Thursday, May 31, 2012

Why I Think Putin Is Authentic

There are a lot of reasons I do not believe Putin is just another illuminati hand puppet. I think he is legitimately interested in the (shocking) welfare of his own people and not another stooge taking orders from Rothschilds.

Here's a good example.

You'll notice that nobody from Russia is invited, not even an intermediary for Putin's administration. The only Russian delegates to the Swindler meetup are non-starter clowns like Garry Kasparov, who specialized in getting his ass kicked by Bobby Fischer at chess. Nowadays Kasparov works for the United States setting up phony dissident opposition parties in Russia. He also performs at children's parties and bar mitzvahs.

It is refreshing to think of somebody in the world still operating outside the system. It's enough to make you want to move there. You can LARP a post-apocalyptic lifestyle without leaving home.

You Don't Say

We print the same thing here on Vault-Co, we're a bunch of nuts.

Crazy Globalist Schemes Include Fake Invasion

It is becoming increasingly more attractive now that globowarmthinkery is falling by the wayside.

Imagine that when you are at your day job, these people just sit around all day long trying to think of ways to mess with your mind and get you to cough up more dough. This is the sort of crap plan they hatch to get others to submit to more regulation and international control through global governance.

You'll remember I think it was last year or the one before that it looked like they were really trying to whip up some gibberish about a nearby planet desperate for water and then pretended they found what might be an approaching invasion force. Some swiss observatory had a look at the coordinates they put out and announced there was nothing there - the story vanished overnight without a word after several weeks of hype all through the mass media.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Root of all Evil

I used to think it was overpopulation many, many years ago. No more. I recognize that overpopulation is what weakens the social immune system to permit opportunistic infections by psychopaths. The pathogen itself is human.

The psychopath is not really a human. It's a mimic. It doesn't feel any emotions normal to mammals. It is driven by the same emotions that reptiles have. All the warm blooded stuff is missing.

When I began to see this phenomenon everyday in the workplace, so many things became crystal clear to me. People I had previously thought to be aggressive, assertive or professional I now realized were no such thing. They were something else altogether.

The psychopath and sociopath wreck every single environment you put them into. After they have wrecked it, bankrupted it or destroyed it, they make you feel grateful for knowing them when they leave. It is a combination of Jason and Rasputin blended with pure asshole.

I was talking about promotion in the Army in a couple posts prior. It was only twenty years after the fact I had a good think about it and realized that the people promoted most quickly in the military were the same people with drug and alcohol problems, people who failed their aptitude tests and avocational tests, people who failed their physical tests and people who missed formation, disobeyed orders, broke the rules, got into legal trouble with civilian law enforcement, went AWOL, couldn't shoot, couldn't hike and couldn't perform even the smallest tasks without failing miserably. I knew subconsciously after a couple months in the Army these people would be rapidly promoted up through the ranks - by their fellow psychopaths running defense for them higher up.

These sorts of people always had supreme levels of confidence and esteem. I would describe it as an ongoing state of euphoric joy at their own wonderfulness. They dominated every conversation, assumed every discussion was about them and took turns celebrating their own incredibleness. Nothing about their worldview was realistic or anything but maladjusted and it had a way of infecting everyone else with the same failed misunderstandings. This eventually led to unit-wide failures in the field, failures to pass inspections, failure to perform to standards, failure at almost everything. Before you knew it, everyone else was failing and now they had that same cocky, self-assured air about them as everything got progressively worse. Sometimes a high ranking outsider would look in on the organization and be absolutely baffled at just how far it had all run off the rails. I always knew that these objective views were endangered, destined to be replaced by other pod people leaders backed by psychopaths. It was exactly like watching the entire installation be taken over by alien body snatchers. The next thing you knew, the one decent lieutenant or captain you had turned to for some anchor had vanished and in his place was one of these fingers-snapping, cool stepping bullsh*t artists in his position, discarding all existing standards.

All it takes is for one to install himself in an authority position and they will chain each other up and replace competent people there now. Before you know it, they will be running the whole show and turning all healthy standards completely upside down. This is the way they roll. This has been working for them for tens of thousands of years.

Idiots are easy to keep perpetually distracted while you rob the nation blind.

The difference is that 40,000 years ago even if you were running the tribe of spearchuckers you weren't much of anything but in charge of a bunch of muddy savages. When the Neanderthal was absorbed, this entire class of parasites was now sucking blood from a species that was on it's way to inventing nuclear weapons. It is Amud genius that really gave these monsters something to highjack. If you install yourself and your gang of thugs as king coconut over a tribe which has nuclear weapons and death star satellites in orbit, you've really pulled something off.

The psychopath-sociopath was an existing disease of large tribe Sapiens. He only acquired the potential to become a supervillain when the Neanderthal bastards were born.

You Cannot Legislate Around Low-Quality Citizens

If the general population of a nation are morons, then all they will have to offer for leadership will be morons with morons voting for them.

If a governor is so batsh*t crazy stupid he thinks anything that is effective on the battlefield is good enough to be cruising the skies overhead in America, he is not really competent to be holding that job.

The truth is that it is not just the governor who is a moron. The guy who mows lawns is a moron. The girl behind the sales counter is a moron. The priest who hears confessions is a moron. All they will be able to understand is arguments contrived by morons which are appealing to other morons. When morons attain critical mass the way they have in the Kwanstainia, that country is doomed. There is no legislation you could conceive of that would protect the country from having morons installed at every level of the instititutions from top to bottom.

Throughout recorded history, all such nations end with morons installing a dictatorship and shedding rivers of blood.

There is no cure for moron.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

China PWNed U.S. Military Technology.

What a shock. Nations acting in their own interests when you subcontract out the manufacture of weapons to them you intend to use to deter them or attack them with. Whooda thunkit. Only the Kwanstain is run by leadership this poor. There isn't another country on Earth led by people this dumb.

Corruption of FPGA devices means there isn't one of these chips in the world suited for military use and the 'Stain has been putting these chips into all the new tech for their military. Really, you couldn't make this stuff up. Nobody would believe anyone could be that stupid.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Friday, May 25, 2012

U.S. Army General Says Publicly That The Northern Hemisphere May Become Uninhabitable From Fukushima

Remember, Fukushima itself was never supposed to happen.

Yet it did.

Now, if the reactor explodes from heat and accumulated pressure underground, it looks to throw enough Cesium and other dirty salts into the atmosphere above the equator to pose a lethal hazard to people living there. We're talking six billion people without any proper air to breathe.

Where do you go?

At Vault-Co we foresaw a lot of things. This, we didn't foresee. Amongst the many ills we were aware of this constitutes something completely out of left field. We knew there would be many complications from tectonic events but this one did not occur to us.

Notice how no matter what is happening in life, you can't go wrong if you've got a vault.

