Monday, May 7, 2012

Bacteria are Decidedly Superior Forms of Life Because They Are The Winnarz

It's true, beeyotch.

They're going to win and Sapiens will lose because Sapiens has less brains collectively speaking than these creatures do acting as a kind of fuzzy logic neural network.

Bacteria can evolve faster than Sapiens pharmaceuticals research cycles can bring products out that don't kill people. Remember, we need them as a critical part of our digestion but they don't need us and that's why they won't miss us when we're gone.

The first casualty in this war will be the pharmaceutical companies themselves. It has been seen before in warfare that sometimes losing a crappy soldier on your team can actually improve your combat effectiveness. Our leadership is our weakest link in the West. They are practically delivering us over to our enemy bound and gagged.


Rowan said...

Another explanation of the collapse.

Greenbean said...

It is worse than that. Truth is the same is happening to viruses. Liberal mishandling of medical treatment is selecting for killer diseases.

The media doesn't acknowledge it, but there are strains of HIV that are resistant to treatment and kill as quickly as Aids did back in the 80's, for instance.

Chesterton said...

Looks like the Neos are getting lumped in with the vaccinated vegetables. Did you think they'd allow you to form a community?

Ave said...

A Fallout 3 "premake" that I just had to link to :

And be sure to check out "premake" on youtube, some excellent videos have been made (Forrest Gump 1949, The Empire Strikes Back 1954 ...)

JimBob said...

"Now we can see why blogging and the Net matter so greatly in political journalism. In the age of mass media, the press was able to define the sphere of legitimate debate with relative ease because the people on the receiving end were atomized— meaning they were connected “up” to Big Media but not across to each other. But today one of the biggest factors changing our world is the falling cost for like-minded people to locate each other, share information, trade impressions and realize their number. Among the first things they may do is establish that the “sphere of legitimate debate” as defined by journalists doesn’t match up with their own definition."

Ave said...

Rowan, you may want to read "The garbage generation" by Daniel Amneus.

It is a deconstruction of the feminist takeover of America.

The author starts to state that ghettos have matriarchal structures, and that no civilisation emerges from matriarchal societies. He postulates that in a matriarchal society, men cannot be sure the child is their own, so they don't invest time and effort into raising them.

Also, in a patriarchal society much more men have access to their own woman (and inversely too : in a matriarchal society, a lot of women are practically forbidden to mate), and have to stick with it, thus eliminating permanent courting, social hysteria and all other related antics from social life, that then concentrates for achievement.

hitfan said...

Excellent blog post. I've wondered for quite some time how long can the health care industry and infrastructure can artificially sustain a growing population that is placing greater and greater strain on said resources.

I don't advocate placing artificial limits to growing human population, but by liberally trying to extend human lifespan, whether it's through antibiotics or green revolution agriculture/GM foods, that we're headed for a spectacular collapse.

The cost of health care is going up everywhere around the world. Health care can't keep up.

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