Monday, May 7, 2012

Death Kult Pharmacy Expands Product Line

It should be pointed out that in the Old Testament the vilest fate of them all reserved to the damned is to eat the flesh of babies. It is regarded by God as the most profound of debasements and a sign that his wrath is about to fall on you.

All around us, we see signs that the modern order is returning to barbarism. Sure, it often has a light patina of sophistication but more than anything else it resembles an unraveling of the most basic standards of conduct associated with civilization. You can be sure all those previous civilizations felt the same way ... "No, you don't understand, it isn't what it looks like, child sacrifice and cannibalism. It is actually different from that, although I don't seem to be able to explain how. I'm not some kind of mindless savage."

Ah, but you are. You are and we know you by your fruits.

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Héctor said...

Well, put TEx, I disagree with you on many topics but on this you nailed, our civilization seems to be in its last moments.