Besides, I doubt if lethal gamma radiation contamination could make the country any worse.
"The bottom line is, unless you’ve got a fully stocked nuclear bunker and radiation suits, there’s not much you can do to prevent exposure – other than to get the heck out of Dodge."
In case you think it is a hoax, here's the link to the original press release.

On the other hand, this might keep the Chinese from attempting to seize Taiwan.

Merrily, Merrily, Life Is But A Dream

At the same time that Obama was cruising through Harvard with his gay lovers smoking marijuana, I was digging trenches in Europe for the Army and polishing boots. Although Obama has no evidence he was ever qualified in any regard to attend Harvard, when he was admitted I had just been scored as having an IQ over 160+ by a chief warrant officer in Kansas and had repeatedly attained perfect scores on nearly every Army aptitude test in the second half of my service. With the exception of my first test, I scored perfect on every physical fitness test I ever had until I was discharged and maxed out nearly every scale the military uses to gauge performance in any requirement.

When I was carrying dead rats out of fumigated basements in Brooklyn working on an odd-job demolition crew, Obama was trying to suck in secondhand dope smoke in-between blowjobs from his fellow freshmen. When Obama was skipping classes, playing cards and charming white preppy kids in the dormitory by simple virtue of being black, I was selling paperbacks out in front of Union Station in New York and pushing a quarter-ton wagon like a rickshaw cart to and from work each morning from 54th street. I was jobless, homeless and friendless. Most people would regard me as the most abject kind of human failure. I'm not arguing. At that point, I had stopped caring about such things. Esau's sin was his terrible indifference.

There is something wrong with this picture. It looks like Obama failed every single challenge in his life and in most cases, didn't even make an effort at all. This guy ended up President of the United States and a millionaire. There is something seriously wrong in all this. I don't mind being eclipsed by my betters. I think people who are smarter and more qualified than I am, as well as more interested in the job, should be the leadership.

I don't understand how people grotesquely inferior to me in every way end up as my masters throughout life. I don't get how somebody can be the sorriest excuse for a man you could possibly imagine and end up in the highest office in the country. How can you be President if you've never had a day job and slept in late every morning for the past half-century? There is something terribly wrong with all of this. You can see how I'd be a bit jaded about all of it after a while.

It. Doesn't. Make. Any. Sense.

Every time someone was promoted before me in the military, until I was the last soldier left, they always said to me, "The system is fair, private Blakemore. You just need to apply yourself a little harder." This usually came from guys who seem to fail constantly at even the smallest tests of their competency. I noticed in fact that the more I excelled, the farther I appeared to slide down the hierarchy until my exceptional performance became an embarrassment to everyone else who outranked me.

"Without exception, we found in our study of over a thousand corporations that all meaningful work was achieved by transient people, those who came in from the outside, fixed crisis situations, solved problems and advanced the company before being encouraged to move on. Our studies indicated that permanent staff at any corporation never accomplish any useful work at all other than collecting profits and assigning positions."

- Dr. Peter Lawrence, THE PETER PRINCIPLE

Odd breed, you Sapiens. Odd breed indeed. No hard feelings but it's a curious world you have built for yourselves.

The Death Of Sunspots

Now associated to correspond with the end of the interglacial period by most solid paleoclimatologists.

While globowarmthinkists have blathered on about gibberish, all around them real scientists have been making unprecedented breakthroughs in understanding the interplay of forces between the Sun and the Earth. The politicians don't absorb new ideas until they are packaged for the consumption of their tiny brains on public television. So for most of them, the year 1970 never really rolled over to 1971. Globowarmthinkery essentially emerged organically from the fertile imaginations of people who were otherwise incapable of learning new things. If you can't grasp it, you can make something up out of thin air and pretend it is explanatory. It is a kind of scientific sour grapes. If you are challenged and you don't actually understand science itself, you seek a "consensus." The incompetency is reflected in the response to suggestions of incompetency. Science has nothing to do with "consensus." That's a Homo Sapiens subterfuge. Neanderthals stand or fall on the merits of the idea itself.

All that stuff about the Sun and electromagnetic fields is complicated. It is so much easier to embrace a religion in it's place ... the new age druidism of Globowarmthinkery. That way, nobody ever finds out you are not really qualified to work in climatology by reason of short shrifted genetic endowment.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Exodus Begins With Bolshevist II Coup

Have you gotten out yet? If not, where do you plan to hide? I hope it's a vault somewhere.

The Schumer-Trotsky Expatriot Preventive bill has got them lining up in droves to get out. People who were sitting on the fence are now willing to swim out with the clothes on their back if it comes to that. The sight of armed drones over U.S. skies should help even the slowest halfwits realize that something has gone seriously wrong (about 30 years back) in the 'Stain.

This isn't the first time that the free, the best, the brave and the God-fearing have been driven out of that nation. For every man who is free in his mind and spirit and chooses out of his own conscience to repent and submit to Christ, there are ten thousand "religious" people who will never do so and yet they believe they speak for the elect because they are so numerous. They will never have a relationship with God, it is the free man who is the lone wanderer in the empty spaces, the individual with a soul who is the only type of man who can commune with and receive salvation. How can a creature who is pure instinct ever repent and turn away from his folly? Salvation is not possible for animals who have no souls, who are only an extension of the larger group. Since they never mean what they say, how can their repentance be sincere?

Medical Industry Makes Nazis Look Like Misguided Boy Scouts

If they killed a half a million people, do you think they could use their money to keep it out of the press? Wait, I think we missed a couple. See if you can get them another way.

The sheeple don't notice anything. They are too interested in tweeting gossip about Lady Gaga to notice much of anything that goes on in the real world.

They will probably be loading the boxcars for FEMA camps while internees cry and wail behind barbed wire - not for food or their freedom, but for their IPhones.

Same writer explains why the Kwanstain is so doomed it should just plow itself under and pull the dirt in behind it. In ten years, the Kwa will be a 3rd world backwater where the luckiest people will get to pull rickshaw carts for pennies an hour. That's the upbeat feelgood hit of the summer rose-colored glasses happy ending for the 'Stain.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

That Didn't Take Long

They are already arming them. They just recently took to the skies.

Let's see, the public was told to expect a sky filled with drones only in the last six months or so. All of a sudden, they were everywhere. The ink had barely cooled on the press releases and they announced non-lethal armaments.

How long do you think before they have lethal armaments?

Nothing Works Nowadays - Have You Noticed?

It's like a barbarian invasion in slow motion. Every single damn thing in the world around us seems to have been constructed by mental defectives who were using faded pictures they found in a magazine printed in Mandarin. Nothing really works anymore.

The next time you wonder why your laundry smells funky even after it has come through the wash, remember that Western governments mandated worldwide that your water heater is forbidden to heat water to a degree it would kill any germs. A moldy household is required by law. You couldn't make this stuff up. Seriously.

