Thursday, May 31, 2012

Crazy Globalist Schemes Include Fake Invasion

It is becoming increasingly more attractive now that globowarmthinkery is falling by the wayside.

Imagine that when you are at your day job, these people just sit around all day long trying to think of ways to mess with your mind and get you to cough up more dough. This is the sort of crap plan they hatch to get others to submit to more regulation and international control through global governance.

You'll remember I think it was last year or the one before that it looked like they were really trying to whip up some gibberish about a nearby planet desperate for water and then pretended they found what might be an approaching invasion force. Some swiss observatory had a look at the coordinates they put out and announced there was nothing there - the story vanished overnight without a word after several weeks of hype all through the mass media.

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