Sunday, May 27, 2012

First Dispatch : World War Z Begins?

Has magnetic madness started?

Oh wait, no it's just a typical day in Florida.

The real rabid nuts have the sense to keep their clothes on while they are talking.


JimBob said...

If they invade Iran, I think it will be the one that finally tips them over the edge.

There will be austerity, followed by bloody rebellion and politicians doing the hangman's dance.

chauncey gardner said...

While the clueless retards sneer, the Illuminati are planning to spend quality time when the rest of mankind is struggling with radioactive fallout and hordes of rampaging zombies:

Ghostwriter said...

A lunatic eating someone´s face, exactly the type of new´s one might expect from within the Empire. Dark, so very dark. But atleast they usually always manage to entertain us. Poor bastards.