Zuckerberg made a billion dollars from air and social engineering with the help of people in high places - where's the motivation for people to show up at their day jobs?
"Soap doesn’t work. Toilets don’t flush. Clothes washers don’t clean. Light bulbs don’t illuminate. Refrigerators break too soon. Paint discolors. Lawnmowers have to be hacked. It’s all caused by idiotic government regulations that are wrecking our lives one consumer product at a time, all in ways we hardly notice. It’s like the barbarian invasions that wrecked Rome, taking away the gains we’ve made in bettering our lives. It’s the bureaucrats’ way of reminding market producers and consumers who is in charge."
The West is being run by the runts of the litter, the ugly puppies left in the basket when the good puppies have all been taken.

"This Is Not Supposed To Happen."

Interesting quake activity now takes place under the middle of oceanic plates.

You Will Know Them By Their Fruits

People who eat babies are evil people. They are born that way, which I guess makes it okay since the children of the Devil are "naturally" wicked by nature.

My thanks to a Vault-Co visitor who passed along the link. I had to check it out through a couple different sources before I could believe it. I had never heard of this before. It is so horrible it seems incomprehensible and reeks of satire. It is like something you might expect to read in THE ONION.

The son of the Devil himself has given his approval to these practices and seems to take pleasure in them himself as well as to take pleasure in the fact that other men do these horrific, vile, depraved things.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Is "Carrie" A Metaphor For Speciation?

I was just watching the remake of Stephen King's "Carrie" with Angela Bettis and saw it in a completely different light than the original thirty years ago. I thought about how both the casting of Bettis and Sissy Spacek unconsciously chose Amud looking females for the roles.

Basically, this is a story about a mob of Homo Sapiens who torment a Neanderthal Amud girl until she blows her lid and opens some kind of ancient Nephilim can of whupass on all of them, thrashing them all to death with firehoses and flying silverware.

It is never explained exactly from whence this ferocious hatred of Carrie White originates in the book or the movie other than her "difference." I think it is because the subtext is that the humans who watch the movie know perfectly well what is different about Ms.White. She has a soul and can think and the reader/viewer implicitly understands that the rest in opposition to her are sophisticated people emulators.

I see a lot of this subtext all the time nowadays. I think I can see the woods in spite of the trees after decades of being unable to consciously recognize any of it. We accept the reality we are presented with when we are growing up and we adopt the paradigms we are taught by convention to understand it. Unfortunately, all these received ideas are grossly inadequate to explain anything we see, hear or feel. Hence much of the frustration my kind of people have all their life, sensing the elusive truth to always be right outside the limits of their scope and unable to grasp it firmly. The brain seeks to sort the Tetris cubes of reality but nowadays there is a guy standing there with a megaphone telling us not to bother because none of them go together no matter what you do. I was nearly 47 years old when I realized, this guy is lying. We can understand many of these things, at least far better than we have in the past.

Jim Cramer Predicts Massive Panic For Europe In Next Couple Of Weeks

He says his sources are telling him there is going to be blood in the streets before the end of June.

I don't understand, what with the central socialist European Union paying off the losses of all the failed banks, isn't this exactly what all that commie cash was supposed to avoid? We have a de facto nationalization on three Western continents of all financiers that was never voted on or put to a referendum, spending up the gross national product for the next decade and all reputedly to prevent a collapse exactly like this one.

Somebody got paid, of that you can be sure. The other 99% can just suck it down.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Paul Craig Roberts On The Empire Of Fail

It is easy to gin up a war in a nation where the average IQ is 96. In the 1960's, 95 was considered the legal definition of a cretin. Many southern states required supporting documentation and a court appearance to issue a driver's license to such people and they had to approach the police to request a permit to acquire a gun, which could be refused based on their mental deficiency - it would stand up in court. A judge would think twice before allowing such people to carry weapons.

"Underwear bombs." Can you believe that crap? You gotta drink a lot of high fructose corn syrup before that sounds credible.

The Kwa is no place for decent human beings to live.

Bet on collapse for the 'stain.

The democratic system is just as legitimate in the U.S. as it is in Israel. It should be, after all ballots are counted by the same corporate groups in both countries in secret on proprietary systems. You have to count yourself lucky to live in Australia where it is easy to tell the elections are legitimate - they always vote for idiots here and that's who they get.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Is World War III Necessary?

Probably not, any more than WW2 or WW1. That never stopped the human race in the past.

The real tragedy of human nature is that fools only lose their thirst for war once they have lost everything else that matters to them. They realize then how utterly meaningless it is, when it is too late to make a difference. They sit in the rubble and weep at their own stupidity.

Wait, we're not done yet. This isn't the real tragedy.

The real tragedy is that mankind forgets whatever it supposedly "learned" from all this carnage every two generations. Forgets it altogether.

The difference now is nuclear weapons and other technology. That makes this generation's cyclic "lesson" a particularly bitter pill to swallow. Envy the survivors of the two previous world wars because they had a cakewalk compared to what this generation of men will be facing. They are ill prepared to face anything, much less global thermonuclear war.

Fukushima Ready To Blow For Good?

This is not good. Especially if you live in the northern hemisphere.

You might have to live belowground for a while if this thing goes off.

It's not a couple of days that will get you. It is living for weeks and then months in an environment with this kind of background radiation that will do you in.

People are suggesting it might be a tender mercy if the waves claim all of Japan and drag it down to a level where sea water can drown the reactor. Horrible to contemplate but the alternative could be even more horrible.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

People Who Want To Rule The World Always Have Personal Lives That Are Train Wrecks

Creepy globowarmthinkery tyrant killed his wife through proxy.

He was letting her try to raise his children without any money while he danced away with Cheryl Hines.

These people are always disgusting pigs behind the scenes. They want to run the lives of everybody else on the planet "for their own good" while they demonstrate they can't even manage their own affairs without scandal, treachery and betrayal.

This guy wanted to imprison people who disagreed with his sick, weird enviro-fascist ideology while he flew around in a private jet with his kids going hungry. A pig in human form. Globowarmthinkists are the scum of the earth.

Mike Judge's "Idiocracy" Was Off 500 Years

Half of Florida can't read. Who maintains industrial infrastructure and keeps the electricity flowing in a society like this?

They excel at making mouths. That's about it. Somebody else has to feed them.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Creepy, Creepy Globalism

They are miscreants, runts of the litter, the ugly puppies left in the basket that nobody wanted.

Globalism is a political philosophy like Marxism that appeals to the botched and the bungled. It beckons a new world where they will not be sad gammy-eyed failures at the general business of life. The belief that things will be better if only they could sit at the top and rule over all of it is tied to their conviction that otherwise they will always suffer from life like it is a disease they have contracted.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

The Real Manchurian Candidate

Barack Obama is not qualified for the office of President. He cannot run on the ballot in November. If he were a decent man he would tender his resignation immediately.

