Sunday, May 6, 2012

"The Avengers" Rife With Subliminals

I saw "The Avengers" today. It was a crap movie, vacuous rubbish. I figured with it doing so well at the box office it would have to be at least a decent film. Not even close. If you've seen the trailer, you know what happens in the movie and it isn't much of anything.

The script was a bizarre fortean blend of references to global governance, the human need for subjugation and various secret school symbolisms. These completely incongruous elements were haphazardly thrown together with a plot that was barely comprehensible and seemed like it had been written by a child.

I really liked Christopher Nolan's "The Dark Knight." I thought it showed intelligence and respect for the genre and was authentically concerned with the motivations of people both good and bad. The refusal of people on both ferries to blow up the other was genuinely uplifting at the climax and rarely seen anymore in Hollywood films. The concession of Batman at the end to assume the role of the villain was very much consistent with everything that had happened. The film was a reminder of what movies are actually supposed to do for the people who pay to watch them. The only part of it I didn't enjoy was the clearly engineered plot device that made it seem noble to bug everybody's phone in Gotham "because of the crisis." Was obvious this was inserted after the second draft by some screwy human tapeworm in the background, just like the references to "necessary torture" you've seen in recent Hollyweird flicks. You're dreaming if you think there is creative freedom there in sodomite central. The government must be insisting on final review of every script.

In fact, other than the creepy subliminal messages in "The Avengers," I didn't find a single thing of merit in watching it. You can always catch it on cable later if there is nothing on so I wouldn't advise you to waste any money on it.


Ave said...

Nah, the subliminal stuff was pretty lame in that movie.

I'd rather see the Melonhead Sorcerer in Disney's Fantasia (1940 ) :

Ghostwriter said...

I am not surprised, only that U went to see such shit :) A real movie and maybe one of the biggest ever, will ofcourse be TDKR. Cant wait. Ps, it would be an interesting subject matter to hear your movie ..toughts and FAV. movies etc.

hitfan said...

I did go see the Avengers last Saturday. But I was in such a state of tiredness and fatigue, I only paid attention to the action sequences. So the subliminal liberal stuff mostly flew over my head, save for having a black playing the part of Nick Fury. I only went because every one of my friends insisted that we go see it.

I thought the part where The Hulk treated Loki like a wet rag was quite humorous, however.