Monday, May 14, 2012

Got This In Email Today

"Tex did a check and found out that site is now viewable on mobile device. Breathed a sigh of relief because my VC fix hunger is coming about every ten minutes. (Getting me in trouble during working hours). Now I can clandestinely have my IPhone on the VC page all day while I work and I get a little audible alarm when page is updated so I see new article immediately. Increased my productivity instantly.

Keep it up,

Tim, I apologize for infecting you with my insanity. No. Seriously.


Uber Charity said...

I used to read VC on a crappy little LG flip phone. The iPhone does make it nice to have a little dose of crazy during the work day :-)

Ave said...

Interesting skull shape :

Ave said...

Yet another interesting skull shape, quite the opposite of the previous

Just documenting things as they come, I have no definite theory about phrenology. If you think it's misplaced just say it.

Texas Arcane said...

It's funny how the thuggish "eyes-set-in-dough" face and prominent cheek ridges that is clearly cro-magnon is invariably labeled "neanderthal."

Most people looking at those pictures of Nazis would use the word "Neanderthal" when in fact it is the face of cro-magnon.

The Neanderthal face is the sensitive, soulful, round-eyed vulnerable one.

Ave said...

"The Neanderthal face is the sensitive, soulful, round-eyed vulnerable one."

Tex, would you consider the singer here to be of the Neanderthal type ? (given your previous post on Neanderthal women) :

Ave said...

BTW, in the second image I linked to , the skull is very low, it almost stops above the brow, it wasn't provided as a Neanderthal example.

The first image has a stranger skull configuration IMHO.

Texas Arcane said...

I think she would be in that family tree. Around the eyes and cheeks.

Ave said...

"Around the eyes and cheeks."

Exactly what I had in mind as well.

Texas Arcane said...

One thing I was thinking about today is how when a person has both Neanderthal features and a Cro-Magnon skull, they end up visually pleasing to no one. You would find a consensus that sometimes a woman cro-magnon can be attractive and certainly a Neanderthal female, but a blended even hybrid of both is almost universally considered ugly in men and in women. I am trying to think of an example and nothing in celebrities comes to mind. If I can think of somebody I will.

This is only anecdotal but I have noticed on more than one occasion that when people have this combined appearance, they also have bipolar mood swings from maudlin sentimentality to cruel brutality. It is like the two natures are blended to the detriment of both of them and neither of them really works properly. You end up with a creature that can't decide if it is coming or going. These are the types that make for mean drunks.

Ave said...

"One thing I was thinking about today is how when a person has both Neanderthal features and a Cro-Magnon skull, they end up visually pleasing to no one."

We can view this as a curse, for instance of having dreams but no means to fullfil them, or no rationality to consider some of them not feasible.

Perhaps we all are hybrids, but some have a higher (or critical / threshold) proportion of Neanderthal in themselves than others.

The more I think about types, the more I think about stereotypes and how Hollywood manufactures them.

Tim Burton for instance takes introverted or Neanderthal characters (Edward Scissorhands as an example) and has them played by extraverted Sapiens types. I have yet to see its latest, but judging from its trailer we have a Neanderthal-type woman (Eva Green) playing an extroverted lusty Sapiens, and Jonnhy Depp playing the hollow-eyed "vampire" who built up an empire with his work.

From the 80's on, types have been miscasted as if on purpose.

Koanic said...

Here's a list of people I've identified as Neanderthals. I have pics.

tim ferriss
mencius moldbug
mark manson
marilyn manson
cal newport
ron paul
Theo Epstein
arthur schopenhauer
Dr. Albrecht Schröte
leonardo da vinci
benjamin franklin
william jennings bryan
Czeslaw Milosz
Gilbert Murray
George Washington
Amos Kendall
Sigmund Freud
stonewall jackson
albert einstein
andrew jackson
Jacques Lacan
jacques derrida
arnold schwarzenegger
Steve Carrell

Tex, whatever you can give us on the other skull shapes and psychic archetypes would be tremendously appreciated.