His literary agency used this biography right up until 2007 when Obama prepared his run for Presidency. Around the time a lot of gay men he knew died mysteriously. His own campaign for Senate described him as "Kenyan born." Was never qualified to run for President and the job he has done is about what you would expect from a Kenyan. His "digital copy" birth certificate is a joke, a terrible fraud.

This is the reason Andrew Breitbart was killed. I can only imagine what sort of proof they are sitting on.

This guy is worse than Pol Pot, Stalin and Caligula put together.

Notice how until the bitter end, the counter argument is that "the consensus says he wasn't born in Kenya." That's good enough for Sapiens.

Medvedev Warns Of Impending Nuclear War(s)

That's right, the Russians are talking WW3 and like all important news nowadays it never makes it to the front page. Strange that.

They're not the only ones telling the U.S. it is on a collision course with extinction.

When Homo Sapiens encounters stress, this creature goes to war. It is an immutable law that governs this creature's nature. When the only tool you have is a hammer, every problem seems to be a nail. It is a bear of little brain that never thinks at all before it acts. History is composed of mad charges of Sapiens lunatics at one another in the millions followed by Neanderthal historians who try to figure out what the hell that was all about in retrospect. Every war is the war to end all wars ... or rather the precedent for even bigger and grander wars that are yet to come. It's Sapiens. It's not supposed to make any sense.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

It's A Coincidence Everything You Get Fed Makes You Stupid, To Be Sure

High fructose corn syrup is harmless, just as the orthodoxy has been telling you since they introduced it.

Except a lot of people suspected all along the stuff makes you into a moron.

An accident. Just like all the other food additives that make you a moron. Once you've had enough, morons will dismiss the notion that their diet is making them into a moron because they are too moronic by that stage to realize they are morons. They believe the idea is moronic. Which is how it seems when you're a moron.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Unconscious Irony Of Bolshevism

Obama's administration doesn't know enough about human history to know what they don't know.

They don't know the world is a retrospective museum of two centuries of failure of marxist ideas. They don't know that prior failures have chosen the exact same slogans and catchwords to describe their failed ideas and failed programs. Obama appeals to "man's better angels" without knowing what enormous irony the phrase is laden with. People who know history know that man doesn't have any better angels and those who rely on such things eventually shed rivers of blood trying to find them. All the demons who have genocided millions during the past 100 years claimed to be seeking such things.

When Karl Marx, an unemployed bum idling on a farm in 1865, wrote Das Kapital it was during a period America was fighting the Indian Wars and before widespread indoor plumbing. Trying to understand how somebody other than a psychotic could think these ideas still rate as "progressive" is hard to fathom.

The ideas are inferior, backward and only appeal to people living in third world countries who are incapable of imagining opportunities to change their living conditions that originate with themselves possessing freedom of action and the right to spend their money how they wish. There are a lot of people living in third world nations who know subconsciously they are never going to grasp the gold ring by their own steam so they find it appealing to think some system of government will do it for them. Marxism is the ugly girl at the bar who is the only one left at three in the morning when the good girls have all gone home and it looks like Obama is dating her.

One of the great features of Marxism is that really stupid people can learn to memorize the slogans and convince the simpleminded they are people of understanding. Morons get to pretend that anyone can understand how economics work if they only drill themselves in the correct responses to the questions.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Planet's Heat Is Unbearable

Britain is too warm for clothing in the middle of May.

Last night I had to add a couple extra blankets to protect myself from the heat so I didn't get heatbite in my sleep or freeze solid from warmthinkery.

First comes the teetering. Then comes the tottering. It doesn't take much to flip the toggle switch into the other position. Inevitably it is not the flip that is the problem but rather the teetering that sits ready for any totter to toggle it. Our leadership has known all about this for some time.

Got This In Email Today

"Tex did a check and found out that site is now viewable on mobile device. Breathed a sigh of relief because my VC fix hunger is coming about every ten minutes. (Getting me in trouble during working hours). Now I can clandestinely have my IPhone on the VC page all day while I work and I get a little audible alarm when page is updated so I see new article immediately. Increased my productivity instantly.

Keep it up,

Tim, I apologize for infecting you with my insanity. No. Seriously.

How Easy It Is To Cull The Flock

What do you think the melonheads do with those big brains of theirs? They sit around and shape schemes to take it all away. It is like taking candy from a baby. Fools cooporate with their own destroyers because their destroyers tell them everybody else is doing it.

When push comes to shove, men find it easier to die than to think.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

God Selling Membership Vouchers Again!

Oh wait, I meant the Catholics are selling them on his behalf, as part of his franchise!

Just another reason I am proud I was born and raised a Catholic. Nothing beats super Jeebus points for racking up those frequent flyer miles in Heaven. Where the other religions fall over is when it comes to selling exemptions for sins with cold, hard cash. I guess Christ was wrong ... a rich man can pass through the eye of the needle into heaven ... if he's got wads of green in both fists when he's doing it. The eagle flies every payday for the magical Jeebus bus of indulgences and tax-free donations. There's mud in your eye, Martin Luther! Wait, I just thought of another way to expand our profits! Let's accuse random people of witchcraft and then seize all their property while we torture them!

I guarantee you Jesus Christ is doing a goggle-eyed doubletake right now ... "I don't even ... what? How do you get this from Sermon on the Mount? I'm supposed to be the jew! These people just make me feel tired."

Last Days of Rome Redux

President Gay of Kwanstainia has been crowned.

You knew it was coming. The down low brother is out of the closet. Remember we have been telling you for years about this on Vault-Co. His heterosexuality is no more real than his American citizenship. This is a foreign national born in Kenya who does not support the nuclear family.

My pet political peeve is marriage between people and farm animals just like in the last days of Rome. If a man and his goat love each other, where is the harm in legalizing their union so they have the same rights as any other couple? If a two women and a swan want to tie the knot, who are we to say that is ridiculous or insane? It's still love, people. The haters need to surrender because the end is coming and nothing is going to stop it.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Sloppy Cleanup of Workshop By Melonhead Techs

They are called "ooparts" and whenever they are found, they are conveniently "unfound" shortly thereafter.

What used to be a series of anecdotes in widely scattered references has now become something completely different because of the internet. Just as the UFO field fell apart when people had a chance to compare notes on the internet without getting the information secondhand, this field of archaeology has had life breathed into it as more and more people have been able to compile the data. It is apparent that this is not just an anecdotal story here and there but rather a colossal body of evidence assembled from everywhere in the world whenever somebody has dug a hole in the planet.

The same thing has happened with panspermia and Fred Hoyle's propositions. The internet has provided an indispensable hub where discoveries of amino acids, evidence of bacterial fossils and other anomalies in extraterrestial sources finally achieved critical mass and resulted in the orthodoxy tacitly conceding there is something to it. Of course this is after they have been destroying careers for decades in others who said the same thing earlier than they did.

