy monkey balls of fire.

Sitara said...

Ok...the Kwan corruption of children is now in full fucking swing. It is now confirmed, that one of DC Comics main, iconic characters, is going gay in June. To make it worse, it is most likely going to be Batman. :(

Sitara said...

The Kwan corruption of children all over the world is now in full swing! In June, one of DC Comics main,iconic characters is confirmed to be going gay permanently.

Just launch the nukes already. Someone...anyone!!

Rowan said...

Have you given up your US citizenship yet?

Texas Arcane said...

Did you know they want to charge me $900.00 just to give it up? It's crazy. I have to fly down to Sydney to the embassy and allow myself to be photographed and fingerprinted simply to surrender my passport.

It's crazy stuff. Nuts.

Good guys don't need to build walls to keep people in. They build them to keep people out. The bad guys try to keep people from leaving. The good guys do their job which is to keep the wrong people from entering. So the Kwa is fail in all regards.

This sh*t is truly over the top at this point.

Texas Arcane said...

Dark Shadows was terrible. Awful movie.

This is a brilliant way to categorize communications between Sapiens. It is driven by stressors, not the exchange of information. Fear, insecurity, greed and hatred are the primary motivators when a Sapiens opens his mouth. This is the reason that television commercials have these fears as their subtext - they are the shortest way to reach the viewers.

Neanderthals in small tribes had to share information - it was the basis of their existence. Knowledge had to be retained through transition from one mind to the next. This is why all Neanderthals talked like "little professors" (or so it seems to Sapiens) because he was focused not on the social impact of what he was saying but rather the information itself. Sapiens talks to establish rank and class.

Texas Arcane said...

Seriously, if you stand back a bit, this planet is becoming a hilarious place.

It is like a reimagining of the collapse of the Roman Empire with a modern twist.

Texas Arcane said...

Hilarious. It's like a tsunami of ridiculousness.

Ave said...

Just in time as a reply to this post :

The featured picture says all there is to know about this girl. Other pictures of her only confirm that.

Neanderthals are not only aliens to the Sapiens mob. Older Sapiens, with their incredibly sadistic traits, also long to destroy those children. Note it is always those groups of dominant apes who look like the Baron Harkonnen (or a Kennedy, LOL), at the top of large, anthill-like organizations.

It's not about removing a threat to their own offspring (else they wouldn't search so frantically to find a suitable victim), it's about the great emotion of utterly destroying something that is better than you.

It's an emotion I personnaly cannot understand, but the existence of which I have to admit as evident.

I think it might be that Neanderthals are the extra resistant kind of people who cannot suffer from Stockholm Syndrome (Sapiens society is a giant Stockholm Syndrome anyway), and will not bow down to the dominant.

Simply because they can't, even if they wanted to. Sapiens will truly love their captors, Neanderthals will (at first) try to satisfy the captor as a job, but will not surrender their emotions simply because it's not they way they are wired.

Just as an immediate thought, perhaps all this stuff about MK Ultra programming is engineered as a way to break and enslave Neos (a fascinating perspective for non-Neos), because it is so intricate and intellectual (trapping someone inside his mind), whereas you can control Sapiens "en masse" with nudity and the promise of violence (the cultural content of advertisements and TV shows, essentially).

Ave said...

About gay "affirmative action" :

You can't even take your children to the zoo without being subjected to the ideology.

No. Escape.

Rowan said...

Obama agency rules Pepsi's use of aborted fetal cells in soft drinks constitutes 'ordinary business operations'

I wish god would hurry up with the smiting.

JimBob said...

That gay comics thing is ridiculous. It seems like they know their time is almost up and they are going all out.

Texas Arcane said...

Ave -

I think the test for adulthood in Neanderthals is when they realize there is nothing they are ever going to be able to do to satisfy their captors. The day they begin to live for their God-given enthusiasms and pursue what truly makes them happy, to apply themselves to what they love, is the day they break the shackles on their lives.

Everybody laughed at my father for driving a $40.00 car all his life but I think it is my father who had the last laugh on all of them. That's a kind of victory over society nobody can take away from you. You can put all that money you would waste on car payments on something that would really count, like paying off your own piece of land.

I wish I had never gone into debt to the bank but I was still learning. I should have listened more closely to what my father was saying. He was right about everything.

Ghostwriter said...

That broad in the pic. looks rather ugly to me, but indeed probably is somekind of modern neo, amud or smthng.