Tuesday, May 29, 2012

China PWNed U.S. Military Technology.

What a shock. Nations acting in their own interests when you subcontract out the manufacture of weapons to them you intend to use to deter them or attack them with. Whooda thunkit. Only the Kwanstain is run by leadership this poor. There isn't another country on Earth led by people this dumb.

Corruption of FPGA devices means there isn't one of these chips in the world suited for military use and the 'Stain has been putting these chips into all the new tech for their military. Really, you couldn't make this stuff up. Nobody would believe anyone could be that stupid.


JimBob said...

Turns out our face eating zombie, was just another diversity. Business as usual in the Kwan.

HalibetLector said...

"Move along, Citizen. There is no backdoor. Well, I mean, yes, there is a backdoor, but that doesn't mean it's malicious. It could be a bug. And there's nothing special about "military" grade chips. It's really just consumer grade! Nothing to worry about! What? Well, yes, it is used in several devices the military uses. But we shouldn't jump to conclusions before the company can spin this properly. They know best, after all."

The comments on this story on hacker news are priceless. "The technology behind this story is serious and interesting, and all anyone wants to talk about is politics."