I realized about 2002 that the evidence for ancient civilizations as complex as ours or better was abundant everywhere you looked and literally in plain sight. You couldn't miss it. People were so close to the trees they had long since learned to ignore the woods. The evidence was not compelling, it was decisive.

The confusing thing about our declining civilization is that there is so much use of ancient technology it appears most of the population has never really moved into the modern era at all.

The King of all Medicines

The castor bean appears on the walls of ancient temples in India where it is called "Wondrous Oil" in Sanskrit, recommended for almost any affliction of man.

In China it is called "The Infinite Healer" and it was regarded as the king of all medicines.

Europe called it "The Hand of Christ" for the way it could often reverse the buboles of the black plague and restore a human being who was literally on their death bed. Castor oil was rushed to the wealthy with plague by their physicians who paid for it to be brought from other cities at great expense - the poor cursed them as their own children lay dying because they could not afford it. It is no surprise - castor oil's unbelievable stimulation of the lymph glands and immune system T-cells is now a very well documented phenomenon. The secret ingredient is a very special kind of fatty acid called "Rinolineic Acid" that in the natural state before processing is a deadly poison. Once processed it is possibly the most miraculous substance on earth, essentially a powerful solvent that soaks into body tissues and kills all bad stuff without harming the good stuff. Pharmaceutical companies tamper with this molecule slightly to make it patentable and then sell it to people as toxic drugs with horrible side-effects which costs thousands of dollars and are responsible for the huge increases in medical costs over the past half-century. They are selling people something for a grand an ounce they used to buy down at the corner drug store by the quart bottle for fifty cents at the turn of the last century.
It has been suggested by some that at the start of the new century, doctors were sitting idle with no clients for years at a time and many general practitioners earned no more money than a common day laborer because of a generation raised on good nutritious food and castor oil. Nobody ever got sick and it was killing the medical profession, so the medical profession decided to start killing everybody else by giving away "free" vaccinations right after the start of the 20th century. What, nobody told you the original vaccination programs were always "free" and heavily promoted by doctors who pooled their money to pay for advertising of these "free" vaccination schedules? A short time afterwards the world caught a little bug called the Spanish Influenza and most of those who died from it had gotten "free" vaccinations the previous year 1917. Funny the parts they leave out of history. Today, the only people who enjoy the kind of health that our fathers used to take for granted are the Amish, who avoid vaccines and doctors and raise their kids on castor oil. Doctors are one of the wealthiest professions you can go into and they get paid whether their patients live or die, it doesn't matter. Doctors get paid no matter what happens in the modern era.

You will hear it said that this plant originates in tropical Africa. That's a lie. The castor bean was brought by early dutch settlers four centuries ago to the Freaka and it has simply been allowed to grow in the wild without anyone cutting it back. The evidence indicates the castor bean may have first "developed" (been engineered?) in the Caucasus Mountains a couple hundred thousand years ago. Wouldn't surprise me in the least to discover this was originally a special melonhead staple which only those with royal oblong heads could consume. (No skull deformed children need apply.)

What happened to this stuff? Turns out, modern citizens of the West have not had access to it for fifty years unless they know what to buy.

You see, as part of the improvementation process of our society, some sharp operators decided back in the 1960's that the ancient method of cold pressing the oil was not very profitable and they proposed to remove castor oil in a tenth the time at a tenth the expense, by heating it and using a solvent called Hexane to dissolve it into "oil" much quicker than our ancestors had done it for thousands and thousands of years. In doing so of course they totally destroyed all medicinal value of the plant, leaving basically a Hexane contaminated oil in it's place that you would be unwise to even use in a lawnmower.

Not long after they stopped producing real castor oil that had been a staple in medicine for at least nine thousand years, doctors began pointing out all the benefits of castor oil had clearly been exaggerated for many centuries. After all, this crap simply doesn't work, they said. Why, I've had patients take it and it has actually made them ill, which is what you would expect from what was basically an industrial waste oil that was being labeled "Castor Oil." The doctors breathed a sigh of relief. Now we can start prescribing our own medicines instead of that ultra cheap quack's cure. Their own research showed most of these medicines were no more effective than "Castor" (Hexane) oil at curing anything but taking their poisons gave you the satisfaction of thinking to yourself, "Well, at least I'm not on those old wives tales medicines like castor oil! Hah! Gosh modern people are scienmajistical to the extreme!"

If you buy castor oil, make sure it is distinctly labeled as "cold-pressed" and "hexane free."

Where to start? Okay, ever worry you may be harbouring who knows what kind of parasites in your intestinal tract over the course of your entire life? Castor oil has been demonstrated to purge anything in your intestines that is not intestines. It can actually cause explosive diarrhea when overused and lab studies have documented tapeworms literally being blasted out of people's anuses which have likely been in there for decades. The blackshirts in Italy under Mussolini used to pull communists out of their houses in the 1930's and force feed them castor oil until they crapped themselves in public for the next couple of days, to prove that they really were "full of sh*t."

If you will visit the link above, you will find that castor oil is quite capable of fixing nearly anything external or internal in your body, whatever it might be. A lot of followers of Edgar Cayce have adhered to his recommendations of castor oil packs for many years and probably been much healthier than the general population because of it. Have you ever heard followers of Edgar Cayce described as "baby faced old spinsters with pink cheeks and gullible dispositions?" It is likely all that castor oil these people are taking. Lots of people have noticed that the elderly women who love Cayce as a spiritual teacher always look awfully young for their age. In this instance, it is possible that Cayce may have actually gotten something right.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

99% Certainty of Life on Mars

Fred Hoyle was right. There is life everywhere in the universe.

It is self-organizing. Given sufficient time, a multicelled organism will need complex limbs to manipulate it's environment. The simplest design is generic, with limbs able to fashion what is needed from surrounding elements without dedicated functionality. The simplest complex limb is a pad with an opposable thumb.

Complex limbs need to be distinct from locomotion in order to do both at the same time. This means walking erect and keeping some limbs free of the stresses of impact with the ground.

Now sexual dichotomy permits males to pursue food while females nurture young. Colder climates require greater intelligence, child nurture and group altruism than warmer climates.

Of course, what follows is most critical of all to improving the quality from here on in : What sexual selection method is best? Rape or female partnering? Obviously, female initiated choice will be superior to simply allowing the biggest males to rape at random.

Once they are bipeds with sexual dichotomy, you can go the Neanderthal route and end up with better people or go the Sapiens route which is a genetic dead end.

We are a freakish anomaly in-between. A race of genetic losers coupled with genetic winners. So we have traits of both. The Sapiens is outbreeding the Neanderthal, as always. So brain size has been shrinking for 20,000 years without any sign of a bottom. What was gained by splicing in the Neanderthal is being lost through Sapiens just being sapiens.

