Friday, May 4, 2012

False Flag In The Works To Frame Iran?

It would certainly seem so.

I wonder where these idiots plan to set this thing off. They will probably pick a very unlikely spot to create surprise and terror at the unexpected nature of the target.

It looks like this story has been confirmed by several different sources including Gordon Duff. It's not just one guy generating the story, it has been confirmed in a couple different venues.

I don't think this looks like cointel just to scare people. It really appears they got caught making off with it and too many people leaked it to shut them all up.

Quite a few broken arrows out there now floating around. All no doubt melted down to beat into plowshares, I am sure.


JimBob said...

Another commentator I follow claims, Germany and Russia have teamed up to oppose the Anglo Elite's (Israel, New York, City of London) NWO grab.

So I really don't know what to make of this story. A German submarine goes missing with an atomic bomb on board? Russia is no friend of Israel and Germany has been shifting her allegiance to Russia.

JimBob said...

Why did Gordon Duff put that crap at the bottom about aliens? Is he trying to discredit the story?

Rowan said...

Walking on the streets of Sydney's CBD today, I saw some men handing out flyers, they had posters of Obama with a Hitler moustache. The poster said "Stop WWIII, Remove Obama".


Also, I hate this place, I could emulate these people with a Perl script.

Texas Arcane said...

The best way to get over your hatred of Sydney people is to visit the Gold Coast. You will realize everything is relative.

Simon said...

Sydney, once a utopia; now, third world scumhole.

Put the GDR between yourself and the entire Eastern Seaboard, as a matter of survival.

Rowan said...

Think I'll pass Tex, 6 more weeks and I'm leaving Australia to go live on an island in the middle of nowhere. I think about it everyday.