Thursday, May 24, 2012

Exodus Begins With Bolshevist II Coup

Have you gotten out yet? If not, where do you plan to hide? I hope it's a vault somewhere.

The Schumer-Trotsky Expatriot Preventive bill has got them lining up in droves to get out. People who were sitting on the fence are now willing to swim out with the clothes on their back if it comes to that. The sight of armed drones over U.S. skies should help even the slowest halfwits realize that something has gone seriously wrong (about 30 years back) in the 'Stain.

This isn't the first time that the free, the best, the brave and the God-fearing have been driven out of that nation. For every man who is free in his mind and spirit and chooses out of his own conscience to repent and submit to Christ, there are ten thousand "religious" people who will never do so and yet they believe they speak for the elect because they are so numerous. They will never have a relationship with God, it is the free man who is the lone wanderer in the empty spaces, the individual with a soul who is the only type of man who can commune with and receive salvation. How can a creature who is pure instinct ever repent and turn away from his folly? Salvation is not possible for animals who have no souls, who are only an extension of the larger group. Since they never mean what they say, how can their repentance be sincere?

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HalibetLector said...

Exodus to where, though? Everywhere else seems just as fucked and those that aren't are hostile to outsiders (for good reason).