The biggest handicap of Homo Sapiens is that his tribe sizes are so large socially they actually permit the existence of specialized internal predators and parasites. Neanderthals had no psychopaths and sociopaths. Homo Sapiens is incapable of reaching a stable social configuration for this reason. The same social faculties that make such large tribes possible practically guarantee failure at the hands of internal predators.

"Modern" Medicine Inferior To Dark Ages

Doctors will kill your babies and then they will kill you.

When you are lying on a gurney getting "gamma radiation" for your malignant cancer (did they get this idea from reading comic books, that radiation will cure cancer?) they will tell you that you should have gotten more exercise and eaten more carbohydrates.

Doctors get everything wrong about everything. Whatever the subject, they always have it 180 degrees ass-backwards.

Solar Shotgun Pointed At Earth

I assure you there is an X-Class flare coming in the next year that is going to break all records. Be underground when that thing hits the magnetic field.

Everyone accepts it, talks about it, concedes it is coming. Preparing for it means you are crazy. I just don't get that.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Bacteria are Decidedly Superior Forms of Life Because They Are The Winnarz

It's true, beeyotch.

They're going to win and Sapiens will lose because Sapiens has less brains collectively speaking than these creatures do acting as a kind of fuzzy logic neural network.

Bacteria can evolve faster than Sapiens pharmaceuticals research cycles can bring products out that don't kill people. Remember, we need them as a critical part of our digestion but they don't need us and that's why they won't miss us when we're gone.

The first casualty in this war will be the pharmaceutical companies themselves. It has been seen before in warfare that sometimes losing a crappy soldier on your team can actually improve your combat effectiveness. Our leadership is our weakest link in the West. They are practically delivering us over to our enemy bound and gagged.


(no link)

I just like running pictures of her. This woman really is the poster girl for Globowarmthinkery worldwide. She epitomizes the sort of academics you suspect are behind it.

This is not an ugly stick. This is an ugly hammer and it was bolted to the front of a speeding truck when it hit her face. Whatever nature gave her, I cannot understand why she would screw it up like that when she knows somebody is taking her photo.

I do want to say when I was in the military, I saw identical brain damage in people who had indulged frequently in LSD. It can cause serious harm to your facial muscles and leaves many people permanently disfigured in this fashion. Other soldiers who used to offer me the stuff all the time didn't know it but their faces were like walking billboards to encourage others to "just say no" to drugs.

Al Gore Or Unabomber?

This is a fun online quiz.

Hint : They are both clinically nuts so there isn't a shred of difference between them. Both of them are psychopaths looking to resolve their internal states of hysteria by using violence against those who differ.

Europe Slip-Sliding Away

The European Union is a suicide pact.

When it breaks up, nationalists are going to make a comeback so violent it will rattle teeth in Buckingham Palace. These guys will be informed by history and they won't show any restraint this time.

We always knew this was coming at Vault-Co. I can distinctly remember imagining this sort of situation back in 1992 when contemplating the European Union. I thought it would turn out to be the biggest shot-in-the-arm for nationalists worldwide that had ever been seen in history.

You see, any generation that believes it has outgrown "history" (as ours does) is inevitably doomed to repeat it. To believe that human beings learn from history means you have not learned from history. To think you have reduced human nature to something manageable means you have not comprehended human nature and lack the wisdom to manage anything.

Imagine all this happening in tandem with changes in the natural world at the same time.

Death Kult Pharmacy Expands Product Line

It should be pointed out that in the Old Testament the vilest fate of them all reserved to the damned is to eat the flesh of babies. It is regarded by God as the most profound of debasements and a sign that his wrath is about to fall on you.

All around us, we see signs that the modern order is returning to barbarism. Sure, it often has a light patina of sophistication but more than anything else it resembles an unraveling of the most basic standards of conduct associated with civilization. You can be sure all those previous civilizations felt the same way ... "No, you don't understand, it isn't what it looks like, child sacrifice and cannibalism. It is actually different from that, although I don't seem to be able to explain how. I'm not some kind of mindless savage."

Ah, but you are. You are and we know you by your fruits.

Death Kult Blitzkreig

This guy and his book are getting "splattered" all over the media in all available formats

I just saw him on Jon Stewart's Commie Comedy Hour Show. They had heroic music playing when he entered like he had personally killed Hitler after crawling into Berlin armed with only a buck knife. I had to watch a couple of minutes before I realized he had written a book about having two gay moms(?). Stewart was gushing over him like he and his "moms" had solved the cold fusion problem and discovered anti-gravity. Stewart had only a few minutes before been lauding the President's declared aim to "skirt around our failed Congress" to get his tyrannical, draconian LGBT legislation passed. You know, the elected representatives. That's right. The President believes his office has the power to simply route around the Congress. You couldn't make this stuff up.

If you visit the site, my first impression is that this was a marriage of two gay men. I had to look really closely before I realized they were females.

Seriously, if you'll just stand way back, you gotta laugh really hard at all this. It is an extremely hilarious parody of a sane planet. It's like a colossal Monty Python skit about the madness of the end-times. If we have a magnetic reversal or solar flare soon it will practically be a mercy killing.

If there really were aliens up there in orbit, they're probably crashing constantly on this planet because they are laughing themselves so paralytic they lose control of their ships.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Who Is The Original Man?

Many of you are curious to know why I believe Homo Saps is a chimera, a golem engineered for a purpose. It is merely because all the evidence indicates that is the case. Homo Saps seems to be the product of several different gene combinations to produce a new, crazy critter which was customized to exterminate the Neanderthal. They got spear chuckers from Africa, social skills from Asians and put it into a blender with Rhesus monkey genes to produce Homo Saps. Homo Sapiens was a monster, Neanderthals were the "normal ones.The evidence says that there was Homo Sapiens in the African but no Neanderthal in anybody but Sapiens. There is no evidence of any kind of gene exchange with Africa from Neanderthal to the natives there at that time.

Notice that fraud Paabo is still working in the field. Incredible you could stage a hoax bigger than Piltdown Man and in a few years be up standing with the authorities coolly discussing the complete collapse of the hoax you perpetrated.

I quote ...
"Rozzi believes the jawbone provides crucial evidence that humans attacked Neanderthals, and sometimes killed them, bringing back their bodies to caves to eat or to use their skulls or teeth as trophies. 'For years, people have tried to hide away from the evidence of cannibalism, but I think we have to accept it took place,' he added."
In all fairness, Homo Sapiens is the end result of the exterminator going back to breed with the females of those he was supposed to exterminate. They couldn't even do one thing right. They took the females instead of killing them as they were commanded to do. I can see their melonhead masters rolling their eyes now.

