Friday, May 25, 2012

The Death Of Sunspots

Now associated to correspond with the end of the interglacial period by most solid paleoclimatologists.

While globowarmthinkists have blathered on about gibberish, all around them real scientists have been making unprecedented breakthroughs in understanding the interplay of forces between the Sun and the Earth. The politicians don't absorb new ideas until they are packaged for the consumption of their tiny brains on public television. So for most of them, the year 1970 never really rolled over to 1971. Globowarmthinkery essentially emerged organically from the fertile imaginations of people who were otherwise incapable of learning new things. If you can't grasp it, you can make something up out of thin air and pretend it is explanatory. It is a kind of scientific sour grapes. If you are challenged and you don't actually understand science itself, you seek a "consensus." The incompetency is reflected in the response to suggestions of incompetency. Science has nothing to do with "consensus." That's a Homo Sapiens subterfuge. Neanderthals stand or fall on the merits of the idea itself.

All that stuff about the Sun and electromagnetic fields is complicated. It is so much easier to embrace a religion in it's place ... the new age druidism of Globowarmthinkery. That way, nobody ever finds out you are not really qualified to work in climatology by reason of short shrifted genetic endowment.


njartist said...

Very interesting. More so when one recalls biblical prophecy regarding the sun's diminishing light and searing heat.

ray said...

good piece and opening comment

the actual relationship between earth and sun is . . . well, 'intimate' vastly understates the reality

globalwarmthinkery is largely a leftist/p.c./secular/atheist phenomenon -- a kneejerk part of what (in the u.s. at least) is the entire BeliefSystemKit that leftists employ (every platform plank must be adhered to slavishly, no plank may be rejected, including global warming)

global warming allows moderns to delude themselves that "mother nature" or "physics" or etc is causing current earth changes, and will cause far greater disruptions -- instead of the true cause, the anger of our Father

thus, as satan wishes, the responsibility for the earth changes doesnt rest with us and our rebellion against God, but with inanimate (thus non-responsible) forces of physics

cheers TA