A lot of work has gone into concealing the truth for centuries and covering up what Homo Sapiens and the Neanderthals really were. It pales beside the massive coverup of the origins of the melonheads ... or the other name they were known as .... "the serpent people." It is a very politically sensitive subject. Although almost everyone from Europe has some ancestry both Neanderthal and Melonhead, there is one particular group that has not interbred. It has kept the original strain nearly intact. I think that the modern day "serpent people" do not want the peasants knowing that ancient civilizations run by both Neanderthals and Sapiens later on were far more egalitarian, "democratic" and prosperous than any of the current toilets we live in trying to pass themselves off as societies. They don't want you to know it wasn't always like this.

How hard has the media and orthodoxy endeavoured to ignore the melonheads? Consider this - halfway down the page here - there are parts of South America where the corpses of seven foot tall redhaired melonheads stick up out of graveyards and are exposed to the rain where anyone can photograph them, anytime of the day, unrestricted!

Why Are Melonheads so Melony?

It's obvious. As human brain size increased from generation to generation, your ergonomic direction would have been to pack the new mass into an oblong head perched atop the spine. It would have required stronger neck muscles and greater balance to stabilize this large head for walking and even running. It is not that a melonhead might not have been able to walk and run, certainly this design with the skull elongated is feasible up to a point. One of the limiting factors on the increase in brain mass would have been the skull being so large it was unwieldy.

Pumpkinheads would have looked ridiculous. We know because some skulls remain of this direction of development. Numerous problems with a skull shaped like a Thunderbirds puppet.

It is also apparent that as skull shape moves in this direction you increasingly become ill-suited to manual labor or vigorous movement. You're going to need to find somebody with a smaller head to do your work for you. Your mind is full of plans and you're not going to realize them by trying to do it all yourself the way a Neanderthal would. You need delegation of tasks to creatures more mobile and obedient.

Here are the other benefits of the oblong skull:

1. It was the only way the mother of a such a creature could survive childbirth. If it is a problem with the ordinary skulls of Homo Sapiens, imagine a woman trying to give birth to a child with a spherical skull.

2. Retention of ordinary human symmetry in the face, lending itself to communication and social class stratification. People would have perceived melonheads as being one of "them," except higher in social rank and superior in cognition. (Exactly as they do today, as a matter of fact, with the far less melonous) If they had been pumpkinheads it is likely that humans may have swiftly come to view them as an alien species, not a man.

3. Expanding back instead of uniformly outward, you provide for a slower evolutionary process including minor adaptations of the nerve cord in the spine, allowance for changes during growth to accommodate brain tissue movements and no need for any radical advances from one generation to the next. It is not as if the melonhead was a complete overhaul of the way the human nervous system works in order for them to survive. It permitted gradual expansion from a smaller brain mass to a larger brain mass.

4. Lastly, the wealthy can buy their way into higher social classes by paying doctors to practice skull deformation on their growing children. Throughout history, one basic principle of social organization amongst humans they insist on is the right for people with bad genes but lots of money to gain mobility into higher tiers on the class ladder through artificial means. This is why we see skull deformation practiced worldwide throughout ancient history. It is the equivalent of prep courses for the SATs. We can assume that the true melonheads were elite, buried in a remote location and considered a breed apart but this didn't stop rich kids with fake squeezed heads from mingling in the upper classes and assuming many positions of responsibility.

Again, the hard proof will come someday when the global graveyard for melonheads is discovered. This will alter all human history in an instant and confirm all the theories I have put forward here on the blog.

"The Avengers" Rife With Subliminals

I saw "The Avengers" today. It was a crap movie, vacuous rubbish. I figured with it doing so well at the box office it would have to be at least a decent film. Not even close. If you've seen the trailer, you know what happens in the movie and it isn't much of anything.

The script was a bizarre fortean blend of references to global governance, the human need for subjugation and various secret school symbolisms. These completely incongruous elements were haphazardly thrown together with a plot that was barely comprehensible and seemed like it had been written by a child.

I really liked Christopher Nolan's "The Dark Knight." I thought it showed intelligence and respect for the genre and was authentically concerned with the motivations of people both good and bad. The refusal of people on both ferries to blow up the other was genuinely uplifting at the climax and rarely seen anymore in Hollywood films. The concession of Batman at the end to assume the role of the villain was very much consistent with everything that had happened. The film was a reminder of what movies are actually supposed to do for the people who pay to watch them. The only part of it I didn't enjoy was the clearly engineered plot device that made it seem noble to bug everybody's phone in Gotham "because of the crisis." Was obvious this was inserted after the second draft by some screwy human tapeworm in the background, just like the references to "necessary torture" you've seen in recent Hollyweird flicks. You're dreaming if you think there is creative freedom there in sodomite central. The government must be insisting on final review of every script.

In fact, other than the creepy subliminal messages in "The Avengers," I didn't find a single thing of merit in watching it. You can always catch it on cable later if there is nothing on so I wouldn't advise you to waste any money on it.

Saturday, May 5, 2012


Solar storms have only recently been recognized as a problem and it is obvious that the Sun is ready to lob a few our way in the very near future.

Our already unstable magnetic field is just one brief flash of electromagnetic energy away from a polarity flip or an excursion.

You have to admit that when it rains it pours on this planet. It is enough to make you wonder if all these things are somehow intimately connected.

It is perfectly okay to predict it, declare it imminent, explain how catastrophic it is going to be and concede it is inevitable. If you prepare for it, you must be crazy. The thing about 99% of the population is ... they just don't make any kind of sense. Ever. On any subject. Examined closely, all of their ideas are so insipid they are impossible to articulate without feeling shame and embarrassment.

Who is expecting ITZ?

Your lips are saying no but your eyes are saying yes. Plus you bought 450 million rounds of ammunition.

This is like that thing your old friend Tex was talking about ten years or so ago. Nobody likes an "I told you so," but of course I did tell you so.

Sucks When Your Religion Is Debunked

The most devout of secularists is on the back foot and waffling nowadays. This media shill is desperately backpedaling to warn people not to jump to conclusions. It's too late for that. They have fallen behind the conversation.

No reasonable person with the capacity for objective thinking would attempt to make the case there is no supreme being in light of what we now know about the universe. Only the most zealous radical humanists continue to cling to such pagan notions.

Of course, this in no way implies for an instant that any of the world's religions have it right. That's something that men will always have to take on faith.

Here's what we do know:

1. There is a supreme being of some kind. All we can say for certain is that whatever it is, it seems to like us quite a bit. It has given us a universe amicable to our existence.

2. It appears that in "liking" us that it may have some anthromorphic qualities we are not projecting onto it. It seems capable of giving a damn and is capable of "like" as opposed to the complete indifference one would expect of a creature so superior we cannot comprehend it.

3. It appears to be quite outside the flow of time altogether, leading one to suspect that time itself is just another convenience it has created for us as part of the cosmic terrarium it has put together for us to exist in. This is another tipoff that whatever that thing is up there, it's basically inherently nice and generous. It isn't Nyarlathotep or Cthulu. It is something very abundant in mercy.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Kwanzanian Girls Forced To Double Task "Jobs"

Hard times produce innovative new opportunities for Kwanstain females. Makes it more important than ever to be specific about what you want on your dog. If Obama had a son he would probably look like Catherine Scalia.

The future looks brighter every day. Kwanzanians know how to make do. We can start to see the light at the end of the tunnel now. It's an approaching train.

Also, new resourcing on the horizon for Kwanstainian youth who might otherwise go underutilized.

False Flag In The Works To Frame Iran?

It would certainly seem so.

I wonder where these idiots plan to set this thing off. They will probably pick a very unlikely spot to create surprise and terror at the unexpected nature of the target.

It looks like this story has been confirmed by several different sources including Gordon Duff. It's not just one guy generating the story, it has been confirmed in a couple different venues.

I don't think this looks like cointel just to scare people. It really appears they got caught making off with it and too many people leaked it to shut them all up.

Quite a few broken arrows out there now floating around. All no doubt melted down to beat into plowshares, I am sure.

Open Plot To Scrap Britain With Emperor

I can't understand what is so surprising in all this for ordinary people.
Did they really believe the people behind the European Union were motivated by altruism?

They are former marxists staging a revenge coup through stealth, plain and simple. Modern people are dumb enough to fall for it.

Melonheads have been planning to return their slaves to the stables for almost a hundred years. H.G. Wells inspired their plans with his socialist utopian schemes early at the start of the last century.

From where I am standing it seems to me the opposition has been zip to nil - the modern population is practically brain-dead flatlined. All good men have retired from the field and left politics to the scum of the earth. Those who have not given up have been destroyed, killed or simply ruined.

God bear witness to my sincerity, what I would not give for an aircraft hangar with a dozen fully loaded Liberty Primes all fueled up and ready to party at my command. It's not just about kicking commie ass, it is about kicking commie ass while broadcasting mojo slogans at 1000+ decibels to wipe out a century of their whispering sibilant bullsh*t in ten minutes of glory. I'd send them wading right across the channel towards Brussels. Get'em boys. It will do them some good to be on the receiving end for a change.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

London Regresses to 14th Century

Disease and pestilence return as though they had never left, except these diseases are superbugs that could never be conquered with a little fresh air and improved nutrition. Misuse of the drugs that used to work against these conditions has left the planet with nothing in their arsenal to deter them from killing indiscriminately.

Now, more than ever survivors in the West need to concentrate on building their immune systems through natural methods. To have great health and sturdiness is better than all the injections you could ever get.

Aggravating Conditions That Led To WW3

As predicted here on Vault-Co over ten years ago.

They are trying to encircle Russia.

The stupidity of this strategy boggles the mind. It is a sluiced rail to the third World War. Does the Kwanstain really believe they can win that war? Or is it that they are so crazy they just don't care anymore and think that if the government and administration survives in their bunkers that is all that will matter? The other 300 million are extraneous now anyway. I expected that development ten years ago as well - the dismissal of the sheeple. Your services will no longer be required and it is not cost efficient to spend one penny keeping you alive a single day after your usefulness has expired. That $1.00 per capita that was formerly spent on civil defense for you is earmarked for far more important concerns.

It is for this reason that every minor, nameless peasant ... like myself ... requires a vault. Everything else is a luxury item in comparison.

UPDATE : Whatta shock, whooda thunkit

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Are You Seeing Yet?

I honestly don't understand how it is possible at this point in time for somebody to miss it.

Okay, sure maybe ten or twenty years ago it was only your fringe weirdos and very strange outsiders who knew something fishy was happening. As always, it is the people the farthest from the center who have the perspective.

But now? I just can't imagine it. A person still insisting this is just wild speculation? Nobody is that slow. You'd think such a person would regularly forget to breathe.

Who Needs Engineering & Science?

They're just evil patriarchial aspects of imperialist Western oppressors.

You couldn't make this stuff up and it would be funny if it were happening on another planet.

Learn to see the decline, people. It is impossible to keep flush toilets, air conditioning, reliable electrical power, escalators and a plentiful distribution system of affordable food on the same continent as this rubbish. It's all junk culture by people whose homelands were miserable failures for thousands of years when they evacuated them. You've simply imported bad ideas and flawed misunderstandings into a successful nation. These crappy ideas didn't work back home and they won't work when they are moved onto different real estate, either.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Garlic Wins Again, Quacks and Cranks Lose

Garlic doesn't build antibiotic resistance because it is not really an antibiotic at all in the pharmaceutical sense.

The best way to get it is through the bulbs, second best is through capsules.

#1 Counterfeiter In The World : Kwanstainia

Nobody prints and distributes more fakes and forgeries of currency and bonds than the United States does of their own documents.

If you don't know what sort of picture of desperation is painted by this revelation, you are never going to understand what is going on around you.

The CIA found a long time ago the best way to get funding by the shortest route is simply print your own fake ZOGBux and pay people with them.

Even the gold bullion they pretend to pay the most adamant creditors with are worthless tungsten bars.

Zinc dimes and quarters, bonds with no payout date, faked dollars coming from the U.S. Mint no less.

If you think these are the symptoms of a problem that is just going to fix itself in the future, you have no reason to visit this blog ever again.

'Stain Sheeple Stripped Of All Constitutional Rights

There's a reason they made it the Second Amendment. It's the resort when the First Amendment is banned.

The Founding Fathers knew perfectly well what goes on in the human heart and they also knew perfectly well what kind of degraded scum flock to politics. That's the reason they made it the Second Amendment. It guarantees the first by proximity.

What sort of person wants to ban speech? Criminals, thugs and villains, that's who.

Nobody has banned Freedom of Speech. President Obama has committed an impeachable crime, that's all. He has placed himself higher than the Constitution. A man can always go a little higher with the help of some rope and a stout tree. Now that's a moonwalk that I would like to watch.

This guy's administration is somewhere between Stalin and Caligula.

All The 'Stain Needs Now Is 300 million Jobs

Game, Set, Match.

Where the Kwanstain is going, it won't be coming back from.

Left Wing Reporters Waste Time Calling 911

Hopes that the poh-leesh will protect them from the diversity wonderland, gets severely beaten. Notice how thousands of people can be beaten in "retribution" attacks nationwide and the only one that makes the paper is when the media themselves is beaten. Even then, only as an opinion piece! The only call that is effective in these conditions is a local collect call to Smith & Wesson. Embrace your destroyers and you will be destroyed. The universal multicultural definition of insanity is to keep trying the same failed approach and hoping the results will be different next time. The Kwanstain is not going to give up on the multikult simply because it doesn't work. That would make sense.